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codelite_4.1.5770-1.quantal_amd64.deb 2012-10-18 12.8 MB 0
codelite_4.1.5770-1.quantal_i386.deb 2012-10-18 12.7 MB 0
codelite-4.1.5770-1.suse12.2.x86_64.rpm 2012-09-07 9.7 MB 0
codelite-4.1.5770-1.suse12.2.i586.rpm 2012-09-07 9.8 MB 0
codelite_4.1.5770-1.oneiric_amd64.deb 2012-08-29 13.0 MB 0
codelite_4.1.5770-1.oneiric_i386.deb 2012-08-29 12.8 MB 0
codelite-4.1.5770-mingw4.6.1.exe 2012-08-29 33.1 MB 0
codelite-4.1.5770.exe 2012-08-29 15.2 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.1.5770-mingw4.6.1-wx2.9.4.exe 2012-08-29 80.6 MB 0
codelite-4.1.5770-1.fc17.x86_64.rpm 2012-08-29 10.7 MB 0
codelite-4.1.5770-1.suse12.1.i586.rpm 2012-08-29 10.0 MB 0
codelite-4.1.5770-1.suse12.1.x86_64.rpm 2012-08-29 9.9 MB 0
codelite-4.1.5770-1.suse.src.rpm 2012-08-29 21.4 MB 0
codelite-4.1.5770-1.fc17.i686.rpm 2012-08-29 10.8 MB 0
codelite-4.1.5770-1.fc.src.rpm 2012-08-29 21.4 MB 0
README 2012-08-29 17.9 kB 0
codelite-mac-intel-4.1.5770.app.zip 2012-08-29 21.1 MB 0
codelite_4.1.5770-ubuntu0-12.04_i386.deb 2012-08-29 14.2 MB 0
codelite_4.1.5770-ubuntu0-12.04_amd64.deb 2012-08-29 14.2 MB 0
codelite-4.1.5770-mac.src.tar.gz 2012-08-29 14.1 MB 0
codelite-4.1.5770-gtk.src.tar.gz 2012-08-29 21.6 MB 0
Totals: 21 Items   369.1 MB 1
==================================== codelite 4.1 ==================================== Main changes: ------------- * MSW: . codelite is now built with multilib wxWidgets library instead of the monolithic version this change is done to enable a faster loading time of codelite on startup . Updated wxWidgets to the official released wx294 version . updated MinGW's make utility * All: . "Symbol View" is now deprecated infavor of the "Outline" plugin . clang code completion improvements: > codelite now uses codelitegcc to extract the compilation flags per file for this to work properly, a full rebuild of the workspace is needed (only once). the new approach is working for both custom and standard builds > with codelitegcc approach, clang completion is working 100% of the time without any assumptions and user intervention to add flags (the idea is simple: if your code compiles, clang can code-complete it) . codelite's Makefiles are more standard (they are now using the standard CXX, CC, AR, CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS variables) Detailed changes: ----------------- * CallGraph: the image can now be mouse-dragged and zoomed (Michal Bliznak) * CallGraph: Removed margins (Michal Bliznak) * Parent some orphan messageboxes, so that they don't sink under other windows * New Class wizard: Make the filename of the generated files editable. * New Class wizard: Previously the textctrl holding the autogenerated name was disabled. Now the value can be altered by the user. * Also changed the order of the textctrls, putting the essential Virtual Directory one above the Generated Files Path, which gets autofilled with the VD's path. Improved the tooltips. * Call-graph: Become custom-makefile friendly * Change the functions used to get project info to ones that seem to work in either situation; look also in the binary dir; and, failing either, ask the user. * Fixed: regression in Copyrights plugin (the functionality only works from the Main Menu) * Callgraph: Changes to help make more of the graph visible (Michal Bliznak) * Updated cppchecker to the much-more-recent v1.54 * Updated codelite_cppcheck project with the latest cppcheck sources * Callgraph: Make much more of the graph visible at a time (Michal Bliznak) * More NewClass wizard improvements. + Honour the project/workspace setting for use of tabs versus spaces. + Make it possible to use .hpp as the header file ext. + Formating and useability improvements. * Fixes most of FR 3534248 * Correct and update the C++ keywords lexor. * Remove 4 words wrongly included, and correct 'Sizeof' to 'sizeof'. Also add the new C++11 keywords. * Fixes #3536020 and #3536021 * Fix for parenthesis autocompletion. * If 'Autocomplete Braces' is set, when the user types '(' a matching ')' is auto-provided; but only if the next character is white-space. This worked as desired most of the time, but was suboptimal if the next char was an already-matched ')'; see http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=3534877&group_id=202033&atid=979960 for an example. The code now checks for this. * CallGraph: Fix trivial compiler warning * Fixed: Subversion plugin should stop prompting when deleteing a file which is not under source control * Subversion2: Fix an assert when creating a new workspace * CppCheck: Add more features More of the cppcheck tests and features are now implemented; in particular it's now possible to suppress particular warnings. Cppcheck is now available from the editor context menu, and its 'Settings' are available from all relevant menus. * Find menus by id, not by name this is not only easier, it avoids being broken by translations. Should fix http://codelite.