Control your Windows PC from a Java ME enabled cell phone. Both server (the PC part) and the client (on your phone) are lightweight and powerful. Currently supported: Powerpoint, iTunes, Winamp, Foobar, other media players and remote keyboard + mouse

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  • Good software with few limitations. I had to switch the BT-stack from Toshiba to Win7 but then it ran nice. XBMC was easy to use, but it was a pain to stand up every time i had to type something. Pro: - Nearly free configurable - Client has touch and key input Con: - Portable-package saves new profiles in %APPDATA% instead of ".\default profiles" - Server doesn't allow to use C-key (-1) and the letter "c" (99) in the same profile Wishes: - Client should be able to send text. For not-QWERTY-mobiles would it be better with a type-in-field, but support for large profiles would do it for QWERTY-mobiles. Tried with Windows 7 32-bit and SE P1i

  • Brmbt is perfect! Thanks.

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  • Thanks alot, this small piece of work really helps. kudos

  • Trying it on XP and is working great! Thanks!

  • To be honest I never got to use the product seeing that it will not connect and no one will help me with the problem on the forums...BUT I did get much farther in installing than I did with mobile witch and that is saying way more than I can portray in a paragraph. Yes, my exp has not be great, though the installing was just as clear as the instructions to install it, and I have to say that is the only reason why this was better than the last product that I had tried.

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