Mon, Oct 22, 2012: Released Check 0.9.9 based on r637 (2012-10-22 13:54:14 +0200) * Measure test duration and print in XML output. Feature request #3521371 on SF, but reimplemented. * Added contrib/XML_for_JUnit.xsl from feature request #3521371 on SF. * Added support for setting log files via environment variables. Patch #3576713 on SF. * Added better pkg-config and subunit support, patch #3417041 on SF. * Make tests/ bourne shell compatible, bug #3472578 on SF. * Added ck_ prefix to mutex_lock variable, to avoid name clash on Solaris. Solves bug #3472574 on SF. * In autoconf, request system extensions to generate 64-bit safe code, solution from patch #2803433 on SF. * Fix for mutex deadlock when killing threads, patch #3564640 on SF. * Make XML output well-formed, solution from patch #3575642 on SF. Solves bug #3485651 also. * Fix buggy duration calculation, bug #3575451 on SF. * A more complete CMake / MSVC patch for those interested in pursuing Windows development with Check and Visual Studio. See patches/ * Added instructions for improving the speed and output of `make check' when using Automake. See contrib/improved_make_check/. * Added a chapter in the documentation for selective running of tests. * Changed how the message pipe is read. Before, the whole file was copied to RAM with realloc, giving problems with huge allocations for repetetive tests, the problem was visible for a specific GStreamer test case. * Improvements to the new Check API: documentation, macros that allow multiple evaluation, unit tests, and new ck_assert_(str|int)_(lt|le|gt|ge) comparison functions. * Made the new Check API primary and use it to define macros from old Check API * Added checkmk, a tool for reducing "boilerplate coding" when writing unit tests with check. * Added xslt link to xml output, added display of iteration field into xslt stylesheet and moved it to directory accessible from web page root * Added longjmp to fail function to ensure that no code will be executed in test function after failed assertion * Fix dead assignments and several possible NULL pointer dereferences