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codelite_5.2_osx_10.8.app.zip 2013-08-02 22.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
wxwidgets-295-tdm-gcc-471-32-devel.exe 2013-07-17 51.9 MB 77 weekly downloads
Linux-Downloads.TXT 2013-07-14 214 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
README 2013-07-14 19.4 kB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-5.2-gtk.src.tar.gz 2013-07-11 22.7 MB 11 weekly downloads
wxwidgets-294-tdm-gcc-471-32-devel-wxGCDC-ENABLED.exe 2013-07-11 48.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-5.2-mingw4.7.1.exe 2013-07-11 35.0 MB 22 weekly downloads
Open resource dialog: fixed font Added some log messages to cmake file Updated codelite's cmake to support clang's code completion Better support for clang / cmake code completion (codelite now supports the -isystem directive for include folder) - New: make the project settings dialog non-modal. Selecting another project from the tree view updates the dialog - Build output pane: re-enabling the 'auto-scroll' button scrolls to bottom On mac set the active tab's colour to white Fixed compilation error on linux Updated UT progress control height to look better on Linux Fixed bug: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/bugs/884/ Database Explorer: minor UI changes to the Table Settings dialog + added missing icons to git DB explorer: yet another minor UI change Added 2 small script files which wraps codelitegcc with g++/gcc (Linux only) Removed CXX/CC custom code from CMakeLists.txt Minor update to the wxAUI toolbar drawing (changed colours) added support for PCH for codeite's cmake build files Added new flag to cmake: -DGTK_USE_AUIBOOK=1|0 Added missing CMakeLists.txt file Fixed AUI drawing on GTK Fixed cmake error when using PCH Added new target 'make distclean' to clean PCH files PCH files are now rebuilt only when needed Further improvements to the dark theme Fixed function tip background colour Fixed wrong tooltip colour when using ubuntu with default theme colours CMake: added DEBUG_BUILD variable Fixed the logic of codelitegcc to search for all valid file names that exists on the compilation line: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/bugs/893/ - DatabaseLayer: set -O2 to C++ files but not for C files - Set -O2 to all compilers Simplified codelitegcc source code (it should now be able to handle file names with empty spaces in their path) cmake: set a proper system name, increased codelite version number to 5.2 Supress warnings from lsb_release command Fixed PostCall function prototype Updated packages code-name to include the arch (i686, i386 x86_64 etc) added support for clang compiler GdbResultParser: Added new Linux build configuration Fixed: http://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/bugs/892/ Project settings: make sure the debugger search path are cleared when switching between build configuration Updated build configurations in workspace settings Auto add quotes: mark the auto added quote with grey marker Auto add quoutes: use same rules for adding quotes as for adding }]) Deleting an open quote should also delete the auto inserted one Subversion: fixed: svn diff should now work properly when d-clicking an item in the tree view git: when removing a file from codelite's project refresh the view and don't issue a 'git rm' command since its redundant Avoid svn command line spamming when adding/renaming etc files (even when the project is not under svn control...) Fixed: CallGraph: don't annoy with questions on codelite startup... Project settings: when opening a custom command dialog, set the focus to the 'command' field subversion: added new option to the file explorer context menu: "Revert to revision" fixed typo fixed makefile generation error incase dependencies are set across projects Updated cmake to include DBExplorer plugin to compile against MySQL. This is done by adding -DWITH_MYSQL=1 to the cmake line Removed stale files from the project Welcome Page: aligned the buttons' text to the left Added missing wxBU_LEFT flag Added WITH_MYSQL argument Enhanced EnvSetter to accept single environment variable and apply it avoid throwing an exception in CreateSchema Minor UI alignment Removed obsolete code of navigating back/forward Added 'Go to forward location' to the 'search' menu Rename all CC events to use the wxEVT_CC_* prefix event wxEVT_CC_CODE_COMPLETE_TAG_COMMENT now uses the new GetTooltip() method to obtain the method passed by the plugins Added new MakeExecInShellCommand API to globals CMake: output binaries are now placed inside the build-tree in a lib/bin directories CMake: added new option -DNO_CPP_PLUGINS by