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  • I sincerly consider this app one of the best software I ever used! => check this site for Free Gift Cards :

  • Best cross-platform IDE.

  • Very fast, easy, with nice design IDE.

  • I had problems with the lastest wxpack and compiling wxwidgets for myself and getting it to work with codeblocks. CodeLite just has it all and ready. It had conflicts with my antivirus when it didn't let me build and clean so I had to add the folder path as trusted. Makes life easy. It's amazing how it's one of its kind.

  • The latest version (6) does not work for me in Windows. When I am compiling Codelite removes the "\" in the paths, so it can't find MinGW. Instead of looking for C:\MinGW\bin\g++.exe it looks for C:MinGWbing++.exe

  • Codelite is already very convincing. It conquered my "most used C IDE" spot within days. Top work! :) What is missing is a way to reopen workspace view without reseting the UI (and losing all your changes to it). Autocomplete could also use some work. But I really LIKE IT!

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  • Im pretty happy with this software. Very good code completion and very robust. A plus is the good color customization. The Ide looks pretty good, has nice evolved icon sets and is very clean in design. (not overloaded) It is also very fast and has good response. The development is pretty fast and you can talk directly to the (main) developer.

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  • Best open-source IDE by far.

  • Codelite works excellent.

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  • Thanks for Codelite, it's the best!

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  • Non-intuitive IDE. First, I installed CodeLite. Then, I made a new file, main.c, and wrote a simple hello world. But the build options are not highlighted, and there is no indication of why. I search it, turns out you need to create a workspace (and one isn't created when you first start CodeLite or install it). OK, fine. I make a new workspace called "workspace". Now I can make a new project in the workspace. Hey, a default hello world template was created in the project! Nice, I compile, and.... no errors. Great! I run, and... no executable found. I look at the compile messages, and it says "The directory is invalid." "No errors found. 0 errors, 0 warnings." No idea how the directory is invalid if I used the default workspace and their project creation wizard that automatically picks the directory. I'm not going to look into it further, I'm going to find a different IDE.

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  • Thanks very good project! +

  • Nice work ! Great project.

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Thanks for CodeLite, it really is the best IDE I've ever used.

  • First time, I need to say I am a C++ Builder and Delphi developer last 10 years, and of course, I though Borland IDE is a best IDE in the world :). But when my friend ask me my opinion about your IDE I was hardly dissapointed. It turned out that my favorite Borland IDE is not the best for C++ as minimum. Take a five stars from me !

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  • I seems easy enough to use...even if your a beginner, like myself. Some of the other compilers are way too complex, and the licensing it silly; besides the fact that your programs are not yours if you choose to use certain compilers. As so eloquently stated by XCode. Anyways I have just one do you delete projects and files?

  • Very good piece of software!

  • Great IDE for Linux. Migrating from VC++ I was really surprised to see such a mature product - CodeLite with GCC tool chain. Thanks to intuitive interface it takes minutes to start working. And it has Qt, Git, Subversion, Doxygen, etc. integration options. Highly recommended.

  • Great! It works perfectly under Ubuntu 12.10. Tried some IDEs as Code::Blocks, Eclipse CDT, Netbeans for CPP development. Among these IDEs I can easily make worked HelloWorld app from CPPCMS framework only under Netbeans and this IDE. But this one is lite, fast and I can use clang with it! Code completion is working perfectly and it is easy to understand that is wrong in my sources if any bugs occurs. Thanks!

  • Great! :) My favourite IDE

  • Seems cool to me.

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