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This directory contains the following area files for use by CoffeeMud v3.0 and higher ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- area files in the standard CoffeeMud format. Obviously, these are most highly recommended. You will get no errors, and the closest import from this group. USE THESE AREA FILES WITH COFFEEMUD!!!!!! The ones below you can try if you must, but good luck! ---------- Area files in ROM format. This is a format supported by CoffeeMud 1.2 and better. It is a relatively good format, though it lacks color support. The mobprog format used by ROM is the same standard supported by CoffeeMud. ---------- Area files in CircleMud format. This format is partially supported by CoffeeMud 3.0, and fully supported by 4.0. The mobprog format is standard, and so is also supported. This is a very good format for area files, though it lacks color. ---------- Area files in Smaug format. This format is supported by CoffeeMud 4.0 and better. It uses the standard mobprog format, and so that is supported also. This is a very weak format. Avoid it if you have a choice. Other area file support information: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ack ---------- Not supported. Support will take some time, what are those damn @@ symbols?! afk ---------- Not supported. May be added in the future, but for now, it's just too different. circle ---------- Support, including mobprog support. Very strong format, though I've found lots of corrupted *.are's. eos ---------- Supported, including color. This is a decent format, but not as strong as some others. icey ---------- Supported, but NO mobprog support. A moderately strong format, except for the odd mobprog language. madrom ---------- Supported, including color and mobprog. This is a very strong format. rom ---------- Supported, including mobprog. A moderately strong format. smaug ---------- Supported, including mobprog. Relatively weak format. crimson ---------- Not supported, but support is forthcoming, perhaps in 4.1
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