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  • get the 2015 release, where it is fixed now: clone the repo in bash with: hg clone bitbucket org cwt/boa-constructor just run: python and debugging is all smooth and working like a charm. put dots and slashes in the hg link above, sf censors them

  • An excellent development tool that does what it says on the box. It is reminiscent of the old Delphi interface. It allows me to develop on Windows and to run on Linux (on a Raspberry Pi, to be specific).

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  • The project is not compatible with wxPython3.0 (some bugs on frames options easy to correct), and cannot install is python is installed for "all user". There's a workaround for this : copy the key from hkey_local_machine -> hkey_current_user. Somebody made a fork on bitbucket that launches. As a python newbie I may bewrong, but according to commercial IDE's prices and this IDE services, it deserves to be maintain.

  • I have used Boa Constructor for 3 years now. This is a great program for creating Python GUI's on windows. There are a lot of quirks with the program but I have found ways around them. I started a blog site called Python Tipper explaining how to use Boa Constructor. Hope it's helpful.

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  • I couldn't download it, tried many times and always a message of an error in dowload or file invalid or damaged, tried with different mirrors and still couldn't try it, i'll have to move on to SPE

  • Great software, thank you.

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  • A useful tool for my everyday projects. Keep up the good work.

  • great program boa-constructor, thanks.

  • This software is a must-have, thanks. Enjoy it while its free.

  • This tool is amazing. It does everything that Visual Studio does and it is Free, Open Source Licensed, and rock on. There are a few quirks to get used to as opposed to visual studio. But once you get used to it, holy crap is it good.

  • Excellent for wxPython apps

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  • Boa Constructor has been my Python/wxPython IDE of choice for 5 years now. It has a few quirks but does what I need in GUI's. I am writing my second eBook on Boa Constructor with more technical details. I'm also trying to share my knowledge of Boa by creating a series of Youtube videos on how to use Boa. Hope you're finding them useful.

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  • one of the best rad editors out there. It is a shame there are some plugins available to do more cool stuff

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  • Great for quickly building wxPython apps.

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