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  • Simple and straight to the point - converts images fast, with recursive access to sub-directories

  • Excellant Software Does what it says in the Label. Converted thousands of jpgs to tiff without a problem. And small size of the program and no installations made me use this Excellant software. Thank you Developer keep going

  • Small and seamless!! :o

  • This was almost to easy to use. I downloaded the program, installed it, and converted probably a dozen folders of .WMFs to JPGs in a mater of about five minutes. I was so impressed that I created an account with SourceForge just to give this program Five Starts. JRTjr P.S. Please donate if you use this one; I did, because this one is worth it.

  • Works great for a few files then I get an "out of memory" error and it crashes.

  • THANK YOU SLADE73!!! This software is absolutely perfect, exactly what I was looking for, and is super duper easy to use! This amazing software is absolutely incredible, so THANK YOU SLADE73!!!!!

  • 72KB program and "BulkImageConverter.exe is not a valid win32 application" when ran. seems like a fake application to me

  • Program worked as described. Wonderful no frills interface needed no training to use or understand. I had the job I wanted done completed within 2 minutes. I would recommend this in it's current version to anyone Bulk Image Converter v2.0.1.0 by slade73 on Win 7 64

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  • This works great, exactly what I needed. I run a PC gaming website and game screenshots in Bitmap format are taking up hardcore amounts of space on the HDD. There are several thousands of Bitmap images, converting each file individually would take forever. With this Bulk Image Converter I can convert entire folders full with thousands of image files all at once! The only thing is in Windows 8.1 64bit, when I select let's say 7,000 Bitmap image files in a folder and get it to start converting to Jpeg, the Bulk Image Converter says "stopped responding", and in task manager it also shows it as not responding. BUT, it is running, no problem, you can see the HDD light flashing and high HDD activity - it is converting perfectly, just give it some time, don't stop the process. When it finishes, it will notify you that it has completed. SuperComTech Admin

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  • Windows 8 transcodes all wallpapers that aren't png or bmp to ~60 quality jpg for no logical reason whatsoever (someone needs fired!), and this solved my problem in one click.

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  • Thanks we just noticed our project had color space issues with JPG images and we need to convert all our images to PNG. Worked perfectly all problems gone, thanks! Btw => download, doubleclick, GO without any installation ... i like that :)

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  • Although it works like a breeze for most image formats, I couldn't make it work with multi-page TIFF files. Even worse, it only returned a cryptic message "Error. Parameter is not valid". It took me a while to understand what was the problem. It would be really great if it could handle multi-page TIFFS as well. Please, please, please implement it!!!!

  • Wow. Being *barely* technology literate, I am impressed by how easy this was to use and how fast it processed the changes! I will be making a payment for you. While I appreciate 'free', I also believe in paying for someone for their expertise. Excellent program!

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  • Thanks for this project. Even though it's only 71 KB (which is a plus btw in the era where programs less than 1 MB are rare), it sure pack a punch an does it's job in a straightforward manner. I need a converter that can traverse whole sub directories and this one does the job perfectly. Maybe in future versions it can be made so that we can set the compression ratio of the output, but for me, it's still 5 stars for what it is now.

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  • Easily convert image to PDF file format, you can use third-party software Kernel for Image to PDF Converter Tool. This software efficient to convert BMP, EMF, EXIF, GIF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, TIF/TIFF file format without any facing issue. Reference link :

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  • This tiny program was PERFECT! So easy to find the directory, select the files and choose the output. Crammed a day's worth of work into a few seconds. No spam or irritating ads either! Free to use, but I just had to make a donation to the genius programmer. A must have for me - will use this in the future for sure!

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  • Very good program. Saved me a lot of time converting PNG files for my Delphi apps

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  • Thanks, this little Tool is great. :) 5 Stars from me

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  • I'm Linux-based, but when I try running this on a VirtualBox'ed-XP, I get a " not a valid Win32 application" - kinda bizarre! It runs flawlessly on Wine 1.6, but when converting PNG screen-grabs from Ubuntu 10.04, all the images end up as low-res black & whites! Sob.

  • Bulkimageconver is great! Thanks.

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  • This converter is simple and fast. Great job!

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  • This converter worked real good and quick. I needed something to convert .bmp to .jpg files to upload to a database. My sister had scanned the images of my Dad's yearbook and everything needed converted, a large folder full. I searched Yahoo, found this link, downloaded, executed and converted that whole folder in minutes. Great little tool and has option to remove the original ( not recommended). Thank you, slade73 !

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  • Simple, fast, no work, keeps all sub folders intact!

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