default set to 0 Setters / Getters: incase the class all the setters/getters it needs, don't display the dialog but rather show a message box Setters / Getters: only display the members which don't have accessors Subversion: diff dialog now has an option to ignore whitespaces Subversion: when double clicking an item in the svn tree view, use 'ignore-whitespaces' by default Fixed compilation errors Cmake: Make the -DNDEBUG option user-configurable Remove debug messages accidentally left in last commit When 'going to' a compilation error, load the correct editor even if its path contains a symlink Correctly mark a compilation error or warning, even if the editor's path contains a symlink Disable creation of win and mac tarballs, since we don't actually use them Make the View Pane accelerators work again for wxGTK > 2.9.4 Restrict the number of frames shown in a call-stack to a reasonable number (500 by default) ReconcileProject: If there are selections, the 'wizard' autoallocation is now applied only to them In readlink, use the returned length when creating the filepath, as the buffer isn't null-terminated Add support for wxArray{String|IntDouble|etc} and others to the gtk pretty-printers If there's a name-clash wWhen adding a file to a project, name the clashing file Improved the wording in the last commit's messagebox Try harder to prevent a gtk assertion in clAuiDockArt::DrawCaption Hide() the debugger-tip while its Edit dialog is running Don't ignore the user's choice of project-level debugger Fix a compilation warning by removing a superfluous ';' Compilation fix for non precompiled-header builds Don't use "wxArrayFoo" when pretty-printing in gdb Allow the user to pass a variable to cmake that selects which wx build to use; a patch from frankivo (with thanks). Cmake: Unset the commandline variables after they've been used Make File > Recent Workspaces work again Removed the auto generation script for auto-version.cpp By default build in release mode Use release configuration Added new button to the build output window: "auto-scroll" when checked (the default) the last line added is always visible and autoscrolling is enabled When changing the selected project while the project settings dialog is visible, update the project title as well Fixed update.bat script so it will not prompt when copying wxcrafer.accelerators file Updated the "classic" tab look and feel Fixed some build errors and removed full paths tab active font is set to bold Classic tab: added clipping region to the DC to make sure that the dropdown arrow is always visible Finalized the tab drawing AUI art: Draw the bitmap 4px space from the text Draw the 'x' button instead of using bitmap Minor fixes to the tab drawing Fixed memory leak in MD5 code Minor UI adjustments to the debugger settings dialog Chnaged the order of tools in the "Build Output" tab Debugger: added support for disassemble window Debugger icons update Added new icons packaging script Another icon update Updated icons' zip files Debugger: extended the debugger toolbar to include "next instruction" Make sure the disassemble window is cleared once the debugger ssession has ended When the debug session ends, clear the "disassembles" current' functions text control as well Debugger: make sure tha the disassemble line is centred and visible Debugger: until fixed, always populate the disassemble window Fixed compilation error Yet another comp error Debugger: added the 'disassemble' window the Debug -> Windows menu Debugger: fixed: memory breakpoints can now be applied once again Allow setting breakpoints from the "Disassemble" window Fixed debugger manager duplicate breakpoints removal function (it did not take into consideration the various breakpoint types) set release as the default Fixed warning spams DbExplorer patch by Michal Bližňák: 1) Context menu is added to database view item in DBE tree view. The context menu allows users to open SQL panel for the view or to drop the view. 2) Database tree view is refreshed correctly after ERD commit and other operation affecting the database structure. 3) Non-ASCII characters are handled correctly during data backup/restoration. 4) Generated source code for filling of wxGrid with data now check whether there are any rows/cols before their removal. 