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1745 * The workaround for http://trac.wxwidgets.org/ticket/10883 is now in wx trunk; so don't apply it a second time as this produces a different error. * Fixed ContinousBuild plugin (michalb) * Compilation fixes for wx2.9 stl builds * Use wxKill to terminate an executed program via codelite (instead of using native API calls) * Fixed: debugger: editing the debugger tooltip selected expression is now working once again * Fixed: subversion: fixed regression: adding a new file to a project now adds it to SVN (if the project is under SVN) * Fixed: compilation error when compiled against GCC 4.7.1 * API change: Added new event that notifies plugins when a retag operation is completed * Added wxCrafter icon to codelite's known mime type * Added WXDLLIMPEXP_FWD_ADV to the CC ignore tokens * Register wxCrafter ICON to the FileView * API change: Added new event wxEVT_NOTIFY_PAGE_CLOSING (of type wxNotifyEvent) which is fired for pages of type != IEditor. This event can be vetoed * Fixed event missmatch under GTK incase the editor main notebook has a child of type wxNotebook * API change: Added new plugin API to set / get the selected editor's tab title * Changed some of the Notebook API to be 'const' * Fixed assertion on Linux when adding SVN tab with invalid index to the workspace notebook * API change: Added new event 'wxEVT_CMD_PAGE_CHANGED' which is sent by codelite incase the selected page in the main notebook is changed AND it is not of type IEditor* * New Class Wizard: open the generated class files when code generation is completed * New Class Wizard: Notify codelite to quick re-prase the workspace after class generated * Fixed: added new 'Encoding' selection control to the 'Tasks' to allow user to change the default encoding when searching for tasks see: http://forums.codelite.org/posting.php?mode=reply&f=11&t=1761 * Renamed codelite's wxwidgets build VENDOR parameter from 'custom' to 'cl' * Fixed problem with CZ keyboard * Changed debugger settings under Windows * Fixed crash on Windows with latest wx294 (configuration manager dialog crashed) * 'Delete all files' dialog should now center itself on the screen under MSW * Updated windows packaging scripts to include wxrc.exe as part of codelite package * Fixed: BUG#3544533. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3544533&group_id=202033&atid=979960 * Set a parent to the 'Find In Files' dialog * Fixed: BUG#3535721. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3535721&group_id=202033&atid=979960 * Subversion: When removing multiple files from SVN ask the user only once the 'remove from svn as well' question. Fixed: BUG#3534809. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3534809&group_id=202033&atid=979960 * Fixed: wrong marking of warning line Fixed: BUG#3530455. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3530455&group_id=202033&atid=979960 * Added support for SQL files synatx highlight * SymbolView plugin re-writeen and is now named 'Outline' + You can view the include stack and open files from the "outline" plugin + Goto Impl / Decl, find references and quick selection * Added new command line option '--with-plugins <command-separated-list-of-plugins>' to allow launching codelite only with only specific plugins * Changed the commandline switch --no-plguins/-p to --no-plugins/-n * Add new API to Project class: GetFiles(StringSet_t) which returns std::set of the files in a project (in fullpath format) * Fixed crash incase one of codelite's configuration files are corrupted. In such cases, codelite will load the 'default' configuration files which are part of the installation * Ensure that all events handled by codelite's custom notebook are actually belonged to the notebook... * UnitTest++: added an option to mark project as UnitTest++ project from the menu * UnitTest++: The option from the main menu 'Plugins -> UnitTest++ -> Run As UnitTest++ project' will now execute the selected the project (or the parent project of the selected item) and not the active project * UnitTest++: Don't allow running more than one test * Fixed: codelite will no longer prompt for a false 'retagging is in progress' message while closing codelite (it will continue to prompt if an actual parsing is taking place while shutting down) * Allow static library project to accept static libraries in the link page of the project settings. So this is now accepted by codelite: ar rcus libmyarchive.a @files.txt link-with-me.a * Remove unnecessary Update() in wxScintilla