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C-MUNIPACK ========== The software package presents the complete solution for reduction of images carried out by CCD camera, oriented on a observation of variable stars. Stable version 2.1.x -------------------- The 2.1 version is a stable version - it means, that it should not contain any significant bugs and it is intended for ordinary users. No major changes are planned to it. New releases should contain the bug fixes only. For windows platform users there is a binary installer. The installer consists of both 32 bit and 64 bit executables and libraries, the installer automatically selects which executables shall be installed using the operating system platform. The Muniwin software supports Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, 8 and 10. Windows 2000 are not supported. For other users, there is a gzip archive with the source code with Autoconf generated scripts. To compile the code, you'll need the gcc-compatible compiler, the cfitsio library, the expat library and the gtk+ toolkit. The optional dependencies are gstreamer and wcslib (use configure's options to disable the optional features). The first public release of the 2.1 version was published in December 2015 and it became stable in March 2016. Obsoleted version 2.0.x ----------------------- The 1.2 version has been superseded by version 2.1 in March 2016. This version won't be maintaned or supported anymore. Obsoleted version 1.2.x ----------------------- The 1.2 version has been superseded by version 2.0 in October 2012. This version won't be maintaned or supported anymore. MuniView - Total Commander plugin --------------------------------- The MuniView plugin for TC that shows CCD images, photometry and catalog files and curves is now distributed in the regular installation of the C-Munipack software. You can find it in the 'addons' sub-directory inside the installation directory. In other words, if you have installed C-Munipack into a default target directory, you can find the plugin here: c:\Program Files (x86)\CMunipack-2.0\addons\MuniView\muniview.tar.gz -------------------------- 6 January 2013, David Motl
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