A community developed GNU/Linux distribution with an emphasis on KDE and Qt technologies, utilizing a unique semi-rolling repository model.


  • KDE improved packages
  • especially made to get the best KDE experience
  • semi-rolling repository model
  • Plasma5 best experience

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User Reviews

  • فور

  • I wrote a disk image of the OS chakra (2015.11) on a flash drive. But when you try to boot from it I get an error - the kernel image is corrupted. Я записал образ диска ОС chakra (2015.11) на флешку. Но при попытке загрузиться с неё выдало ошибку - кернел образ повреждён.

  • Wait Plasma 5 release

  • Best KDE distro ever. :)

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • I use this Linux distribution on a Panasonic CF-52 (i3) Toughbook. I love this KDE tuned Linux distribution. Pure 64bit, and It's independent from USA :-) (not made in USA, something that is important for world citizens because of some weird privacy / human rights -ignoring usa laws these days). It's sort of Crunchbang but then with KDE, and not based on Debian, but forked from Arch (Crux) Linux. It's a bit new to have only KDE & QT programs (for example no Gimp that is depending on Gnome). But it's very nice to use. Not for Linux beginners, because the installation GUI needs some maintenance. Also keep in mind, this distro works better on a real machine, then on a virtual machine ;-P (people who try to install on virtual machines have more complains then people who install it on real hardware)

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Intended Audience

Non-Profit Organizations, Advanced End Users, End Users/Desktop

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Programming Language

Python, C++