5) Refactored source code (some classes have been renamed). CLAuiNotebookArt: Minor UI drawing glitches fixed UnitTest++ plugin modified: the report output is now part of the output pane. Adjust the parser to parse gcc output style and VC output style Applied patch by Michal Bližňák: DBE plugin now uses wxC instead of wxFB for GUI creation now DBE plugin: Added New Table settings dialog (available from the ERD view) Custom AUI tabs drawings: Make sure we use the same wxDC to calculate the tab width & drawing it Make the "Classic" tabs the default look when installing codelite Added missing files ADDING MISSING FILES Manager::DbgStop: save the debug layout only if the debugger is actually running Git: Trigger a refresh when a workspace configuration changes and also when a patch is applied Git: trigger also GetStatus once a patch applied or a workspace configuration is called Fixed wxExecute errors on linux (patch by petah) Use wxGCDC for drawing the background colour of the custom tab art Prompt the user when attempting to create a project in a directory which contains invalid characters, one of: " ,'()" Prompt the user if a workspace is created in an invalid path When changing the colouring theme to a dark theme, codelite will also update the colours of the tabs to fit the new theme colours http://forums.codelite.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1976 Removed obselete code Further enhanced the dark theme colours added missing inculde file wxAUI: don't draw a circle around the 'x' button Further UI updates to the tab look'n'feel Ctrl-M (View -> Toggle All Panes) now also hides the toolbars - Migrated Project Settings dialog to wxCrafter - Fixed: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/bugs/871/ (the debugger path is now kept relative), in addition, it also supports codelite's macros in the debugger path field - More updates to make the dark theme better Debugger output now supports theme changes GDB Pretty printers: disabled the 'wxFileName' printer for Windows Further updates to the looknfeel wxAUI: Draw better captions Allow escaping $ in the macro manager using additional $ sign, so : 'echo $$_' is passed as 'echo $_' to the shell Fixed: don't use /bin/sh -f to execute post build command (otherwise file glob is disabled) Allow post/pre build events to support line continuation using the backslash '\' char, see this for more information: http://forums.codelite.org/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2102#p9467 Name the generated top level makefile with the standard name 'Makefile' (down from "<ProjectName>_wsp.mk") Adjusted the 'Curved' tab style to dark theme Git: fixe 'add file' for a folder from console view on Windows code completion function tip: use the same wxDC for drawing and for calculating the text extent CC: function tip colouring update Minor colour change in code completion function tooltip Finalized the function tooltip (for now...) Git: fixed: adding directory from console view should work on Windows Added support for JavaScript synatx highlight as a standalone language. The lexer that implements it is the C++ Project settings: improved the 'custom target' editor dialog Removed some uneeded code Debugger tooltip: size should be persistent now between sessions Removed 'X' button from the search tabs (due to bug in wxWidgets) https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/bugs/811/ Added clang / clang++ console template projects clang: updated icon + project template description Added missing file Extended the lexer synatx to support the new 'thread-groups' id added to each breakpoint by gdb (gdb >= v7.6) Properly parse 'thread-groups' in gdb 7.6 output Windows: added windres errors to the standard error patterns of the various compilers Fixed: use wxFileConfig instead of overrwritting the content of the subversion INI file. This allows the user to edit the file without his changes get erased by codelite updated libclang.dll on Windows Applied patch to allow searching keyboard shortcut by its actions or by its shortcut https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/feature-requests/562/ Redesigned the 'Debugger' tab of the project settings Added new option to the debugger (accessed from: Project Settings -> Debugger) which allows the user to add multiple search directories to the debugger Refactored Debugger 'Start' command (from 3 overload functions) there are now 1 Start(..) and one Attach(..) commands both accepts 'DebugSessionInfo' structure which holds all the needed information for the debugging session Reduced project settings dialog size by removing various 'spacers' and 'static lines' Open file now uses the current file's location as the 'open dialog' initial directory Added new class of type clCommandEvent which takes ownership of the wxClientData object Reverted to an older version of liblibclang as it seems liblibclang.dll does not release the file descriptor... Fixed memory leak (use the new clCommandEvent vs wxCommandEvent) build toolbar UI fix Fixed HTML context 