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chunk-templates-3.0.2.jar 2015-10-30 198.5 kB 11 weekly downloads
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chunk-templates-3.0.0-src.jar 2015-06-27 345.0 kB 0
chunk-templates-2.6.4.jar 2015-06-18 193.9 kB 0
chunk-templates-2.6.4-src.jar 2015-06-18 336.8 kB 0
chunk-templates-2.6.3.jar 2015-01-02 188.1 kB 0
chunk-templates-2.6.3-src.jar 2015-01-02 327.7 kB 0
chunk-templates-2.6.2.jar 2014-12-31 188.6 kB 0
chunk-templates-2.6.2-src.jar 2014-12-31 327.4 kB 0
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chunk-templates-2.5-src.jar 2014-10-28 325.7 kB 0
chunk_template_2.4.jar 2013-11-29 185.7 kB 0
chunk_template_2.4-src.jar 2013-11-29 323.5 kB 0
chunk_examples_2.3.2.tar.gz 2013-11-25 245.0 kB 0
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chunk_template_1.8-src.jar 2012-09-13 291.2 kB 0
chunk_examples_1.8.tar.gz 2012-09-13 236.1 kB 0
com.x5.template.eclipse_1.1.3.jar 2012-09-13 44.7 kB 0
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chunk_template_1.5.jar 2012-04-11 209.6 kB 0
chunk_examples_1.5.tar.gz 2012-04-11 275.8 kB 0
chunk_template_eclipse_plugin_1.1.2.jar 2012-04-09 44.6 kB 0
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chunk_template_1.0.jar 2011-01-03 65.5 kB 0
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Full documentation at http://www.x5software.com/chunk/ Release History v3.0.2 - 2015-10-30 tmcclure Fixes bugs: looping over wrapped map, looping over POJO with null values v3.0.1 - 2015-07-16 tmcclure Better handling of nested POJOs. The loop command now supports Collection/Iterator/Enumeration in addition to Object[] arrays and List. v3.0.0 - 2015-06-27 tmcclure Overhaul of ChunkFilter for improved argument handling. Not backward-compatible, user-contrib filters will need to be updated. New ObjectFilter base class to ease specialized formatting in filters. v2.6.5 - 2015-06-26 tmcclure Leverages POJO toString method for default display. Adds |str filter to explicitly coerce objects to strings. v2.6.4 - 2015-06-17 tmcclure Improves loop option for place tags: first_last="first,last,place" Adds ThemeConfig class to make Spring MVC integration easier. Adds new filters rpad and lpad. v2.6.3 - 2015-01-01 tmcclure New {% data %}...{% enddata %} section markers for {% exec %} Makes exec calls more clean/consistent with other block calls. Provides greater flexibility in formulating exec calls. Optional, for convenience and back-compatibility. {% body %} tags are now optional if {% data %} tags are present. v2.6.2 - 2014-12-30 tmcclure Compatibility fixes for Google App Engine. Goodies for custom TemplateProvider: can now .setDefaultExtension(null) and then theme.makeChunk("anyfile.prn") ie, no need to separate/omit file extension from filename. v2.6 - 2014-11-29 tmcclure Now attempts to treat object as bean if class has no public attributes. Some bugfixes related to filters, leaving file handles open. v2.5 - 2014-10-28 tmcclure Now, with whitespace: New less-cramped tag syntax {% expr %} is easier on the eyes. Old {.cramped} syntax is still supported. New |default(<output>) filter (syntactic sugar for {$tag:<output>} ). Cleans up brittle/slow template pre-parsing routines. Deprecates @inline keyword for {% exec %} - now both arguments are optional and format (eg @json, @xml) is always marked with leading "@" v2.4 - Android helper classes. New template provider for Android is now included out-of-the-box: com.x5.template.providers.AndroidTemplates. See docs for usage notes. v2.3.2 - Minor fixes/enhancements. Now able to render directly to a PrintStream (such as System.out) Filters now legal inside a backtick expansion. Fixed bug with backtick tag resolution. Loop tag option values no longer require quotes. Renamed counter_tag loop option to counter and added optional params counter=$tag[,offset[,step]]. eg {% loop in $list as $x counter=$i,1 %} Note: counter options just affect $i values - use $list|slice(a:b:step) to subset the actual list being looped over. Fixed bug in template parser, wasn't catching new-style literal blocks. interpret |split(,) as |split(",") and not as |split("","") v2.3.1 - Refactored filter processing. New filters: slice, length, capitalize, title, reverse, sort, split. v2.2.2 - Fixed issue with android. InlineTable less brittle. Smarter whitespace handling. v2.2 - Theme objects can now be created with custom template provider. Full details with examples: http://x5software.com/chunk/examples/ChunkExample?example=net v2.1.2 - Fixed bug in addData(capsule, "x") v2.1.1 - Fixed bug with boxed primitive wrapper objects like Double, Character, Integer etc. v2.1 - New {$tag|filter(#x_template)} runs the #x_template snippet as a macro, binding {$x} to the value of {$tag} Easier access to POJO attributes and bean properties: * chunk.setToBean('my_thing', someObject) copies someObject's public accessor properties to a Map so the template can do this: {$my_thing.price} to get the value of someObject.getPrice() * chunk.set('item', somePOJO) copies somePOJO's non-private attributes to a Map so the template can do this: {$item.price} to get the value of somePOJO.price * Map values seen by template renderer are a