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================================================================================ About CodeSnip Files on SourceForge. (Applies to CodeSnip v4.1.0 and later) ================================================================================ The CodeSnip project's files on SourceForge are organised as follows: * Each of the later releases has its own directory named Release-9.9.9 where 9.9.9 is the version number of the release. In each of these directories are archives of both executable and source code files in .zip format. The latest release will be stored in the directory with the most recent version numner. * Some old releases are grouped together in directories named Release-9.9.x where 9.9 represents the major and minor release numbers. Archives containing source and executable code for each of the revisions relating to that release are provided. * The earliest releases have directories using the same Release-9.9.x naming convention as above but the directories may contain only source code archives, or possibly nothing except a read-me file explaining how to get the source. In each directory are three files: - contains the "standard" edition installer + read-me file - contains the executable program, help file, read-me file and other documentation for the "portable" edition. - contains source code used to build the executable files (both "standard" and "portable" editions are compiled from the same source). "9.9.9" represents the actual version number. For special releases, such as previews or beta releases, some text may be appended to the version number. If you are intending to install CodeSnip please use the latest available version. If you want to install and use CodeSnip on one computer, where the data files are stored on the hard disk you need the "standard" edition. The program is installed for all users and each use can maintain their own data. If you want to install the program onto removable storage for use on more than one computer you need the "portable" edition. This edition stores user data with the program on the removable storage device. Source code archives are provided here as a convenience. You can also get source from the project's Subversion repository at For info about building CodeSnip from source, including a description of the Subversion repository structure see ================================================================================
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