Cloo is an open source, easy to use, managed library which enables .NET/Mono applications to take full advantage of the OpenCL framework.

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User Reviews

  • Simple to use.

  • This is a really excellent project. The API is very intuitive and operates at just the right level making leveraging the power of OpenCL seem simple, and resulting in clean code. Many projects could learn a thing or two (or more!) from nythrix and the design of Cloo. There is only one binary to reference and no other dependencies apart from OpenCL drivers for the hardware devices that are to be used. The type/class count is small for a project of this scope so it is quick to learn with the example projects included. (As an aside, I would recommend the Intel OpenCL SDK even if there is no desire to drive the processor with OpenCL as Intel has an offline compiler which makes finding bugs in kernel sources very easy without having to load an entire host application)

  • It's an amazing project! Hope it works in Linux perfectly as well.

  • Great project!

  • Excellent project :)

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