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  • При восстановлении загрузки Win 10 и Deepin Boot Repair написал - ошибка раздел ESP заблокирован

  • Worked on my new Dell laptop with dual boot. Won't work om my Intel with two hard drives and dual boot. Can't access or boot my Widows drive?

  • Unbelievable. This software has saved me multiple times. I really thought I had erased my entire hard drive, yet this fixed it super-quick, amazing. Thank you for making this.

  • HELP! I have a Win 7 laptop and a separate Win 7 hard drive that I thought needed MBR repair. i was under a lot of major stress for other reasons so when I came across this tool. I didn't read the bold print let alone the fine print. I attached the separate Win 7 drive as an external drive to my Win 7 laptop. I then ran the tool and to my horror it had killed my Win 7 OS. I couldn't see anything in the program to "Undo" what I had done. And I don't know anything about Ubuntu to know what happened much less know if there's a way to fix this. I'm running the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on it but it's almost 50% completed and it's not finding anything on what was an almost full drive. Oh and did I say it was a McAfee encrypted drive? The McAfee tool would allow me to access the files if I PXE boot the laptop with the drive in it using a decrypting file the tool provides. But it's not even recognizing the drive with the Ubuntu changes. Any ideas on how to back this out?

  • After reinstallation of Ubuntu alongside win7 was not able to boot, boot-repair fixed the issue. Thank you!

  • nice

  • WOW...!! I would Never have thought that Parallel install Of Linux on a Windows Disk that screwd up the ntfs Boot Sectors so Bad the PC would only Boot to POST then Die..! Installed Slacko on USB.. Worked the Grub dual Booter until I got to a Recovery Screen.. Once into windows.. Installed Boot-Repair onto it.. Booted from in and ran it... With Fingers & Toes Crossed !! Now,.. Boots fine..! Lost Not ONE File. ! All my Family Photos of my kids are on that HD.. You are a Life Saver. !!! I am Recommending this Sweeeeet ISO to EVERYONE ..!! Thank-you again ! Keep these Awesome Programs Coming..!! ...

  • it breaks things

  • I couldn't find the download button anywhere but found the file, eventually

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  • So incredible that we have to fight to find a DOWNLOAD button ?

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  • Very good! Saved my day after lots of other tries. Thank you so much!

  • Click the "Home" button above in order to get presentation of the tool.

  • where can i find the link to download???????????

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  • Thank you yannabuntu! I upgraded the linux side of a windows7/fedora laptop and mangled the boot loader, I guess. Your disk repaired it! I really appreciated the page with the summary of boot-repairs findings. Excellent job.

  • You are a godsend! If you had a way to donate I would! Fixed my faulty Master Boot Record

  • Utterly useless. I installed ubuntu next to Win 8.1, then installed boot-repair, and ran it. After more than an hour of "Scanning systems (os-prober). ... " I gave up.

  • I had to use Boot-Repair on my Dell Latitude D610 installation of Linux Mint 13. The way it worked for me was to insert the Boot-Repair disc, reboot my laptop, allowed the program to run, a pop-up screen asked for my language which was defaulted at "English" and without pressing anything I allowed the timer to count down and a few moments later the Boot-Repair program loaded and from there I chose the "Recommended" option and next it asked for my WiFi password, finished repairing, so I ejected the disk and rebooted, chose my Linux Mint install and was at the Welcome screen shortly after that! Thanks Sourceforge!

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  • This saved me again. Many thanks.

  • I tried the software but I can just create the boot info report, it doesn't show the repair button or the advanced options, so I really can't repair my MBR. Why is that? BTW I also tried the Boot Repair Disk, with the same result: no repair button or advanced options.

  • I screwed up my grub while attempting to install Debian and this tool saved me the trouble of reinstalling everything. Thanks! :D

  • My boot CD report "Type Machine error" and reboot...

  • This is a great tool. I am a total Linux noob, decided to start using Ubuntu now that a couple of my old laptops and a desktop PC no longer get support for their Windows XP. When I installed Lubuntu on the first laptop with dual boot, I could not get GRUB to run, and the machine kept booting to XP only. After much trial and searching for answers on forums, I chanced upon Boot Repair, downloaded it, and tried it out. Bingo, on the very first run, Boot Repair figured out what was wrong and fixed it for me. Two clicks on my part was all it took. Now my laptop shows me both OSs, and allows me to pick which to boot into. Thank you very very much, gentlemen, again, this is an exceptional tool for all of us out here. :-)

  • Thank you very much!! I had been trying to fix boot problems for days before finding boot-repair on It worked beautifully the first time, fixed my dual boot issue. You guys- the developers, Source Forge, the open source community- are amazing. This is why I'm leaving Windows for Linux. The open source community gives so much. Thank you again, you're lifesavers.

  • Thanks for this, this saved me many times.

  • Wow! This got me out of the mess, after trying lots of other things. Very easy to use. And most important: it made my Linux machine booting again.

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