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  • wonderful tools, support administrator privileges update, maybe better to add a shortcut menu for frequency used path entry

  • The ultimate console for Windows

  • This is just a great and wonderful project, using it since a while now and still perfect

  • Very good.

  • This has become the premier tabbed-console-interface program available in the Windows world... There are so many special features that it's hard to pick the best, but one of my favorites is the ability to save/restore current tabs, so it remembers all the consoles that you had open, and opens them all in the correct directories when the program is restarted. Absolutely Supreme!!

  • ConEmu is a great piece of software. An absolute *must* if you're going to do any amount of work in a Windows console environment. Frequently updated and improved too, I can't recommend ConEmu enough.

  • Why, why have I discovered this gem just today ?

  • If you use any form of command line interface (shell) you should give ConEmu!! I love it, still needs some work here and there, but the time you read this should be all sorted by then.

  • Very very useful for any CLI active user!

  • Absolutely fantastic! :) Thanks for the effort, much appreciate.

  • Absolutely incredible!

  • Excellent terminal emulator. Great support.

  • Great replacement for cmd.exe

  • Outstanding robust terminal replacement for Windows. It integrates with tcsh.exe very well, and also with ipython. Highly customizable. Set the program that runs inside the console window, e.g. a shell. Set the starting directory. Start the console window as a tab or new window. All this is super easy to do. Spend a few minutes learning it, you will not regret it. One minor complaint is how colors are determined for the different tabs. (I'm a color freak, so bear with me). The program has color palettes (lots are provided) but somewhat restricting in how colors are determined for different tasks (tasks are names tabs or named terminal window, for the most part). One can select a predefined palette for the colors of a tab/task, but not choose the colors within the palette easily until the tab is already there. The predefined palettes tend towards darker colors, but I often use lighter colors. It would be better in my opinion to start a new tab with a switch for foreground and text colors. Then, it's totally up to the user. I run X windows this way. With a python script, I create several windows: the lighter ones are for command line tasks, the darker ones I run ipython in. This is a minor beef. This program will not disappoint.

  • Best quake style console..... moooore features! More split! more settings for split! Good and simple docs.

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  • Very well built, I really enjoy using this and is now a must have on any Windows computer I use. Thanks!

  • Amazing Program ! The Code Become Easier For Beginner With This

  • amazing

  • Very good!

  • Good project.

  • Good project.

  • Nothing to say but perfect!

  • Wow extremely will done.. Just started using ConEMU. So far it is very solid. Took a little while to get in sync with how to get things configured, but I'm just slow and old.

  • Yo buscaba hace mucho un programa que me permitiera embeber las ventanas así. Muchas gracias. Me encanta la posibilidad de organizar programas como el gimp q tienen demasiadas ventanas flotantes

  • Best tool to have real windows console with tabs. Works great with Cygwin.

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