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  • Not sure if this is the right place for this but am looking for the Sep version of chessX which James Coons posted on his website. Its been replaced by the the Oct31 version which I appear to have issues with. Would somebody be kind enough to provide either executable or refer this note to James please - many thanks.

  • Chessx is perhaps the most promising open-source chess database program out there and certainly the best-looking! The only thing that keeps me from using it full-time is that it only handles PGN format which isn't very efficient for large database... Do you guys have any plans to support scid database format?

  • Perfect, simple but very powerfull chess database tool.

  • Very good chess database & pgn viewer. It even has an endgame table-base so it makes it extremely useful for analysis. Everything in this is absolutely perfect... it's truly the best(free) pgn database/viewer.

  • Very lean an beautiful chess database. Database, game view, opening tree, engine analysis all there!!

  • A good tool for chess players

  • This is a very good interface, runs excellent with chess engines.... However, for the mac retina display, the gui is "pixely" - it looks like the gui was designed with a set resolution without using DPI or something, i.e. the pieces and buttons don't look "smooth". Another concern about the design is that I am having a little trouble figuring out how to save my pgn files after I have written in comments on games etc. Otherwise, I would recommend this to anyone using a mac.

  • Great strategy game. Good Tool! Runs smoothly. This is a wonderful project.

  • Application does what it says on the box...would be good to add some functionality around playing on-line etc due to the interface being so attractive and usable.

  • no trouble to install and run, works nicely.

  • Very useful project!

  • It compiled, it ran... I am happy... I am just gathering a database with games and a chess engine... Chessx looks very promising