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  • I have been using this library for developing simple demonstrative projects and for testing my ideas in a fast and efficient way. The library is simply amazing in what it offers to you as a single header file with very less project headache.

  • Very useful toolkit, the only thing I am missing is the more detailed documentation, or description of the demos...

  • The product may be great, but as far as installing it's hard. The product isn't clear on "where" it's getting installed but this tool is really useful!

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  • Amazing tool. Works perfect. Very helpful.

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  • Good and useful software

  • High perfomance, fast speed. All you need man! Thanks, cimg

  • Great software, thank you.

  • I love this software!!!

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful Open Source Project with us. I use and love it.

  • Very, very good program, thanks

  • Thanks to CImg team. Very nice,fast and powerful library!

  • very useful library, used it while studying at the University

  • Excellent application ! Thanks for sharing.

  • Excellent image library. Efficient, easy to use, well documented.

  • Love how easy to understand this implementation is. If you need to load some more file formats then you can just add some of the ImageMagck dlls to your project and you have a very easy to use image library!

  • Remarkable application of C++ features. Astonishing that it is usable with just the include file -- without linking to external libraries -- I don't know how it was achieved. Needs lots and lots of work on documentation though. I spend literally weeks trying to figure out even very simple things -- there are people in the forum who can help though.

  • very good project

  • Very easy to use library :)

  • Interesting, easy to configure and to use.

  • very helpfull tools.

  • Very good. It is simple and efficient.

  • This is a useful image processing library.

  • very nice. easy to use and useful for learning

  • Brilliant, everything you could ever need plus more, perfect for any imaging application, installation was dead easy, I was using CImg within minutes of download. Perfect :-)

  • very nice,fast and powerful library! Thanks to CImg team.

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