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codelite_4.0.5589-1.precise_amd64.deb 2012-06-05 11.4 MB 22 weekly downloads
codelite_4.0.5589-1.precise_i386.deb 2012-06-05 11.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite_4.0.5589-ubuntu0-11.10_amd64.deb 2012-06-05 11.5 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-1.suse12.1.i586.rpm 2012-06-05 8.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-1.suse12.1.x86_64.rpm 2012-06-05 8.5 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-1.suse.src.rpm 2012-06-05 18.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-1.fc17.i686.rpm 2012-06-05 9.6 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-1.fc17.x86_64.rpm 2012-06-05 9.2 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-1.fc16.i686.rpm 2012-06-05 9.7 MB 77 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-1.fc16.x86_64.rpm 2012-06-05 9.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-1.fc.src.rpm 2012-06-05 18.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite_4.0.5589-ubuntu0-11.10_i386.deb 2012-06-05 12.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-win.src.tar.7z 2012-06-05 8.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589.exe 2012-06-05 13.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-mingw4.6.1.exe 2012-06-05 32.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-mingw4.6.1-wx2.9.4.exe 2012-06-05 67.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-mac.src.tar.gz 2012-06-05 12.7 MB 11 weekly downloads
codelite-4.0.5589-gtk.src.tar.gz 2012-06-05 18.4 MB 22 weekly downloads
codelite-mac-intel-4.0.5589.app.zip 2012-06-05 19.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
README 2012-06-05 14.9 kB 11 weekly downloads
========================== codelite 4.0 ========================== ========================================= Highlights: ========================================= File Explorer View: is now a multiple selection tree Subversion: Added support for overlay icons in the 'File Explorer' tree view for better indication for the SVN status of a given file Subversion: Updated the plugin to support the new multiple selection functionality of the File Explorer view. Subversion: the 'Explorer' tab view also supports Svn 1.7 Subversion: the subversion output window is now back to the 'output view' pane DbExplorer: The internal impl for sqlite was also upgraded to sqlite 3.7 Windows: Upgraded MinGW bundled gdb to 7.4 Windows: Upgraded bundled wxwidgets to latest wxWidgets trunk (2.9.4) - this includes the new wxWebView control Debugger: --------- items in the debugger tooltip can now be edited using F2 / right click 'Edit...' (i.e. add casting) and codelite will generate a new tooltip evaluating the new expression changed the logic that the tooltip decides whether the mouse has left its window or not by using a timer to check evey 200ms the location of the mouse and compare it against the current tooltip rect When modifying a node in the debugger tooltip, the new tooltip that appears for the modified expression retains its original position and size clang: ------ Upgraded to clang 3.2 (latest trunk) When working with custom makefile project, codelite will extgract the compilation arguments from the build output and will pass them to clang In case the complete file is a "C" source file, always add the '-std=c99' flag, this prevents libclang from crash Make sure that compilation arguments extracted from build output are aggregated per project's build configuration do not attempt to parse files which are not a valid c/c++ files Implemented 'goto declaration / implementation' based on clang C++11 completion can be turned ON/OFF for code-completion from the 'Project Settings | Code Completion' Added support for Mac OSX Framework's search path (-F) greying out non-reached code (by macros) is disabled when the file is not part of the workspace removed redundant 'browsing record' added after a successfull 'goto impl/decl'. By removing it, the 'BACK' will place the caret back to the originating location (instead of 2 BACK clicks that needed now) UI: --- Added new icon set to codelite (Settings | Global Editor Preferences | Misc) The workspace tree view is now always "multi-selection" tree (removed the tool from the toolbar) Open Resource dialog now supports partial name matching: For example: by typing a 'ger' into the filter box, the file 'manager.cpp' will also be suggested New Plugin: CallGraph: ---------------------- Added CallGraph plugin (michalb) A nice plugin that allows user to see the callgraph of the executed program (based on GCC's -pg flag / Graphvitz / Dot ) Added an option box for '-pg' to a project's Linker settings dialog. This will be useful for the new Callgraph plugin, which requires the program being profiled to have been both compiled and linked with that flag ========================================= Details: ========================================= Windows: fixed crash on exit due to event numbering conflict in the copyrights plugin Changed some of the AUI drawings to reduce CPU Added new API to the localworkspace class which allows callers/plugins to store custom *user* settings (the localworkspace class is per user) Subversion: remember the last directory that was used in the "Subversion View" for the workspace so next time it will not be defaulted to the workspace base directory Minor UI issue in the AUI caption Fixed 'Find Impl / Find Decl' to work for global methods prefixed with the '::' scope (::wxMessageBox) Added '@' as pointer denoter, this makes code like this: string@ str; str. code complete. This will enable languages similar to c++ (e.g. AngelScript) to be able to code complete with codelite using the C++ parser Added an option to disable function calltip formatting The current behvior is the default (format the function calltip) Fixed: codelite failed to correctly resolve the scope of methods with the throw(EXCEPTION) signature (regression) Fixes BUG#:3470494. