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BALANCE mini Scale-Application v.2.0 (Paralell Sockets programing) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Platform : Linux(Ubuntu) , Unix(FreeBSD,PC-BSD) GAMBAS_EXEC_source GamBASIC source files of BALANCE app. and executable program (include the jpg-s icons/pictures) MUMPS_EnvironDB MUMPS V1 database & multiuser environment 'mumps' Mumps kernel file , copy to /usr/local/bin/mumps and set permission 'chmod 777 mumps' 'casdb' The MV1 database 'ON.sh' background script for MV1 Start 'START.sh' MV1 Starting bash , services starting 'OFF.sh' background script for MV1 Stop 'STOP.sh' MV1 Stopping bash , all services stop 'STOPK.sh' Stopping TCP listening process on linux 'console.log' Console log file 'mv1.rts' MV1 runtime status (ON/OFF) 'mv1.mcf' MV1 config file for MV1SysTray2.gambas main admin GUI utility 'login.sh' example for console login to MV1 server 'MV1Tray2.gambas' The GUI admin utility - Start/Stop MV1 server - Control Panel - Explorer (Globals/Routines/Documents , MV1 Mumps Studio, MV1 Global EDitor) - Journaling , Database ,... - Configuration Manager (Make : ON.sh,OFF.sh,START.sh,STOP.sh) 'MV1Sysctrl.gambas' The command line admin utility - START/STOP/STATUS/CONFIG/CONLOG MV1 server UmeMinchoTTF for sharp&monospace font download: http://ftp.hu.debian.org/debian/pool/main/t/ttf-umefont/ttf-umefont_418-1_all.deb RS232 scale installation to MV1 on Ubuntu Linux : ------------------------------------------------- Ex.: scale automatic transmission weight data to host Use getty (utility) without '-w' params (NO wait for CR from terminal), something like : /etc/init/ttyS0.conf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ttyS0 - getty # # This service maintains a getty on ttyS0 from the point the system is # started until it is shut down again. start on stopped rc or RUNLEVEL=[2345] stop on runlevel [!2345] respawn exec /sbin/getty -L -i -n -l /....../MUMPS/BALANCE/serial.sh 9600 ttyS0 ------------------------------- End of file---------------------------------- Start/ReStart getty process : $ stop ttyS $ start ttyS0 serial data processing in MV1 , 'serial.sh': #!/bin/sh # # Shell script to launch MUMPS on Unix systems. # Start a mumps session for serial data proceed mumps -x 'D CD^%U("BAL"),^SCMS01' /......./MUMPS/BALANCE/casdb external call's of ^SCMS01 routine : CD BAL S ^MS01=1 ;Switch comminucation Log ON , 0=OFF D LC^SCMS01 ;Display loged datas Q=quit , K=kill temporary MV1 = Fast & Easy cais.system@gmail.com www.cais-system.weebly.com {EN} www.caisys.weebly.com {HU} Enjoy!
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