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  • Great tool, works fine for me.

  • This tool is quite convenient especially when you need to extract audio from CD or write it to CD (CD ripping, etc.). But if you need to just convert an audio from any format and any codec to standard everywhere-playable mp3/320kbps, then Mp4 Video 1 Click for Windows is more preferable (search at sourceforge or google it). The Mp4 Video 1 Click adds items into Windows context menu, so you can navigate your files with File Explorer and perform all the conversion with automatic loudness adjustment in one mouse click.

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  • Cool App for extracting CDs. The only weak point really being the layout of the fields to fill the track info.

  • Very good software, I recommend it.

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  • Worked perfectly the first time. I didn't even need to read the instructions. Ripped a new CD I just bought, automatically filled in the track information, and saved it in the right place. Much better than Windows Media player and on par with I-Tunes.

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  • Great software. I highly recommend it.

  • An audio converter that actually works and doesn't put watermarks on the output.

  • Nice product with a fatal flaw good: supports constant bit rates and latin characters (inverted question marks, ellipses) really bad: wipes out the following tags: subtitle, description, podcast description, lyrics, podcast category, podcast url and truncates year. support on the users main site could also use some improvement

  • very fast, thought my cd might shatter. i dont think its as good as CDex (which i am still looking for thru all of my old downloads) but its close.

  • Weirdly would not show up on Win10 start menu or in the 'cortana' search of the computer. Had to go to 'Program Files (x86)' and start the .exe file but so far so good. Doing exactly what it claims and with a good interface. Thanks people!

  • I use fre:ac on an almost daily basis, its my goto tool for audio ripping and conversion

  • Great conversion utility, clean UI, easy to use, functional and fast. Rating it 1 star because your CPU temp gets high!, come on!, upgrade your CPU/FAN first, no problems running it on my Athlon II X2 2.80 GHz, dual-core desktop. Reviews like this ruin the whole concept of user rating.

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  • Insanely fast conversion!

  • High quality free software, fast and reliable. Download the x64 builds for even faster conversion.

  • Very good application to retrieve music in CD format to other formats like mp3.

  • Used this excellent program to convert all of my ALAC ripped CD's to MP3 and found very easy to use. There were a few minor issues which the author is working on (like not been able to select multiple folders in one go) but in general it worked and did exactly what you ask it to do. It has a whole host of different encoders to suit most music player requirements and with the new multi encoder it'll convert them all faster (if you have multiple processors)!

  • My new audio converter

  • Fantastic application. It is everything I needed. 10 thumbs up!

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