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User Reviews

  • What is the user/password? I try to use boot-repair-disk-32bit.iso from within VirtualBox. Boots up OK, then graphics is garbled (can be fixed by ctrl-alt-F1, then alt-F7; a VBox compatibility problem that they are to proud to fix). Then a login screen asks for user and password.

  • Worthless! Does it use MBR? Does nort even boot on my computer with UEFI.:-(

  • May work on some systems, but on my one it installed an old version of Grub2 and failed to boot on the first harddrive to Linux on the second harddrive. There's no help provided when the distro boots up. Very little or no explanation of settings. If the author can set a up a safer and easier to understand set of steps then I'd love to support this as restoring boot functionality on Linux is abysmal and should not have to require complex shell commands. Hope the author can improve this.

  • "This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU: pae Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for you CPU." Downloaded 32bit as don't have 64 bit cpu, Turns out I can't use this anyway due kernel.

  • Rated at minimum because the 32-bit ISO is not useable on older hardware as a kernel is used requesting a PAE-CPU. I know .... this is a kernel-problem, but nevertheless it's getting really problematic especially because very often Linux is the way to go on older hardware. Really a bad move in kernel-development and as a result Linux gets a status "to be avoided on older hardware" Really a pitty !!!

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