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  • Unmaintained since 17 years. Parted 3.2 cannot detect partitions in MBR as this one identifies itself as a FAT16 boot sector. Please let this project rest in peace.

  • Old, somewhat obtuse UI, limited features.

  • Very helpful project. See the new version 3.7.2. Please search on google.

  • One of the easiest apps to use

  • Great project! Thanks for amazing work!

  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

  • This is a wonderful project. TNX!

  • The software's description is true to its word. Do not hesitate to download this useful tool.

  • Smart Boot is the most useful booting tool I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing.

  • Smart Boot Manager erased my existing boot sector and made my machine un-boot-able. Make sure you have recovery disks made and recovery console installed before you experiment with this one. I wish I did because it wiped out my XP partition without even letting me know it was going to change the boot sector. Best not to try this on any machine you can't sacrifice!

  • very useful project, very good that it's independent from OS!

  • Joao ERIBERTO Mota Filho wrote : "This works fine on old machines" ... AND new ones, such as my 3-core AMD64 with a mix of PATA and SATA disks with partitions ranging from VFAT, through NTFS, ReiserFS and Ext4.

  • Superb project, thanks a ton for giving out

  • Beneficial project, thanks for discussing

  • very good project

  • This is really an useful tool, thank you!

  • This works fine on old machines.

  • It ruined my partition table without warning me. After an innocent choice of the "Boot it" command, it asked me to confirm saving modifications, and that was it. The menu is obscure. It show unreversible operations, such as marking a partition active. It made a mess, but we can understand that software sometimes can't handle well a given device or a recent filesystem type. What I can't understand is that it does not warn you that it's just about to make a mess.

  • This deleted the NTFS table for my drive!!!!!!! Fortunately I had a Linux install disk, ran testdisk, and restored my partitions. BAD! Very BAD!