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  • Very good indeed! =)

  • I use it to burn 4 CD's at one time... I had a PC case that had 4 options for CD drives...I installed a 4 SATA RAID card...that gave me the 4 connections I needed for the CD drives... I do NOT have matched CD drives...a couple burn faster than the others...just some CD burners I had laying around... When I set it up to burn 4 CD's...I set the max burn rate at 24X...Insert all the CD's and then you have to start them off one at a will get 4 images on your screen showing the burn progress of each burner... Works very well...I've been using it for about 2 years... The PC is win 8.1..Core 2 Duo E8400...(3.00Ghz) with 4 gig RAM... So it's NOT a high powered quad cord high RAM machine... I also have it installed on another PC with the normal 2 CD drives... This one I user for audio mastering running 2 Plextor PX-891SAW they are supposed to provide better burn on critical projects...don't know if that's true...I run those at 8x... And for those who might be interested I use ShurtThing Disk Labeler Deluxe (commercial software) for printing 2 CD's at a time...

  • Simple, intuitive, useful software

  • Excellent program! Succeeded, where other 'famous' programs (constantly whining about 'incorrect/defective media' or similar nonsense..) were unable to burn ISO dvds. It's very speedy, as well! highly recommended! many thanks!

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  • easy to use, portable and efficient

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  • cdrtfe works nicely

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  • Good and useful software

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  • Simple. Useful. Light. Thanks

  • Wow! It's very good job! Thanks!

  • Thank you!

  • good job

  • Gorgeous work, easy to use and install.

  • I tried burning some MP3's to a cd, but it kept saying not enough time on the disc, only 79min, when I was only trying to burn 65 minutes of audio onto a CD-RW marked 80 Min. I know CD-RW's aren't where you typically burn audio, but I just need to make an ISO of the audio CD to send to a friend electronically.

  • very good project

  • Excellent Tool... I'm using it on several Computers - with old 4x CD-Burners - or the latest DVD-Burners too - it works well from XP to Win7 - even the Digital Audio extraction with CD-Text to MP3's or Wav's simply a good Program - i hate ResourceMonsters like Nero - and it's much more stable than InfraRecorder

  • includes a decent windows version of mkisofs.exe with -isolevel 3 support & cdrtools. for those wishing to distribute software, this is a requirement! multisession DVD's and full blu-ray hopefully soon. wait till you try the 1.5 pre - can burn to multiple burners simultaneously!