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  • I set the quality at 65. Hardly notice the difference after around -82% change in file sizes.

  • Crashes a lot and is missing some obvious features as: sorting the list, total size of files on the list, excluding files smaller than x. And it crashes a lot. But it's the best software i could find.

  • A lot of bugs to fix, mainly when converting a lot of images, using the "preview" function is really nice, but the app' crash a lot of times… But I'll start by updating to last version, maybe there's a corrupted file or what else ^^" It's really the best image compressor/processor too, I like ImBatch too, but caesium is really developed to make images weight smaller, and there's a lot of precise information do to this! *I've rated the "Support" to 5 because I really have no idea if the support is good or not ^^" I may update it later (if it's possible).

  • Great size reduction even at 90% quality its typically less than half the original. HOWEVER, BEWARE THAT CAESIUM WILL STRIP OUT ALL EXISTING IPTC TITLES & DESCRIPTIONS!!! Do the shrinkage first and captioning, etc after. Thus my 3-star rating. Otherwise great program.

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  • Great program! I only wish it was available for Linux.

  • When open a image file type such as jpg with Caesium.exe add it in the Program to compress. For example if you do an richt-click menu entrie on file types jpg,... etc... 'optimize with Caesium' do not only open the program but add the picture into the program.

  • Simple to use fast reliable , Saved a lot of my disk space!!! thank you keep updating and adding more features to it

  • Have been using this regularly since I got this. Convenient and easy to use. Thank you.

  • This is great software, very helpful, Fast and Easy!

  • caesium works nicely

  • Very usefull application

  • Very usefull. Thanks

  • Great tool and getting better!

  • Downloaded the latest portable version 4 times, useless. "File fails CRC check" - QtCore4.dll, libexiv2python.pyd, and python27.dll. Previously had no such issue? *Resolved - now used 7-Zip and all fine, problem with IZArc.

  • Very good software, I tried several images and I could not tell the quality difference although the size was substantially reduced. 5/5

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  • I like this Great compressor

  • why there is no english language ? I'm surprised ! !

  • very good project