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A Business Process Mangement (BPM) Suite and workflow engine

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Bonitasoft is a premier provider of Business Process Management Solutions (BPMS) that model, automate, and monitor business processes to streamline operations while lowering costs and improving quality. With cloud and connectivity issues, it’s no secret that organizations that seek alternatives to costly proprietary software love Bonita BPM’s ability to power both the needs of small, standalone development projects and project team environments like company-wide, information system reengineering. And Bonita BPM is the only open-source product that meets Gartner's definition of a BPMS!

Bonitasoft at a Glance

It was easy to install Bonita BPM, including Bonita Studio, which allows you to drag and drop elements and construct a process model. Plus Bonita BPM checks for errors and highlights them before you save your model. You define and add data types to IT system process, at both the process and activity levels, via connectors. Connectors help Bonita BPM integrate with your application infrastructure via LDAP, email, and Web service calls, they also support other open source and proprietary solutions. The interaction between process and their corresponding activities via connectors requires you to design your user’s experience around a series of Web forms. But don’t worry, if you get lost, there is a Getting Started Tutorial to help jumpstart your efforts!

Product Details

Here is a detailed breakdown of Bonita BPM’s three major features:

  • Bonita Studio—Bonita Studio lets you graphically map business processes to your information system segments to render applications accessible in Web form. Bonita Studio relies on Eclipse so you can start with processes that may have been designed with other standards and technologies, like XPDL and jBPM.
  • Bonita BPM Portal—User XP is the Bonita portal for managing and interacting with processes. The portal relies on GWT and allows end-users to manage all their tasks in a webmail-like interface. The portal also allows process owners to administer reports about process.
  • Bonita BPM Engine—The Bonita execution engine, which is available under LGPL, is a JAVA API that relies on Hibernate to interact programmatically with business processes.



Bonita BPM lets you easily install and setup processes in runtime to help you suss out if any further investment might be worth your while. Bonitasoft’s online forums are great for troubleshooting but as you develop custom integrations you might find yourself contacting sales.

Quick Specs

  • Version: 6.3
  • File size: 331 MB
  • Date added: June 5, 2014
  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac, Solaris, and Linux