scrolling code * Make sure that the environment variables (wx, mingw) set it %codelite-install-dir%\registry.ini will be set in the PATH environment variable in a way that they will take precedence over any other installations found on the current computer * UnitTest++: Clear m_output in between executions * Fixed memory leak (wxThread were not deleted as they should) * Fixed: (GTK / Mac) set the debugger console caption *after* the debug perspective is loaded * Fixed doubled free pointer * MSW: Volume Locator Thread is now DETACHED thread * Update to 'git' plugin from upCASE * Updated code-completion unit tests * Added new type: wxOrderedMap to CC predefeind types * cscope: the flag 'update db if stale' is now *unchecked* by default (it seems that cscope has a slowdown on each search due to this flag) * Added new option to the 'Global Editor Preferences -> Guides', codelite now can also complete double quotes. i.e. when user types '"' codelite will add its sibling. In addition, when typing '"' next to a '"' codelite will move the caret to the right instead of inserting a new one. This option is configurable from "Settings -> Global Editor Preferences -> Guides -> Auto Complete Double Quotes" extended the double quotes complete to single quotes as well * Updated the "New Project" dialog: + It now remembers the last category selected + Added sash between the category section and the project details + The OK button is enabled only when all mandatory fields are filled * Updated Windows installer scripts to pack wxWidgets as "multilib" instead of "monolithic" lib, this change along with manual changes to wxWidgets sources / build flags under windows should now improve codelite's startup time under windows * MSW: Fixed wx-config to respect the 'std' key word in the '--libs', in addition, wx-config now cosider aui,xrc and richtext as part of the default ('std') - this is similar to the unix script behavior * Fixed minor memory leak - don't allow scintilla to aggregate UNDO data for the output tab's pane * API: CreateVirtualDirectory can now create teh entire virtual directory path (it only needs that the project is valid) * Fixed: project internal cache should now clear all 'Virtual Folders' cached entries including its children * Fixed: allow creating "nested" virtual folders in a single call by passing the requested virtual folder full path (e.g. project:dir1:dir2:dir3:dri4) * Database Explorer: fixed memory leak + in some cases codelite did not close database connections as it should * Fixed: "Debugger Type" does not add new types Fixed: BUG#3556088. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3556088&group_id=202033&atid=979960 * clang: Removed all "hard coded" "-std" switches from the clang code completion * Splitted the "Compile flags (clang only)" under "project settings -> code completion" into 2, it now has a "C" section and "C++" section. For example if you need C++11 support, add: -std=gnu++98 to the C++ section and for strict C leave the "C" section empty, or add "-std=c99" The same is done under the workspace level "workspace -> workspace settings -> code completion" * Fixed: BUG#3534286. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3534286&group_id=202033&atid=979960 * Fixed: BUG#3534157. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3534157&group_id=202033&atid=979960 * Fixed: BUG#3555260. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3555260&group_id=202033&atid=979960 * The following fields now adjusts themselves to relative paths when selected via the project settings dialog (this allows more flexibility when project file is managed by svn / git / any scm): - Program to debug/run - Intermediate directory - Working directory (renamed from Working folder) Fixed: BUG#3547909. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3547909&group_id=202033&atid=979960 * Ctrl-X (cut) will cut the entire line if no selection is made (Generoso Cesaro) * Subversion: commit dialog remembers its sash position * don't allow undo/redo in the svn output tab * GIT plugin: Remember to call 'e.Skip()' for the wxEVT_INIT_DONE sent by codelite * DbExplorer: fixed crash on exit when closing MySQL connection * Fixed svn commit dialog initial position of the sash + don't allow unsplitting * Added another built-in macro to codelite's code completion: wxDECLARE_EXPORTED_EVENT * Added support for parsing DECLARE_EVENT_TYPE macro * Updated callgraph icon * added option "Trim trailing spcaes" to the "Edit" menu (by thfabba) https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3541604&group_id=202033&atid=979962 * Applied patch to fix builder_gnumake plugin output order - https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3427854&group_id=202033&atid=979962 * Reduced the number of clang's TU cached to 10 * Fixed: 'make clean' should not attempt to call 'cd PCH && make clean' when --enable-pch is not present * Updated Windows' clang DLL to a more recent version * Git plugin: remove unnecessary #includes and an unused xpm, so reducing slightly the number of compilation warnings * make sure that crash.log is written to the correct path ~/.codelite/crash.log under Linux * Upgrade libclang.so for Linux * Don't clear the debug log when the debug session ends * Plugin API: added new event 'wxEVT_NOTIFY_DEBUGGER_START_CMD' which is sent when a user initiated a request to start a debugging session (using the menu Debug -> Start, or by using a hotkey). This event can be vetoed by the plugin * Code Completion: codelite will now applies the "replacement table" defined by the user before attempting to parse local variables * Code Completion: added default replacement token for BOOST_FOREACH * Added new Code Completion unit test for BOOST_FOREACH * code completion: clang: don't attempt to code-complete '(' typed right after a C++ keyword * Fixed memory leak in git plugin * Fixed various memory leaks in git/UT/CppCheck plugins * Fixed minimum size of the navigation bar * Make GitFileDiffDlg remember its size * Makefile generator: codelite generated makefiles now uses the standard GNU makefile variables (CC, CXX, AR, RM, CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS) Generated makefiles under Windows are now using $(MAKE) to pass the command line arguments to their children 'make' processes. Under Windows, you will need to update your mingw32-make executable to a 'make' that has job-server support. You can get one from here: http://codelite.org/download/mingw32-make.exe (this make will be part of the next codelite release) * added new utility: codelitegcc: this small executable is a wrapper around gcc that record the filename + its compilation flags into a small sqlite database. This database will be used later on by clang to get the compilation flags for a any file * Changed GTK include from gtk-2.0/gtk/gtk.h to gtk/gtk.h * clang: changed the way clang is extracting the compiler flags for a file: using a wrapper executable 'codelitegcc' codelite records all the compilation flags in a sqlite database. For this to work, a full rebuild is a *must* ( so each file will be recorded into the database ) * Makefile generator: generated makefiles are now using standard conventions ($MAKE, $CC, $CXX, $CFLAGS, $CXXFLAGS and $AR) these variables can be overriden using simple environment variable. In addition, codelite appends the '-e' flag to the makefile execution line, this enables environment variable to override a variable set inside the makefile * clang: only show the message box about missing "compilation.db" once * clang: store in the database the current working directory of the compiler at the time of compiling the source file. * clang: Once a build is completed and the database is updated, clear the cached translation units * clang: when searching for compilation flags for a header file, try to locate the cpp file instead. If they exist, use them. * clang: added new wrapper class around clang's CXUnsavedFile struct * clang: pass a list of all modified editors to clang when attempting to code-complete on a modified buffer * clang: code completion entries generated by clang now also display the comment section if available * debugger: fixed bug in obtaining the debuggee PID * Environment variables: The following formats are now valid: VAR=$PATH:/new/path VAR=%PATH%:/new/path VAR=${PATH}:%LD_LIBRARY_PATH%;/new/path VAR=$(PATH):/new/path Note that user can now mix between different formats * Debugger: "Pre Defined" types - the same rules for evnironment variables now applies to the debugger special keyword $(Variable), i.e. the following are valid: $variable, $VARIABLE, $(VarIaBle), %VARIABLE% * API change: Moved "MacroManager" from LiteEditor project to the Plugin SDK (i.e. this class is now availale for plugins) * Auto Complete double/single quotes: codelite will now avoid adding an extra quote when inside comment or a string * Add the CodeLite binary's path to $PATH. This makes codelitegcc available even in a '--prefix=' install * configure script: added -lwxsqlite3 to Plugin target * Under mac use 'curl' to downlod codelite's packages list * Disabled text selection alpha attribute for Mac OSX (broken under wx294) * Fixed: environment variables: if an environment is no longer exists, use wxUnsetEnv to remove it instead of wxSetEnv with empty value * clang: added 'SCHEMA_VERSION' table for the compilation.db file. This is needed to future upgrades
Source: README, updated 2012-08-29

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