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0.011 ============== * Added the ability to write the scope ("::") symbol, however it's not implemented yet. 0.010 ============== * Added support for multi parameter functions. * Now gathering type information for parameters and class variables. * Now displaying different strings in the auto completion combo box than the strings that actually get's written for more effective auto completion. * Now adjusting the combobox length automatically for larger strings. 0.009 ============== * Added support for one parameter in a class function. 0.008 ============== * Added support for functions inside classes with no parameters. This kind of step has complicated the parser By big amount, and I foresee a buggy experience. The supported function "types" are : - Functions with braces, e.g. void bla() {..} - Function declaration, e.g. void bla(); There is still no meta data when using code completion, (such as data members types, and function return type) but it will soon happen after multi parameter functions become supported. * Changed code.cpp to reflect the new features. 0.007 ============== * Added support for basic types with more than one word (for an example : long int) and etc. Actually this was coded with a hack with very short development time. I wonder how long this would last. It allows some non-realistic parameters such as "double long int", but it still supports the purpose so what the heck for the meanwhile. * Fixed some bug where the auto completion won't show. 0.006 ============== * Added support for basic types (int, float, double, unsigned, etc) 0.005 ============== * Implemented classes inside classes. * Implemented class variables inside classes. * Implemented detecting variables inside variables. * Edited the code.cpp in order to demonstrate the new features. 0.004 ============== * Removed/Fixed bug when it makes a sound when pressing "enter" to select from the combo box. * Fixed many crashes and implemented some additional algorithm for checking states when analyzing words. * Now multiple classes auto-completion is working. 0.003 ============== * Fixed bug when inserting the character '\0' and then the class detection worked badly. * Now disabled auto-completion when pressing backspace. * Added option to press "esc" in order to cancel the auto completion selection. * Enabled tabbing in the code text box. * Removed period detection on the class name itself, and instead, added class variable "cheap" detection (for now, in the future it will be stronger). In order to test, write a class variable declaration like you normally do, for an example, according to the code.cpp file : "A cClass; " and then "cClass." and it will try to auto-complete. * Added some kind of errors text box, for now. 0.002 ============== * Started adding support for identifying the meaning of regions of text, more about that later when it will be more developed. * now the period key should detect if pressed in every position. * the test "A." works better now as it avoids many crashes and bugs. 0.001 ============== * First .exe output. * There is a parser : the parser knows how to deal with extremely simplified versions of the keywords "class, {, };, " and "int". This mechanism will be grinded and perfected in later versions. * Lots of crashes and bugs * Automatically loads "code.cpp" * In order to "test" the functionality, simply write "A." and you notice a dropdown box with selection of the integers datamembers that reside in class A. * In theory more than one class (for an example, class B) is possible but it leads to even more crashes and bad behaviour.
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