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  • Having an old mac mini ppc and just installed Debian and then CDE on top of that --- works good. The 100% unix retro feeling is a blast from the past when I began at the university 1995,, sitting at sparc stations doing simple programming. It was at the time when one was obsessively pushing "save" when writing a lab-report on a PC using MS Word --->the days of frequent blue screens and general crashes. Since Iḿ a newbie on linux in general and CDE in particular I consider myself lucky to get all this up & going in just one cold windy autumn Saturday in the year 2016.

  • This' a son-of-a-gun of a project.

  • Very pleased to have CDE running on FreeBSD 10.2--thanks so much for sharing this and providing the excellent instructions. Having CDE is so much retro fun--it's like I am back in the 90s ...notes from my configuration: 1) to enable the display, had to update /etc/hosts to include the computer name 2) to enable CDE at login after re-boot, included the following (chose this over making rc.d script) at /etc/rc.local: /usr/dt/bin/dtlogin & 3) to enable VNC, in .vnc/xstartup used the following: /usr/dt/bin/dtwm &

  • I've always loved CDE's simple, clean, vintage design. Now I can run it on Debian like some kind of awesome pimp. Thanks for getting this source distro together and putting the build resources up in the wiki. Now if I can figure out how to do my part, I'd like to do a Debian-based distro with CDE as its default desktop.

  • Wobderfull I have installed it works like a charme.

  • Doesn't recognize PAM at all on RHEL 6. Authenticates only with local accounts. Not a win for the enterprise community. Had to hack through to get it to compile as well.

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  • Wonderful to have CDE - back at home after years. Thanks a lot to the team! Best, Fausto

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  • now free on all UNIX-based and compatible systems GOOD, now is there an illumos-based port? (say on OpenIndiana)

  • I absolutely love this desktop environment! It's my favourite, and I use it every day for almost everything. I still use MATE for some things, but CDE is my main one. Once it's more polished, I'll likely change this to 5 stars. Tip: If you play Minecraft, it runs better in CDE than any other desktop environment.

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  • CDE is awesome .. FreeBSD works good (tested it) :) OpenBSD --- well im still waiting on my feedback as i came across a error, but i should get it to work with a bit of help from the community... NOW it needs a OpenIndiana port , so that it will make use the system again, as far it having really only gnome2 , i have no interest. so maybe someone in the Oi community can port CDE to Oi-151a8 eh, maybe alot of people will pick it up.. not everyone is a gnome2 fan.. this is why im here i love CDE , and why im going back on OpenBSD. :) I can't wait for this to become Stable and thanks CDE-Dev to give this to us.. you make alot of users happy :D

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  • As someone who purchased the old Xi Graphics DeXtop CDE for Linux back in the day, I'm glad to see this become available. I too am writing my review from a PowerPC Mac, a G5 in this case running Ubuntu 12.04 and CDE! Very happy to see this!

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  • I love CDE. It's my favorite, by far. But for some reason, I can't change or create any palettes. Is there any way that I can create a palette in '.dt/palettes' or '/usr/dt/palettes'? I've already modified the screen blanking settings with full control using file configuration. (I have no idea what the numbers in the *.dp files mean or how to properly redact them; please help.) CDE Is STILL the BEST, don't get me wrong. But just seems a little immature in some areas, but I know you're all working very hard to make CDE more mature

  • Very very cool. For those who are interested, I've created some slackbuilds that will do most of the installation at

  • If I will be able to install and use CDE on my linux machines, it will be the best Christmas present ever. I am sick and tired of the windowism-infested window managers that Linux offers today.

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  • I'm writing this review on a PPC G4, running CDE. It has a special flavor, it's very solid, and i'm very glad it's in the way of becoming 100% free (as in freedom) (motif c'mon). I hope this gets more and more work from the community and I am very commited to help!

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  • This software is perfect. But I got the issue when installing CDE on Ubuntu 10.4 . After installation, I tried to use but mouse and keyboard cannot use anymore. What's it here ?

  • great program cdesktopenv, thanks.

  • I was jazzed when I heard about this. I've always had the habit of making my systems look old school (everything looks like OPENSTEP, IRIX desktop, CDE, etc, even Windows XP is themed like old UNIX). I have MaXX Desktop (SGI's IRIX look) installed on Debian Squeeze but longed for the real CDE since Solaris 8. On Debian Squeeze x64 CDE built with little trouble (needed jpeg dev files) and seems to run fine so far. Can't wait for this to become stable.

  • CDE is very lightweight compared to GNOME/KDE. Although the interface looks quite outdated in comparison to today's desktop managers, CDE is to-the-point and only takes up 90 MB of memory on my computer. Good job to everyone who has made this possible!

  • Fantastic, CDE has been a favorite of mine since using it in the late 90s on Solaris. After owning a bunch of old SPARC stuff over the years, I've realized it was CDE that I missed, not Solaris. XFCE foot the bill for a long while, alas, I always pined for CDE. So happy to have it back, and running it on hardware of the late 90s variety with up to date software via Debian is simply beautiful. Thank you to all who worked to bring this wonderful code to the free software community!

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  • Can't wait to see how developers re-vamp the CDE environment. I still love the crazy garish look of the desktop, which is weird because most i think are drawn away from it. Bets are there will be at least one Linux Distro that will release this as their primary Desktop Environment. Its never to late for an old dog to show some new tricks! This desktop has the potential to kick the butt (sense) out of the current environments if developers do the right thing..!

  • Although I'm more than happy with current desktop environments, there is always a niche for this legendary fellow. I will try to get it running on my Rasperry Pi, see how it performs compared to modern "lightweight" environments. It is a wise decision to make the sourcecode available under an open-source license. I very much appreciate this. Thank you!

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  • i have only one thing to add: *finally*! i've been waiting for this to happen for decades.. the desktop environment i grew up with (beside mac os classic), and the one that, though dated, is still innovative and fits almost every traditional *nix perfectly. from the bottom of my heart: thank you to everyone who made this possible.

  • Great fun installing this. One tip: copy sys.dtwmrc to ~/.dt/dtwmrc; then bind f.next_workspace and f.prev_workspace to something. This lets you switch workspaces by keyboard.

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  • Happy days. gonna spin up debian and try this. 1995, here we come! cheers.

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