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  • I Really assume this app the perfect software I ever used! => consider having a look at this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • Overall awesome - however, ironically used to be more-powerful, can't even edit the source code in any form with the visual editor. Can't extend it, either - or you'd have to use the original one. Also, very difficult to find/ask questions specific to bluespice (no reddit page and only places like sourceforge), so questions are difficult to get answered. Also, Blue is several versions behind. Also, tables are buggy and often not intuitive -- if you set the top of tables sortable, it doesn't always "actually" do it. I've come across this several times, enough for it to be annoying. You also can't paste more than 1 row at a time from copied rows in a table. Tons of lacking features when it comes to tables. AWESOME instant skinning features and when the sorting DOES work, it's amazing.

  • This is a great software suite. In combination with Semantic MediaWiki it is invincible for many user groups and use cases.

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  • BlueSpice for MediaWiki is one of the most awesome pieces of software that was written for MediaWiki. We are running a public wiki, we are currently in the creation stages of our wiki and one of the biggest issues for our users who were using a base install of MediaWiki, is the syntax and directions pertaining to creating categories, and pages. Now with BlueSpice a new user of our wiki is able to be off and running in no time, creating pages with the visual editor and assigning categories, uploading images, summarizing images, and much more. What I cannot believe is this software is actually free to use! I would gladly pay money to purchase this software for our MediaWiki installation. One word of advice, use a caching system of some sorts, it's a must! The software is so jam packed with great features, it's big, and it needs caching for your site to run quickly and efficiently. This is not a fault of the software, just a fact of necessity to use it. That being said, you can also disable many of the great features in order to customize your use case. By disabling features that you do not need, also helps speed up the user experience at the front end. Pages load quickly and efficiently once you get it all dialed in. All thumbs up for BlueSpice! By the way, for business's and corporations, there is a paid version that you will find very appropriate for a business environment! I had to give BlueSpice support rating a 4 out of 5 stars only because they are not always available when needed. But, this is to be expected! They are after all a business, and they need to make a living, so the folks at BlueSpice must pay more attention to their bread and butter end of the business, they cannot spend all their valuable time answering questions submitted by the "Free" community, so just be a little patient, and they will get to your issue. Once you load up BlueSpice, you'll wonder why you did not do it before, and you'll see your MediaWiki site in a whole new light.

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  • Nice !!! I like this product !

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  • Cool Extension, but steps in Installation make totally no sense (renaming .template files), so I think it was the purpose to confuse. Don't like that, in the End this Extension is great, but yet has many bugs.

  • Can i able to track user??

  • Fast and simple.

  • Thanks for this useful extension. It helped me a lot.

  • A very useful extension. Do not hesitate to use this app.

  • Easy to install and use.

  • Nice application. Helps me big time on my business.

  • Fast and simple.

  • Extremely good extension for MediaWiki, easy to install. My users love it!

  • Nice software with great potential