BBSSH is a Blackberry Telnet and SSH client for legacy BlackBerry devices (OS 7.1 and earlier).

Please see the official website at for features and downloads.


  • SSH client designed for Blackberry OS
  • Utilizes native blackberry components to achieve full integration
  • Compatible with OS 4.6 and above

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User Reviews

  • BBSSH is great, but it's seemingly unmaintained and it is not even available for OS 6 and under anymore. The OTA links are dead, and the only ones I can install are the OS 7 betas, which do not work on my Bold 9000. Please fix this, thanks.

  • To openletter: please make sure you're getting the latest version from All of the issues you have raised are addressed in more recent versions. I am correcting the download link here to send people over to the current location.

  • Project appears abandoned by the developer. It worked well on my 9000 for both OS 4 and 5, but with my 9900 (OS 7) a number of things are broken, particularly the ability to use key login, which, for me, means it is completely broken as I do not use password login for my servers. Editing text files in nano has never been perfect with BBSSH, but on my OS 7 device it is nearly impossible as text ends up randomly spread across the screen, making it impossible to determine where the cursor is actually located. I miss not being able to SSH with my phone. Keep in mind, it wasn't even that great on the 9000. It still had issues knowing where the cursor was and often bash wouldn't recognize key inputs, like the delete key.

  • works great.

  • works perfectly.

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Information Technology, Advanced End Users

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Project is a remote control application

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