'IsCommentOrString' function Code Completion: added support for auto aut_var = {expression}; (it should work even when clang is disabled) Code Completion: ScopeOptimizer: don't remove the 'auto' variable AUI tab art: removed the bold font from the active tab Added new installer script for wxWidgets make_packages.bat script now only packs codelite+mingw Evnrionment variables: allow setting environment variable more than once Evnrionment variables: apply the environment variables (of all scopes: global/workspace/project) before the debug session starts in a single place Fixed: environment variable which were applied more than once in codelite "grow" in size when restored to their old value Debugger locals/watches tables: replaced the buttons with wxAuiToolBar Debugger watches tables: allow drag and drop of text from the editor to create watches without needing to click on the new button Debugger watches table: implemented the "Refresh" button debugger watch table: fixed tooltip of toolbar items + removed hard coded colours (which caused visibility issues on dark theme) Don't override WX environment variables from the registry.ini file On startup, don't append the codelitedir env variable multiple times Improved performance when importing directory to a project Git Commit Dialog: remember its sash positions Disable workspace re-load while an active debug session is in progress Make JSONRoot::save method 'const' JSONElement: added default values to various toXXX methods BitmapLoader: added type 'TypeFolder' to the standard bitmaps Added new type 'FileExtManager::TypeProjectActive' Changed 'Debug' menu to 'GDB' Make GDB pretty printing optional Fixed: global startup commands were not passed to GDB fixed problem when somtimes code completion did not work when typing :: Added :: as the code completion trigger for ContextHTML code completion events are now using a proprietary event class moved CCBoxTipWindow to the plugin SDK Added second ctor to CCBoxTipWindow Added 3 new plugin events: wxEVT_CMD_EXECUTE_ACTIVE_PROJECT, wxEVT_CMD_STOP_EXECUTED_PROGRAM, wxEVT_CMD_IS_PROGRAM_RUNNING These events are used to allow plugin to take control over the 'Execute active project' and 'stop running program' tools in the 'Build' toolbar Use a more correct event to determine whether or not a program is running Fixed incorrect event used... updated PHP lexer colours / keywords When closing a workspace, always show the 'WelcomePage' Added new event: wxEVT_CODELITE_ADD_WORKSPACE_TO_RECENT_LIST - a _plugin_ may send this event to codelite to request adding a workspace to the recetly used list Extended bitmap_loader to support 2 new extensons: phptags and phpwsp Icon update Fixed MakeExecInShellCommand for Windows Added missing keyword: implements to PHP syntax highlight Redesigned the setters/getters dialog Changed the default of the setters / getters dialog to unchecked Set a default size for the 'Name' column of the setters / getters dialog UI improvements to the 'Setters/Getters' dialog Minor fix in the setters/getters dialog title updated c++-keyword icon updated codelite icon set added default keywords completion for all lexres Icon update Changed build config added try/catch keywords to PHP lexer Changed the event type send for wxEVT_CCBOX_SELECTION_MADE to clCodeCompletionEvent Database Explorer: make the UI more modern... Renamed 'Global Editor Preferences -> C++' to 'Global Editor Preferences -> Tweaks' Automatically add '*' when hitting ENTER in a block comment for other langauges as well as C++ Added missing files Removed obsolete files Code completion box now parses @link <url> in the comment as well and displays it a clickable URL Fixed: setters/getters dialog should now geneate functions according to the user check/uncheck items Improved code completion box tooltip code completion for keywords should now work automatically for every lexer (based on the keywords defined in the Syntax Highlight dialog, words of set #0) Setters / Getters : remember the 'Function starts with upper case' setting Removed obsolete code Added CodeBeautifier sources to git repo Changed build configuration Increased the lexer input buffer size to 90KB up from 16KB Fixed project settings 'Build Events' page font Increased the scanner (flex) default buffer size to 90KB (file-crawler + expression-scanner) Make the 'Exclude from build' property per build configuration. https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/feature-requests/619/ Fixed version check code to match the new numbering schema (MAJOR.MINOR) When loading a workspace, always load the session.
Source: README, updated 2013-07-14

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