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Browserver v0.9.8 Project page: Admin E-mail: ... v0.9.8 - Release Notes - Added typed errors verifications - Limited browser history in 500 v0.9.7 - Release Notes - Added Erase all Data option v0.9.6 - Release Notes - Fixed save cookies bugs - Added sync cookies in prefs v0.9.5 - Release Notes - Fixed some bugs v0.9.4 - Release Notes - Fixed some bugs in connect - Added a tooltip that indicate which user is connected v0.9.3 - Release Notes - Fixed some bugs in create account v0.9.2 - Release Notes - Server only send items checked for sync v0.9.1 - Release Notes - Added Send Password functions v0.9 - Release Notes - Added a Change Account window - Added portuguese language - Added a Change Language window - Fixed select tabs window bugs - Added connect functions v0.8 - Release Notes - Fixed status bar label bug - Select tabs window working - Preferences windows divided in tabs - Added a Change Password window - Added alerts in errors v0.7 - Release Notes - Inserted Preferences windows function and options - Added a menu in status bar - Removed save and load status bar v0.6 - Release Notes - Fixed form history bug - Added save and load status bar - Tabs opened do not open again in load - Created a Preferences window v0.5 - Release Notes - Added bookmarks save v0.4 - Release Notes - Created an crypto.js file, for cryptography functions - Added password cryptography v0.3 - Release Notes - Changed menu settings, now it has a create account submenu - Changed files structure, now each xul file has a js file - Created an util.js file, for common functions v0.2 - Release Notes - Added automatic save enviroment over time - Added saved configurations in browser preferences - Added option to save login informations - Added form history save v0.1 - Release Notes - Added cookies save - Added tabs save - Added extensions save (but do not install them)
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