CellarBoss provides a simple way to manage your wine cellar. It lets you easily update your database and includes printable reports.It uses an embedded Derby database so no separate database server is needed. Reports are created using Jasper Reports.

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  • This is so COOL. Once I got the hang of it. It is not as intuitive as it could be; however, overall it is great. I tried 2 other wine cellar programs besides Cellar Boss and this is by far the most useful. The 2 things I would like to see are the beginning date to accept a non vintage indication; i.e. n/a or unk, and the regions accept more than 40 characters. I know there is a limitation at some point. There are some regions with long names; i.e. Santa Lucia Highlands Monterey County California. For now , I leave the default date of 2000 or enter the date I bought them and abbreviate the regions.

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