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  • If you've used windows over the decades, Classic Shell makes Windows 10 is usable. Without it, the impedance of trying to find, do, or start something becomes silly. I don't know who designed the Microsoft Win 10 interaction model, but its focus on tiles, apps and mobile makes the desktop experience excruciating. Hope the community can keep Classic Shell alive.

  • Best third party utility for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. Something Microsoft should have done. Sorry to see it end.

  • Best Start Menu Replacement.

  • I'll miss you, Classic Shell. It was a great ride, but alas, this is goodbye. RIP

  • This is how we live with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, best ever

  • very good

  • I installed classic shell. I almost cried when the old, XP style, cascading menus displayed when I clicked the Start menu button!

  • Great! I like it. but I think there are lots of stuff kinda complicated and need translations. Thank you

  • Squeeeee!

  • So good I donated,$$, not what its worth, but the best I could do. About all I could suggest as a want is an option to freeze out windows 8 as it keeps coming on whenever I touch "frequently" this sorry touch pad in any of the multitude of ways it does not like.

  • Muy buen programa.

  • Classic Shell is a great application! Be sure to download it from sourceforge! We should be able to pay for a non-GPL license instead of upgrade to a proprietary application. I dislike the dishonesty it now does by suggesting to upgrade with no license change being identified. It feels like they are disbanding the GPL version in favor for a proprietary non-open source version. Even if the source was shown under a proprietary-only license, I could at least determine if it contains spyware or adware. Not to mention, I am interested in learning and supporting it's source code to the features I like. We need to donate for the GPL code, or pay for a open-source proprietary version. But not until the suggested upgrade specifies the intent. Even if it becomes nagware (with the GPL source-code, we can disable the nagware). Or we need to fork this code (donations, or large portion thereof, still going towards the original owner).

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  • I heard about this from an IT professional who has to install this on all his clients PCs with Windows 8 installed. I know no-one with Windows 8 that wouldn't want this app. I have a Win7 desktop and a Win8 laptop. Love the laptop hardware-wise but when at home I always go to the desktop just to avoid the desire to launch the laptop across the room. Win8 may be solid, have some good features but... to redesign the wheel by adding a pretty much unwanted tile interface OS on top of a desktop OS with some totally idiotic changes is mind-blowingly arrogant of MS. Why not have a set-up screen at first boot so we can select what we want?? It's taken 6 months to get my laptop in a usable state - and to do so has required totally chance conversations with IT pros who are picking up tips on the net grapevine, this app being probably the most useful... Makes your Win8 machine like a Win7 one... just what everyone wants. I can't use AutoCAD on a 10" touch-screen and I still need a laptop. Touch screen on a laptop is utterly pointless and even more pointless on a desktop. Thank you for this app. I have a 'computer' again.

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  • Just installed this on an 8.1 machine yesterday... so far, so good. Has alleviated much frustration with the new, "toy" Windows mash-up. If you want to just play around with your new touchscreen, 8.x is fine, but if you're used to being productive with the pre-8 menu system, this is a great tool. Kudos to the author for picking up the ball after Micro$oft fumbled it. You can still have the best of both worlds by letting Win8 boot to the new Start Screen, then click or hot-key your way to the desktop when you're ready to get down to work, or you can tell Classic Shell to go right to the desktop with the Classic Shell in place; the choice is yours. All in all, very well done. I give it 5 stars for features and ease of use, but only 4 (still very good) for design, based on the aesthetics - which is purely subjective.

  • Does what it says. Easy to use for all user levels. Excellent amount of features, even though it's free. And regular updates. This software is definitely a must-have.

  • This is a good product. In Windows 7, you can get the classic start menu back. Something that existed even in Vista. In Windows 8, you get a start menu. Now with 8.1 coming out, I will still use Classic Shell simply because I want control over my start menu. I do have a compatibility issue with Novell ZenWorks 11.2 and right-clicking a ZenWorks icon revels a gray context menu with no text. I took a star off for that since there has been a ticket for it since 2012 and no progress. We still use Classic Shell and I still highly recommend using it!!!!

  • This is awesome and great for any level user to use. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Classic Shell is awesome. Some reviewers say its menus doesn't look like WinXP or Win7 menus. That's not the point. MS in its infinite arrogance didn't bring back the start menu, only an useless start button. Classic Shell comes to the rescue and does it admirably with great customization options.

  • Dont know who did this dindt check the about but thanks alot got my asus 32 with windows 8 witch is crap maybe if you have a touchscreen its cool acople of days but again thanks now my windows 8 look like windows 7

  • WTF is with all these obviously fake, repeated comments by fake people on here? I've noticed them on other programs reviews as well here, and it's despicable! It's so obvious, I mean at least TRY to make it seem real, instead of having three or four different names post the exact same comment, one after another. Honestly whenever I see these, I can't help but feel almost completely sure that these people are just trying to boost the ratings on SF up for their own program, which is pathetic. Just having more people downloading it isn't going to do anything for you, you need people to actually like it, too. Unfortunate, too, if it's actually a good piece of software! Also, Windows 8 is a disgrace and should never be called an OS by any means. Shame on MS for that pile of crap. It's hideous, too! I like MORE functionality with my computer, not LESS! Stop trying to appeal to the morons who don't know how to use computers, and making it more like mobile, the majority of major computer users aren't these people, and most of us would rather have our phones more like our computers, not vice versa. I wouldn't touch 8 with a ten foot pole.

  • Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are good! Classic shell makes them better!

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  • What did I expect to get from this project? A WinXP like look to my Windows 7. Many seemed to advertise this project just like that. What did I get instead? Ugliest UI decorations in the world and to get those blows and whistles, I was forced to sacrifice a lot and thanks to that, it then got even worse. There's no real comfort of WinXP. This project does not give the original XP look and feel. Verdict? People should carefully think if what they say is really true before advertising anything, especially if it's freeware they are advertising as usually false advertising is used for commercial products. People who give 5 stars and just say: "It installs and it works!", well I think we need a higher discipline here at SF to prevent misinforming and abuse of power.

  • My resistance to 'upgrade' my core computers from XP to one of the newer MS offerings has been softened by this add-on which works beautifully to restore the functionality in Win7 I had come to expect but MS seems Hell Bent on disabling. Almost any long time user of Windoze will appreciate how well this works. Thank you.

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  • Classic Shell is awesome. I, too, was dazzled by the new Windows 8 start screen, but even with a touch screen it's cumbersome to navigate. The built-in apps have minimal functionality which has resulted in me having to have a full version of each app that I use (mail and picture viewing are good examples). Classic Shell helps me get to those items quickly and easily. I am appalled that Microsoft took such exception to the original Classic Shell logo. If they don't like a competing skin for their lousy product then they should have given users the option to revert to a more traditional layout instead of bullying sourceforge into changing their logo. For people who do substantial WORK on their computers the Windows 8 start screen is a real hindrance.Classic Shell makes right was Microsoft made wrong. I understand the Win 8 was courting the mobile user and trying to put themselves in competition with Android and other like OS', but it was too little, too late (as always with Microsoft). I would recommend Classic Shell to ANYONE who is struggling with the new Win 8 start screen reducing their productivity. One nitpick: sourceforge required me to create an account I'll never use again just so I could leave a comment to praise one of their products.

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  • The Classic Start Menu is outstanding, a permanent part of all my pc's! I use a lot of different programs and I don't like changing to the Windows Start Menu, then trying to find a program in Metro's "photo gallery" of apps. I have everything I need without ever leaving the Desktop. Metro may be good on a smartphone of tablet (I use an iphone), but NOT on a tower pc or laptop!

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