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3470494&group_id=202033&atid=979960 Added unit testing for testing latest code completion fixes (volatile keyword in function signature and 'struct' qualifier) Fixes BUG#:3461371. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3461371&group_id=202033&atid=979960 Fixed: code completion for c++ keywords will now use the keywords set in the lexer instead of compiling its own hardcoded list Fixed wrong image size set in that native toolbar creation (only affected MaxOSX) removed the default keyboard accelerator for "Center Line in Editor" (it stole the DELETE key under Mac built with wx-trunk) Changed the "Quit" codelite menu item so now it will use the stock ID wxID_EXIT (this make sure that under Mac the default menu "Quit codelite" is working) codelite configure script: added support for pre compiled header under Linux / Mac, this is done using running ./configure --enable-pch Changed the global editor preferences to fit smaller screens Changed the Synatx highlight & font dialog to fit smaller screens Minor update to the project settings dialog Work around gtk warnings from CLAuiDockArt::DrawCaption. When CodeLite is starting, it seems that DrawCaption() is called before there's a valid rect to draw into gtk gets annoyed when that happens. wxFB creates gridbagsizers without any columns/rows; then cheerfully makes one of these non-existent columns growable. This causes wx2.9 asserts. project_settings_dlg.cpp already does a workaround AddGrowableCol(1). Fixed regression in the Abbreviation plugin (http://codelite.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1611) Fixed regression in Copyrights plugin (frank_frl) Prevent the display scrolling too far when code is folded. When a section of code is to be folded, if the fold-head is displayed the code down to the fold-head retains its screen position and all is well. However when the fold-head is off-screen and the user clicks on a margin to fold that code, none of the function will be displayed; and for large code sections, the whole display may change. With this commit, in that situation the code below the fold-bottom (usually) retains its position, and the fold-head will always be shown. Fixes BUG#:3485117. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3485117&group_id=202033&atid=979960 Fixed random crash that may occur when using Ctrl-Z Don't spam codelite's log file with messages 'Log Verbosity is set to XXX' - When creating new files / classes using the snippet / gizmoz plugin, don't automatically place the files under the 'Src' and 'Incude' virtual folder unless the option in 'Global Editor Preferences | C++ | Code Generation & Comments' is enabled - Fix font issue with 'Open Resource' dialog Don't print a spurious thread in the debugger-pane 'Threads' panel. When parsing threads, filter out the 'table title' (similar to the top of the 'info threads' output), which otherwise gets treated as though it were an extra thread. Improve the way that New Class wizards add the files to virtual directories. The idea was that, should a src and an include dir exist, the files were added one to each. This worked, but only when one of those subdirs was selected. It also featured a bug that would add the files to any distantly related src/include pairs. The new version works when a src or include subdir or their parent dir is selected; but not otherwise. Subversion: Minor UI changes to the commit dialog Generate a more intelligent getters for boolean members of a class i.e. IsFoo() vs GetFoo() Applied patch to sort the SVN view files (by elkvis) Code Completion: When a completion is initiated at the middle of string, codelite will now replace the rest of the string as well with the match Fixed: code-completion: when there is no match in the key-words completion box automatically hide it, this prevents un-wanted insertions of c++ keywords into the editor Fixed: CC for static member variabels Fixed: when codelite is activated it will perform a really quick scan on the workspace files to see which file was modified and requires retagging. This is very useful when generating/editing code using an external editor and the file is not opened within codelite configure: added an option to disable clang support in codelite using --without-clang flag Allow resizing the 'Quick Outline' dialog (Ctrl-Shift-O) New: added new option to the C++ context menu: "Code Generation / Refactoring -> Synchronize Signatures" When the mouse is hovering a function signature, codelite will attempt to correct the counter-part signature to fit the current one. This option will only work if codelite found a definitive match, otherwise it will fail silently (it will be fixed in the near future) Second attempt at preventing a segfault in MainBook::CloseAll See r5358. I hadn't realised that this is a race situation, and that fix worked only for small numbers of open tabs. Moving it to the end of the function seems more reliable. (A better, but more difficult, solution would be temporarily to turn off UpdateUI in OutputTabWindow.) Fixed: Moved the 'Retag Quick and Dirty' when codelite is activated to the 'wxApp' derived class - this avoid the retagging whenever a dialog is opened ... - Fixed crash when searching and caret is placed after the end of file Fixes BUG#:3487881. