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  • It's not a CAD. It's CGS-geometry creator and ray tracer. It's most similar to Blender (or Maya on Window$) - tool for create foto-realistic image and movie.

  • Good job! Thanks

  • Straight forward SIMPLE user interface.

  • The BEST software out there.

  • not so good-looking, but does what it should nicely...

  • So useful when you have no administrative rights and when you use several computers !

  • a great software,love it,very useful

  • Easy to learn and use interface

  • always reliable.

  • Perfect job, thank you for showing

  • very complex, but very powerful CAD, which is hardly suitable for beginners

  • Of cource this app is difficult for newbies. But the results from it very impressive. Great!

  • Difficult, but useful program.

  • Useful project

  • Amazing,it's pretty good! Thanks.

  • I finally got some time to sit down and dig into the open source free CAD package BRL-CAD. and It's really Perfect! Thanks!

  • Wonderful job, thank you for telling

  • Perfect project, thanks a lot for writing

  • COMODO Internet Security detected 72 threats in this download

  • All freelance engineer, take my advice that this is the best application and the right place to go deep.

  • Powerful opensource alternative to commercial CAD

  • I've been using this package for almost a year for work purposes; it was required for the project. I'm a design engineer, and normally use CATIA for design purposes. BRL-CAD and CATIA are about as far apart on the cost spectrum as possible: free to most expensive package out there.... So maybe my perspective isn't fair, but at the same time and frustration are costly. With that out of the way, I'd say... I'd never recommend using BRL-CAD for design purposes. It is too difficult to make simple changes and understand your model. There is no simple way to add standard design features like fillets. I haven't tried to export to IGES or STEP (formats that you'd need to provide to a machine shop to make your part) but based on my experience trying to import those file formats, I wouldn't have confidence in the result. All in all, BRL-CAD is a neat project and I'm sure there is a use for it, but I would not recommend it for design purposes.

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  • There is a lack of good open CAD software. Great to see a parametric one!

  • very good project

  • It's a nice program and it has the capability to be one of the best CAD packages on linux. You can also learn very much about CAD and 3D by using this program. Like thinking with coordinates, coding & programing.. and so on.

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