Changes from version =============================== - Fixed: possible crash when highlighting a word in a huge file (e.g. sqlite3.c) that can occur if by the time the matching thread is done, the editor containing the file is no longer opened. - Redesigned the 'Syntax Highlight' dialog. - Fixed: BUG#2981635: selection colour loses the alpha - Fixed: When SymbolView tab is detached codelite crashes on exit. (BUG#2981758) - Fixed: SymbolView tab now "remembers" if it was detached in previous session - Removed obsolote option from C++ lexer (disabled code) - Implemented: Source Code Formatter - update request - ID: 2981775 - Fixed: possible crash when using 'word wrap' + selecting text (this bug was introduced in the latest change that added alpha channel to the selection colour) - Fixed: Syntax highlight: the alpha value for the selection is now loaded properly from the disk (and the value is reflected in the slider control) - Fixed: When setting the alpha value to 256 the alpha channel is disabled for that control and the colour is drawn at the back - Fixed: code-completion: evaluation of template instantiation is done better when using 'using namespace' statements - Fixed: added __MINGW_ATTRIB_MALLOC to the default ignore tokens of the code-completion parser - Fixed: Save file cause crash when encoding covert failed - ID: 2982452 - Fixed: Syntax Highlight: settings for the match brace colour were not respected properly - Fixed: 'Add function impl' now works properly if the return value contains type with scope / templates, an example for such a function: std::vector<wxString>::iterator getIter(); - Changed: Debugger: 'Restart' button now executes '-exec-run' instead of stop/start the debugger for faster loading and for emulating the gdb behavior of 'run' - Fixed: virtual memory size leak (caused by not waiting for the thread to join to the builder thread) - Fixed VM leak when using threads - Fixed: Find Bar now shows the dialog 'Reached end/start of document, start befrom end/start?' with an option to 'Dont ask me again' checkbox (similar to the previous 'find' dialog) - Fixed: crash when closing 'find in files' tab while search thread is still active - Fixed BUG#2984376: Crash selecting warning/error - Fixed: Subversion: check out from a URL which requires authentication does not work if the user is prompted for login - Fixed: BUG#2982441: svn can't convert native encoded file name to utf-8 - Fixed: crash when selecting multiple lines and the last line exceeds the editor's width ( ) - Applied patch 2988937: wxHandleFatalException depends on wxUSE_ON_FATAL_EXCEPTION - Fixed: added call to wxTheClipboard->Flush() on exit so the clipboard content will remains after codelite exits - Fixed: codelite now also supporting Ctrl-PGUP / Ctrl-PGDN for switching between editors (FR#2987843) - Fixed: importing VS solution file on Linux should work now as expected - Fixed: typo in VS solution importer - Improved the 'Tab Grouping' functionality by adding a new tab to the 'Workspace View' management pane (DavidGH) - Fixed: crash when updating an existing tool using the external tools plugin - Added the macro '__GOMP_NOTHROW' to the default ignore macros of the code-completion (this macro is used by OpenMP (omp.h file) - Fixed: Tabsgroup: on Mac use the 'Alt' key for DnD instead of Ctrl (DavidGH) - Fixed: Read file with conversion respects the global / local settings for the file encoding (Xavi) - Added support for 2 new macros in the 'external tools' plugin: $(ProjectWorkingDirectory) - the project build working directory $(ProjectRunWorkingDirectory) - expands to the project execution directory as set in the 'Working Directory' entry in the 'General' tab of the project settings (eran & michalb) - Fixed BUG#2992309: Search bug. For more description look here: - New: In case there is no selection, the 'Make Upper' / 'Make Lower' commands will change the character to the right of the caret and moves the caret to the right - Applied patch #2995396: c++ auto-comment enhancements - Fixed: code completion now handles 'short XXX' types properly (as reported in this use case: - New: Code Completion: the completion box now has a little toolbar (currently it contains a single button) which allows the user to filter between all items vs public items only - Fixed: using the 'Tasks' panel to search for TODO / FIXME etc will no longer disable the 'Find In Files' thread - UI: Code completion box is now larger in side (250/400) - Fixed: UI: when toggling the 'Show Private / Protected' members in the code-completion box, it now affects all editors - Improved: even when de-selecting the option ' show private members' codelite will still show the private / protected items of the current scope - Added MacBundler to the repository + adjusted its code to fit wx < 2.9 - Mac only: Updated configure script to include the MacBundler plugin for Mac - Updated Mac packaging script to include the Mac bundler plugin - Fixed: minor error in the configure script (inserted in the last commit) - Adjusted various packaging scripts for the coming minor release (mainly bug fixes release) - Applied patch for the MacBundler plugin (by Auria) - Implemented FR#3012730: Copy line under cursor if no selection