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IMPORTANT: these releases are under development. you may find 3 kinds of download: capcode_full_xxx : offers the full functionalities of capcode (basic + advanced + regatta) capcode_advanced_xxx : offers the advanced functionalities of capcode (basic + advanced) capcode_basics_xxx : offers just the basic functionalities of capcode : acquition of NMEA + charts you may always add functions using the menu command help/install new software or update your capcode with the menu command help/update They are published here to allow testing of the V2.0 Only the following versions were tested on target: - windows x86 - linux x86 the other version were not tested due to: 1) the lack of 64 bits host machine 2) no macosx host machine your contribution is welcome! We can correct bugs only if you report them. You may download it and use it at your own risk. Again, capcode is not a certified navigation software, use your paper maps and the ship's instruments.
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