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Requirements You will need at least Java 1.6 to run this application You will also need maven 2 To build the application run b.bat located in the main directory To run the application run r.bat located in the main directory THe welcome page can be found at the following URL http://localhost:8080/BundleManager/index.jsp The initial login is username: admin password: admin It is recommend that you change the password after login in(user dropdown). To setup the localities Select utilities from the main menu, then select "Populate Localities" from the drop down menu. It will not add duplicate localities, so you can run as many times as you like (once is sufficient) Default DB is hssql db, embedded. If you wish to change the database, edit the applicatioContext.xml file. You must change the hibernate dialect and also add a new dataSource bean(you must also comment out the hssql datasource). When the app restarts it should automatically create the database for you. Application properties are found in the application.properties file in the WEB-INF directory. If you are using an embedded database you must create the directory where the data will reside. The default is the following specified in the applicationContext.xml file <value>jdbc:hsqldb:file:/hsqldb/BundleManagerDB/data </value>
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