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  • برنامج جيد ساعدني في اصلاح الكثير من المشاكل

  • I accidentally stopped a system upgrade in a old laptop with no batteries. This just did the work perfectly. The system is fully restored. Thank you.

  • Saved my day, thanks.

  • Bless You! I wish I had known about this software years ago. What a lifesaver!

  • always save me from complete reinstallation ! Magical software. thank you

  • i couldn't boot to windows after i installed this program on a usb and booted to it it fixed all problems :D thank you

  • Awesome software. Thank you.

  • Solved my issue in minutes - Highly recommended. I needed to fix Ubuntu 14.04 with various disks installed.

  • Have a dual boot Mint 17.3 with Win10. Used Windows to shrink one of the partitions and create a new one. Big mistake to use Windows to create a partition. "No such partition Grub recover>" on boot. For some reason I could not create a bootable cd or usb flash from this boot repair iso. I've created a bootable Repair disk before, so I do not know what the problem was this time. So I mounted a live Ubuntu cd and installed boot repair with three commands found in askubuntu forums. Very easy. Once Boot Repair was running I knew all would be well. I have used this product many times and it has always worked for me. It is very handy when moving to new drives and Windows is involved.

  • I had dual-booted Lubuntu and Windows XP on a Dell Latitude 131L just for fun, and had deleted Lubuntu. This damaged my MBR, but did not have my XP install disks. So, I installed the bootable version of this using UNetBootIn (from a Mac, no less), ran it, and fixed the problem. Worked great.

  • Awesome. Thanks

  • This software really got me out of a pinch. Thank you to all members of this project. -MA

  • very usefull

  • Wer mehrere BS auf der Festplatte installiert hat, ein klares muss. Hat mir schon öfter bei Bootsektor Fehler zufriedenstellend geholfen. Klare Empfehlung.

  • boot-repair-disk saved my life (or at least one of my PCs) twice.

  • If English is your native language, please forgive me for my poor English! ;-) Excellent! Some time ago I lost my Linux partition on my dual boot Win/Mint and only Windows could boot: no grub, no way to boot Linux. BRD did the job! I restarted and I found my grub again! I hope developers keep on working at this project. About Non-PAE issue with the 32bit version I don't know anything. Just one question: is it useful only with dual boot? Can I use it on "Windows only" PC? I have several tools and command line solutions to restore MBR both on traditional and UEFI machines, but I'm wondering if I can use BRD on Windows, without having a dual boot. Thanks in advance!

  • Has worked every single one of the 5 times I've messed my pc up so badly that I wont boot whatsoever, I want to thank the creator of the boot repair tool for such a great job, this disk is a must have for any Linux user..

  • great

  • Very quick and easy to use, thank you so much!

  • My laptop is now healed! Thank you. (Problems with dual boot after win 7 to win 10 update)

  • Excellent tool !!! Save my life :-) , manage to repair even windows 7 boot partition Thanks.

  • Excellent program he helped me several times ...

  • My windows 7 boot partition was damaged by a screwed up grub installation. I tried the regular windows 7 repair process from my install cd but it was no good. I tried several other processes listed in various articles, but these also failed. Boot-repair-disk had me up and running in less than 5 minutes. I would give it 10 stars if I could.

  • Saved my laptop after an abortive installation of Ubuntu. It's a great tool.

  • Well done. It automated removing or repairing GRUB and building a fully functional MBR for Windows.

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