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3487881&group_id=202033&atid=979960 Fixes BUG#:3498001. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3498001&group_id=202033&atid=979960 Fixes BUG#:3486330. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3486330&group_id=202033&atid=979960 Make -break-insert honour the user's 'set pending breakpoints' choice Previously the value in m_info.enablePendingBreakpoints determined whether to do (the non-MI) "set breakpoint pending on", but the equivalent MI -f option was always applied. This normally would matter very little, but apparently the current FreeBSD ships with an ancient gdb version that can't cope with -f. Tell gzip to compress harder in make_src_targz.sh SymbolView: Save some screen space (Auria) minor fix in the configure script (Michal B) Changed the event mechanism used for the plugins. Instead of connecting to the wxTheApp object, all events from codelite -> plugin are going through the new EventNotifier singleton. Old code that used 'wxTheApp->Connect(..)' or m_mgr->GetTheApp()->Connect(...) should now use instead EventNotifier::Get()->Connect(...) ContinousBuild: Make sure that the environment is applied properly before launching the build process Fixed bug in Restart Codelite Optimized the bitmap loader code to load icons only once Always try to use the configured terminal where possible (BlueDarknezz) Fixed wrong handling for 'gnome-terminal' introduced in the last patch Subversion: commit dialog now displays the repository's URL at the frame caption Subversion: committing from the file explorer now behaves the same as committing from the 'Subversion View' (the list of files is populated and can be checked/unchecked) Fixed: parser thread did not clear old "exclude search paths" for code completion which could cause in some randome cases to not finding completion files (fixes when codelite is restarted) Improved: ctags code completion now understands template inheritance: template<typename T> class MyClass : public T {..} In Linux, permit e.g. foo.cpp and Foo.cpp to co-exist in a virtual folder This was previously prevented by using a case-insensitive search in Manager::AddFilesToProject. Now allow it, if the user specifically wants to. Also, tell the user when a file addition doesn't happen; this previously failed silently. Fixed: code completion now supports template instantiation on the derived class level (with possible macros). This fixes new wxWidgets (2.9.4 and up) code completion for wxPanel/wxFrame etc Updated CC unit testings added codelite_utils workspace which gathers all codelite's utils under one workspace Applied patch which fixes various bugs in the SymbolView plugin (Auria) Removed broken feature from SymbolView plugin (Auria) Removed various windows binaries from SVN (they can all be built using the new workspace 'codelite_utils/codelite_utils.workspace'. This way it is easier to introduce new wxWidgets versions without affecting all users who are building codelite using SVN Update codelite's splash screen Fixed error in update.bat incase WXWIN is not defined Quick Outline dialog is now similar accross all platforms Fixed: removed redundant conversion which cuased 'Find References' to display wrong positions / matches when used on files with non english characters Added 'License' tab to the About dialog CppWordScanner: Removed redundant conversion Added new option to the 'Workspace View' context menue: "Open with default application" Fixed: font size affects the line spacing Debugger: Fixed: possible infinite loop if user deinfed a PreDefined type that is similar to the original type Moved code-formatter icons to codelite-icons.zip Make FindinFiles work reliably again in locales. When exiting codelite and the current perspective is set to "Default", it is automatically saved When workspace is loaded, codelite will clear the cached translation units produced by codelite-clang Fixed: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3526327&group_id=202033&atid=979962 Fixed: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3523838&group_id=202033&atid=979962 Do not redefine __unused__ by libctags when using g++ >= 4.7 . This should fix a compilation error with gcc 4.7 and later for codelite-indexer Make the FindInFiles dialog resizeable Upgraded to newer sqlite version (3.7) Applied temporary fix for the bug reported here: http://trac.wxwidgets.org/ticket/14292 - avoid warning spams on codelite exit Updated codelite.pot (and removed a string mistakenly marked for translation) Database Explorer: applied DBE patch to allow setting PostrgreDB Port number In a new project created from Workspace > New Project, only set the -mwindows flag in MSWin This linker flag is useless elsewhere, and now breaks linking in fedora 17's g++. Also, add this flag to build_settings.xml so that it's easy to (un)set. Make the debugger's wx29 set to be the default active set on Windows / Mac
Source: README, updated 2012-06-05

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