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  • It's getting there but could use a few improvements. It doesn't work the same as the bitrate calculator in MeGUI, the Bits/pixel gives a different value and is shown as Bits/(pixel*frame) which isn't a normal way of putting it. That would be better off as Bits/pixel so it is the same as is usually shown and how it is in MeGUI. As it is, it's confusing rather than being usable. The Audio is another problem. Being able to specify the audio file size would be helpful, rather than the bitrate alone. I often want to check things and already have my audio encoded so I know the file size. The MeGUI calc can do this by selecting a file, although that slows it down unfortunately. Being able to enter the file size in MB would be faster and would be accurate enough. Although it appears that MB as used in this program is in fact MiB rather than decimal MB as used in Vista/Win 7. For XP it's fine but for newer operating systems it could cause problems. Having a drop down box with MiB, MB, KB, KiB etc might be helpful. Saving the default so that people don't need to keep selecting it. I currently use Aspect calculator but that doesn't support HD Video which is it's limitation. For HD video I use the MeGUI calc but MeGUI is slow to open due to dotNet and therefore I don't use it often if MeGUI isn't already running. Bitrate Calculator GPL could replace these if the two main things that I mentioned are implemented, the MB/MiB thing would be an additional improvement.

  • The old bitrate calculator standalone from megui is not available. Now, the same calculator but in open source GPL is available.