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1.37 (2012-10-28) by Michael Prager - added Catalan translation (thanks to Francisco Rodero) - added Polish translation (thanks to zbigzbig20) - added Finnish translation (thanks to Streamkeskus) - added Czech translation (thanks to renek) - added Latin American Spansish translation (this uses the same translations as the European Spanish translation) - fixed date and time offset problems on Symbian Belle Refresh - autodetect daylight saving time on Symbian Belle and Belle Refresh (the manual DST options in settings are no longer needed and will be ignored on those firmwares) - fixed display problems on E6 (bug no. 3509394) - fixed help button on settings page require double tap (bug no. 3302891) - added "show icons" option to enable users to hide icons if desired (bug no. 3521427) - added "font size" option to easily customize text size - added option to anonymize debug logfiles - added option to specify the max number of events shown in fullscreen mode - updated SkinFetcher to v1.6 (updated certificate)
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