A very basic, portable, tiny parser for XML, written in C under the zlib license. It is designed to be used in memory constrained environments (smartphones for example).

The end result will be a "DOM-like" collection of memory.

A lot of things were chopped away to deliver the very basic support for XML, and this project does not aim to become a fully compliant parser; keep it basic, stay basic.

Part of the design goal is to jam all of this in to one .C file and one .H file while giving other developers a somewhat convenient API.

Check the project website for more information about what btrxml is, does, won't do, example usage, and stuff like this.


  • Basic XML parsing
  • 6 API functions
  • Written in C
  • Portable (should compile on decently modern systems)
  • Utilizes DOM
  • Doesn't write XML
  • Doesn't use DTD, Schema, etc
  • Ideal for "just reading basic XML"
  • zlib license

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