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  • I honeslty consider this software the perfect program I ever used! => check this site for Free Goods :

  • Very useful. It works under Windows 7 but it hangs every now and then and needs manual restart.

  • Just the project that every body have to had in work

  • It works flawlessy! Thanks for your efforts!

  • It just works and it very simple. Good work.

  • One of the pearls / starts in the open source sky, i have almost overlooked. The ultimate choice if you and your machine is sitting behind a Micrososft proxy with NTLM Authentification. Fast, not visible and configureable like most all other linus tools over a text file. Feel me home. Big thanks for a great piece of code.

  • nice!

  • Nice, thank you

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  • very good project, thanks!

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  • Good and useful software

  • Probably the only solution to date that makes possible to use and purchase Modern apps in Windows 8 from a corporate workstation behind NTLM-authenticating proxy server! If you are working behind ISA Server and experience troubles with connecting your Modern apps to Microsoft Store, cntlm is the perfect solution to work around connection issues. Now all my Modern apps are routed via corporate ISA/TMG Server, and connect to external resources like a charm. And it is way much faster than any other freely available NTLM-capable proxy solutions available for Windows platform. You can notice it without using any special tricks --- just start using cntlm and look at CPU usage in Task Manager: it's stays near 0 even with high loads compared to other solution that may load CPU up to 50% (as per my experience).

  • Very useful and effective. Exists on all platforms!

  • very good.

  • works nicely

  • Works a charm on Windows for accessing proxy from command-line apps

  • Works like a charm! Solved my problem...

  • great program! As promised by author very fast and easy! Thanks!

  • very fast

  • This is the best application for ISA proxy authentication Thanks to the developers well done !

  • Very useful Our network has ISA Server and OS X computers can not access via FTP. Thanks to cntlm you can enable a Windows PC with ISA Client and cntlm, who receives the connections FilezZilla OS X and finally the exceptional NoProxy output the request and the ISA Client receives the connection. Greetings from Santiago, Chile.

  • Fantastic utility! Solves so many application problems, including the FilteringProxy of Websense (which otherwise breaks all W98SE internet connectivity).

  • Supurb! It just works! With this tool, I can work with my Mac in the office like any other suit there :D

  • The best way to connect behind a ISA proxy that uses NTLM auth, I highly recommend it even to Windows users. It is feature rich (it can even make the awful GFI WebMonitor scan transparent to applications), and it is usually light on CPU and memory use. It is all around better than the old ntlmaps.