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================================================================================ About CodeSnip Files on SourceForge. ================================================================================ The CodeSnip project's files on SourceForge are organised as follows: * Each of the later releases has its own directory named Release-9.9.9 where 9.9.9 is the version number of the release. In each of these directories are archives of both executable and source code files, usually in both .zip and .tar.gz formats. The latest release will be stored in the directory with the most recent version numner. * Older releases are grouped together in directories named Release-9.9.x where 9.9 represents the major and minor release numbers. Archives containing source and executable code for each of the revisions relating to that release are provided. Usually only .zip archives are available. * Much older releases have directories using the same Release-9.9.x naming convention as above but the directories may contain only source code archives, or possibly nothing except a read-me file explaining how to get the source. All files are named in the following manner: codesnip-XXX-9.9.9.YYY where * XXX is either "exe" or "src". - "exe" files contain the executable setup program for this version of CodeSnip along with a read-me file. - "src" files contain the source code of this version of CodeSnip. * 9.9.9 is the version number of the release. * YYY denotes the type of the archive - either .zip or .tar.gz. If you are intending to install CodeSnip please use the latest available version. Source code archives are provided here as a convenience. You can also get source from the SourceForge repository at Navigate to the "tags" directory and then choose the directory containing the release you want. Directories are named in the form "version-9.9.9" where 9.9.9 is the version number. Prior to v3.0.0 CodeSnip was not maintained on SourceForge and so these versions are not available. ================================================================================
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