cdrtfe is a CD/DVD/BD burning application for Microsoft Windows. You can burn data discs, Audio CDs, XCDs, (S)VCDs and DVD-Video discs. It supports creation and writing of ISO images and bootable discs. cdrtfe has a multi-language interface and is also available as portable version.


This is cdrtfe 1.3.6.

The changes may have introduced new bugs, so please test and report,
if you find a bug.

Reports about how cdrtfe behaves under Windows Vista and Windows 7
are welcome.

Some of the translations haven't been updated for quite a while. Any
help regarding the update of existing or the creation of new
translations is much appreciated.

Beginning with version 1.2.1 cdrtfe is released under a new license,
the GPL with a special exception, that allows to combine cdrtfe with
source code licensed under the LGPL, MPL or CDDL. See license.txt for
more information.


* Data CD:
  - Warn, when trying to write a multisession CD in DAO mode

* Audio CD/(S)VCD:
  - When adding multiple tracks these are alphabetically sorted 

* GUI:
  - Show subfolder sizes in file view.
  - cdrtfe now has a file explorer to show and select source files
    (only possible if main program window has a sufficient height).
  - Added keyboard shortcuts:
    Alt-E    File Explorer
    Alt-L    Output/Log window
    Alt-S    Settings dialog
  - Changed appearance of some dialogs.
  - Improved progress display (track/file and total)
  - New program icon.

* Better drive lettter detection of drives connected via USB.

* Source code:
  - Updated JCL and Vampyre Imaging Library.
  - Use Delphi ShellControls instead of TurboPower ShellShock
  - Dropped compatibility for Delphi versions below Delphi 7.

* Bugfixes:
  - Audio CD:
    * Option 'overburn' now works.
    * BOM (Byte order mark) are removed from tags.
    * Loading a FLAC file could overwrite memory areas.
  - XCDs:
    * Form2-Files were ignored when calculating the total size.
  - DAE:
    * With the option 'prefix file names' ID3 tags were not written.
  - A wrong drive index could cause a access violation after loading
    a project file.