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  • I wish I could give a score of minus 10. I’ve been coding for 25 years. Firstly I have never – ever seen such an over engineered excuse for an ADK. All collada needs to do is read XML which is a TEXT FORMAT for goodness sake. Secondly NONE of the visual studio 9 or 10 projects build. You get hundreds of errors plus warnings that the compiler is the wrong version. For goodness sake, they are specifically organised into visual studio 9 and 10 folders!!! How much clearer can it be. You load the visual studio 9 solution with visual studio 9 and it says “wrong compiler” or some similar insane message and greets you with 853 compile messages, mostly to do with completely unnecessary macros which don’t evaluate properly. Why not simplify all this nonsense (by a factor of 1000) and write a self contained single source file solution to just read the text source and produce some output. Utterly hopeless. At the very least, make sure your code compiles and links before you release. Finally, to add insult to my efforts, I found a much older version of collada-dom (about 3 years old) and found the very same visual studio 9 solution in that version. I loaded it and it built perfectly. See you can do it, you have apparently just forgotten how.

  • Current Version is not comparable with MinGW & MSYS as it otherwise states in online and included documentation due to seeming broken make-files (previous version worked fine). Also the visual studio projects for VS08 incorrectly have language extensions disabled ( if its meant to be off, then why is there a dependency for it? ) But getting a VS compile working is moot, because i require MinGW support. Really good lib if your running latest VS.. because otherwise its an ass to build

  • Yup. Really powerful and practical app. Cool work.

  • Nice app!

  • when i compile the COLLADA DOM 2.4 ,there are many errors ,"daeLIBXMLPlugin.cpp" .someone can tell me.thanks. Can you compile success?

  • Still the only format today (as 2012) to include rendering AND physics at the same time.

  • Great app! Thanks

  • excellent application. thanks :)

  • Very usefull.

  • very good app. do what it is asked for. many options available. very easy

  • I haven`t ever used so stable open source software. It is just perfect!

  • thanks for the app

  • It is an awesome small and easy to use program

  • Very Useful tool.

  • Nice and very helpful! Thank you!

  • Love this! Security is essential today.