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CONTENTS: ## Installation ## Troubleshooting ## Installation The precompiled Conquest .zip package only contains the conquestgl client application and required datafiles. If you want to run a Conquest server or any of the other Conquest utilities, you'll need to either use a unix system, or recompile Conquest yourself under the Cgywin environment (see README.Cygwin in the source distribution). I would not advise trying to run a Cygwin compiled conquestgl client, since there will be no hardware video acceleration and it will be unusably slow. I only have access to Windows XP and Windows 7 (via a VirtualBox VM), so I have no idea if any of this will run under any other version of windows (Vista, for example). Installing the Conquest OpenGL client basically involves the following steps: - Unpack the .zip file somewhere warm and safe. - Add one environment variable (CONQUEST_ROOT), and modify another (Path). As an example: 1. Unpack the .zip file in C:\ This will create a Conquest directory, and other sub dirs and files beneath it. 2. Next, right-click on your 'My Computer' Icon (XP), and select 'Properties'. Select the 'Advanced' tab. On the 'Advanced' tab, select 'Environment Variables'. Select 'New'. For the 'Variable Name', enter: CONQUEST_ROOT For the 'Variable Value', enter: C:\Conquest Select 'OK'. 3. Next, on the same screen, scroll around and find the 'Path' variable in the 'System Variables' list. Click on it so it is highlighted, then select the 'Edit' button. At the very end of the 'Variable Value' field, add: ;C:\Conquest\bin Hit OK, OK, etc. 4. At this point you should be able to open an MSDOS command window, and simply run: conquestgl By default, conquestgl will contact the metaserver at and present you with a list of servers to connect to. You can pass the '-f' option to conquestgl to run in full screen mode. ie: conquestgl -f Maybe fullscreen should be the default under windows - windows geeks: you tell me. See for a list of other options you can specify to conquestgl. 5. If there are any windows programmers out there who can enlighten me on the methods to properly handle all of this automatically, I'm all ears. I also accept patches. :) It would also be cool if there was a way to provide a simple Conquest icon on the desktop (or an entry in the Start->All Programs->... list.) ## Troubleshooting If you run into problems running the client, you can look in a couple of places for clues. Assuming that Conquest is installed in C:\Conquest: In C:\Conquest\bin, you should find a file called stderr.txt, and possibly stdout.txt. These files contain whatever the client would have printed out on a unix system, and may provide some clues as to the cause of failure. In addition, Conquest will keep a log file which can be found in $APPDATA/Conquest/conquest.log. $APPDATA (or %APPDATA% in windows environment variable syntax) is where per-user data is stored, and will typically be something like C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\ You can increase the debugging output of conquestgl by passing '-v' on the command line. More '-v's, will increase the debugging level. When requesting help via email, please include a description of the problem, the conquest.log file, and any stderr.txt and stdout.txt files. $Id: README.Windows,v 653af11092e9 2010/04/21 00:12:18 jon $
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