snapshot from time of first attribute access. v2.0 - Refactored for 20% speed gain. New |type filter {$what_am_i|type} outputs one of the following: STRING LIST OBJECT CHUNK NULL Improved support for objects (ie associative arrays) {% exec #template @json %} now preserves JSON object key order. {% loop in $obj as $key:$val %} now loops through the attributes of an associative array (aka Map/Object) {$obj} now visible from inside loops/chunks, not just {$obj.attr} Loop can now resolve object/list references like $x = "{$y}" Theme can now be configured to not route errors to output, and/or print errors to STDERR or another PrintWriter. theme.setErrorHandling(false, System.err); Fixed bug with backticks and new {$syntax`$num`} The |escapexml filter has been refactored to be more efficient, now handles upper-page unicode escapes. Fixed bug in translate filter. v1.9 - Minor enhancements to {% loop %} tag, several minor bugfixes. Updating to the latest version is strongly recommended. v1.8 - Major syntax change: new {$tag} and {.command} syntax replaces older, unfriendly syntax: {~tag} and {^command} Not to worry, library remains back-compatible. Other changes: * {% exec %} Macro enhancements - xml attributes now avail as {$elt_name@attr_name} - introduced @inline keyword in {% exec %} syntax eg: {% exec @inline xml %} means, check {% body %}...{% endbody %} block for template, and args will be in xml format. * Some new text filters - {$tag|onempty(N/A)} outputs N/A in null *and* empty-string case - {$tag|unescape} unescapes xml-entities. v1.7 - New features: * New built-in filters |get(x) and |alternate(even_output,odd_output) * Better support for lists and trees (ie nested maps) of data. * New {% loop %} options counter_tags="true" and array_index_tags="true" default for both options is now false. * Macro invocation overhaul. New syntax: {% exec MACRO %} ... params ... {% endexec %} With option to provide params json-formatted** or xml-formatted: {% exec MACRO @json %} { x : 3, a : 'some-string', list : ['a','b','c'] } {% endexec %} And an inline template body marker a la: {% exec %} ...params... {% body %} ... {% endexec %} ** json-smart library is required for parsing json. * Several minor bugfixes. v1.6 - Major refactor for speed. * Chunk can now write to stream. Use chunk.render( out ) instead of chunk.toString() * Templates are now pre-compiled for big performance gain. * Users may now register contributed filters without modifying the chunk source code. See online docs for example. v1.5 - New features: * Localization: mark a string for translation in your template with clean _[one two three] syntax. Create a translations file /locale/xx_XX/translate.csv in the classpath with lines like: "one two three","un deux trois" Then, wnen you set up your Theme, call theme.setLocale("xx_XX") and all toString() output will get sent through the translator. * Localized strings support sprintf format directive %s Provide args like so: {_[Acct # %s balance is %s],$account,$balance} * Translate filter: dynamic output can also be translated via the "_" filter like so: {$any_tag|_} or more verbosely, {$any_tag|translate} or {$any_tag|xlate} * UTF-8 support: all templates are now assumed to be UTF-8. Use system property -Dchunk.template.charset=... to override. * Improved examples to better demonstrate features. v1.4 - * Fixed glaring if-else block conditional bug. * Now easier to instantiate Theme object. Just put your themes in src/themes/*.chtml and use the no-arg Theme() constructor and you're good to go. Deploying in a jar? Just include the themes folder in your jar and the template engine will find them. v1.3 - New features: * Nestable {% if %}...{% endif %} and {% loop %}...{% endloop %} constructs * Cleaner {% include file %} {% include #snippet %} include syntax * Cleaner {% loop in $data as $d %} loop syntax * Better comment-stripping (removes any whitespace-only lines left after stripping the comment). * Even smarter about finding theme files. Just put a folder named "themes" directly under your project's src folder. As long as it gets exported to classpath (alongside your classes that import and use Chunk), your templates will get found. * JUnit test suite. Bout time. * New indent(n) filter indents tag output by n spaces. * New HEX filter -- shorthand for {$x|hex|uc} v1.2 - New features: * Literal blocks w/ {% literal %} no interpolation * Dynamic tags with backticks {$pkg_`$pkg_id`} * getSnippet(templateRef) now returns Snippet obj - use fetch(templateRef) to get tpl as string. * Chunk can now find and use templates that are packaged inside a jar on the classpath. * nodata="" now supported by {% loop %} tag. * xml,xmlesc,xmlescape now synonyms for htmlescape filter. * implemented perl case-conv regex directives via hack: s/.*/\U$0/ now working (but {$tag|uc} is still quicker) v1.1 - Java source code missing from initial release, fixed. - Handles missing jeplite jar more gracefully. v1.0 - Initial release - Add optional jeplite jar to classpath (from jeplite.sourceforge.net) to enable |calc filter and {.calc()} special tag - math expressions.
Source: README.txt, updated 2015-10-30

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