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  • Excellent Ballistics Library! Great Documentation!

  • I had an old link in my source code that brought me here. I actually used the code from this project in my Ballistica project here at Sourceforge. Unfortunately, I had it wrong at the time. Creating external ballistics on the fly was overkill. Now that I know that it's possible to use a program like yours to create tables first, I'm going to remove the ballistics calculations from my program and let it work of data sets and run the processes on environmental changes with interpolation against the data. This will probably run infinitely faster. Thanks for updating your great project with a GUI now.

  • On my system, the column heading "Wind Drift" is cut at both ends to "Vind Drif" in the Range Table. I edited the file RangeWindow.cpp to change "Wind Drift" to "Windage" in this (123) line: tbl->add("@b@cRange\t@b@cDrop\t@b@cDrop\t@b@cVelocity\t@b@cEnergy\t@b@cWindage \t@b@cWindage\t@b@cTime",0); There still appear to be a couple of pixels shaved off the "W" but it is more readable this way. The programme gives me accurate results. I would like to see it improved with resizable windows, fonts, etc. It is very usable as is but my eyes are old...

  • Good solid start for a ballistics program, but needs to "grow" more features. Have a look in Support->Patches for my patch which adds many useful features to version 1.07. Update: I gave it a bunch of features... Patches V3 is now in Tickets->Patches

  • The data this app generates matches published data from Sierra, Hornady, Remington, and Winchester. To the previous anonymous reviewer, please state the load and reference the tables or software it doesn't match up with. If there is a bug we'd like to get it worked out. The solving engine is very exact, although the UI is rough around the edges the data it generates has been spot on in every test thus far.