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  • i couldn't work without it.

  • BibDesk is by far the best reference manager there is today. No other one, and I know the crowd, some even very intimately, comes even close to BibDesk in terms of power (features) and ease of use. Also support and design principles are excellent. An open source project that shines. I am working with BibDesk since many years and therefore do refute some of the criticism mentioned here, since some, e.g. the alleged editing of several publications at once, do actually not apply and BibDesk offers excellent means to accomplish this. Finally, there is nothing you can't do using AppleScripts, if you are missing a very specific feature, thanks to the excellent design behind BibDesk.

  • Good, reliable tool that works well in my research workflow. BibDesk, Skim, Texpad for the desktop, and PocketBib, GoodReader, Texpad for iPad. Dropbox for storage.

  • It's rock solid, it's open source, and it writes most of its stuff into a human-readable, industry standard bibtex. That's almost all I could ask for.

  • BibDesk works wonderful.

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  • Good project!

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  • Bibdesk is excellent! Thanks.

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  • I've been using this reference software for a while. However, most crucial features such as hierarchical groups and edit of multiple entries at once are still not implemented. This made me look for alternatives.

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  • BibDesk is a graphical.

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  • bibdesk is fast and stable

  • Great App ,Excellent

  • bibdesk is fast and stable

  • Beautiful and very useful app!

  • very good project

  • A must for anyone doing serious scientific paper work on the Mac.

  • This app is awesome. The ability to parse a web page and discern embedded references is inspired. This creates a general portal to the web for reference extraction. The UI is clean. Very nicely done. For biomedical work this is an ideal reference manager. HubMed can generate bibtex format reference that this program just eats up. I sent in a $20 donation. You should, too!