Changelog on version 5.2.5 Version 5.2.5 25Jan12 - Disable usage of JS_Warning waiting for a more complete implementation 24Jan12 - Removed old sd plugins which doesn't work anymore. 23Jan12 - Adapt sample-query.sql for Warning job status 20Jan12 - Fix location of Qt dlls for Win64 build 18Jan12 - Fix MediaView::getSelection Bugs fixed/closed since last release: 1824 (1814 1806 1818 non-bugs) Version 5.2.4 18Jan12 - Prepare for adding IPv6 to Windows in the future - Fix bug #1822 Schedule run line parsing fails if value is keyword - Revert to 5.0 size computation in accurate elements, may fix #1821 - Mark that a file was found in the accurate list in the ff_pkt with a variable 17Jan12 - Fix Windows build - Update po files - Definitive fix for MySQL MaxValue problem - Fix python module compilation 15Jan12 - Initialize delta_seq to -1 because 0 means that we have already a version - Back out bad MinValue patch 14Jan12 - Fix bug #1810 use single quotes instead of double quotes for MinValue and MaxValue in catalog 11Jan12 - Adapt bfileview for bvfs tables - Set job status to running when restore job really starts 10Jan12 - Remove ifdeffing that turned off JS_Warning status -- must have been missed test code - Add support for soname setting in libtool. 09Jan12 - Make error somewhat more understandable. - Fix bug #1815 - Fix systemd pid files. 08Jan12 - Fix const char compiler warning 07Jan12 - Limit migration/copy jobs to starting 100 at a time - Avoid conflict with PAGE_SIZE define 06Jan12 - Fix warning reported by clang - Send previous Job name during Incremental/Differential to the FD - Fix bug #1811 Filed fails to backup more then one xattr. - system.posix_acl_default is also an acl stored as xattr - Don't copy xattr and acl streams. - Fix bug #1807 - Recompile configure - Add configure for new redhat spec files - Backport Enterprise spec files - Remove unnecessary break and unused variable - Fix xattr/acl regression script. 05Jan12 - Fix bad memset() reported by clang 04Jan12 - Move ini.c to libbaccfg from libbac - Test new plugin function in bpipe and test plugin - Try to fix openssl problem with signal - Add BSOCK::set_killable() - Set directory attributes when using Replace=Never when Bacula creates them - Use RestoreObject type in Catalog - Add new features in plugin - Add helper for ini files - Implement run accurate=yes/no - Add .bvfs_clear_cache - Add Accurate and MaxRunSchedTime in Schedule resource - fix warning - Fix xattr/acl regression. 03Jan12 - Recompile configure - Fix bug #1802 configure code to detect LZO is broken - Fix bug #1806 failure to save second and more xattr. - Add second xattr to show bug 1806 02Jan12 - Enhance sellist to allow rescanning the list - Fix lib/sellist.c 01Jan12 - Remove double include of sellist.h - First cut selection list 31Dec11 - Fix seg fault in plugin event loop 18Dec11 - Implement slow regression for manual testing things like cancel/stop - Fix slow regress setups 16Dec11 - Fix #3210 about slow restore with bvfs Bugs fixed/closed since last release: 1802 1806 1807 1810 1811 1815 3210 Version 5.2.3 15Dec11 - Revert patch from Ben to not compress man pages on Solaris fix #1801 14Dec11 - Fix bug #3322 don't poll when operator is labeling tapes 13Dec11 - bvfs: Fix mysql REGEXP operator 12Dec11 - Fix Mysql 5.5.18 symbol lookup 08Dec11 - fix utf8/iso8859 problems 06Dec11 - Fix #3419, update stats problem 05Dec11 - Fix cats_test to use the new method names. - Update accurate code to use 1 byte instead of 3 - Fix segfault in accurate code 03Dec11 - Fix compilation warning on FreeBSD Bugs fixed/closed since last release: 1801 3322 3419 Version 5.2.2 23Nov11 - Implement -t option for Bat - Require correct Qt version to build bat - Get new lib/plugins.h - Pull files from Master - Add systemd files - Update po files - Fix script to set mode of cats scripts - Create systemd dir if not already exists - Add Systemd configure options 17Nov11 - Split messages line by line before sending it to syslog() fix #3325 16Nov11 - Fix bvfs_restore on MySQL - Fix #3308 where a SMTP problem can block the director 12Nov11 - Change locking scheme of the mountpoint cache. 11Nov11 - Enhance mountcache with rescan option after interval. 10Nov11 - Add %D option to edit_job_code, simplify callbacks on director side 09Nov11 - Move Zdeflate and Zinflate to seperate file. - Put libraries in the correct order for non shared libs. 07Nov11 - Remove last traces of @SQL_BINDIR@ and @DB_TYPE@ - Fix bug #1774 - Move batch insert detection into db.m4 06Nov11 - Free jcr in btape before other pointers 04Nov11 - bat: try to fix offset button problem when clicking too much on previous - bvfs: Use single transaction for each job during update 02Nov11 - Add missing bwild & bregex man8 pages - Fix compilation issue of wx-console #1778 31Oct11 - bvfs: fix filter for pattern= bvfs parameter - Improve speed of BVFS with SQLite, Thanks to J.Starek 30May11 - bvfs: add clear_cache function - bvfs: Handle windows drive when building path hierarchy Bug fixes 1774 1778 3308 3325 Version 5.2.1 30Oct11 - Don't define HAVE_POSTGRESQL twice - Don't use the -R (runtime link path) when not using libtool for the linking. 29Oct11 - Fix detection of batch insert enabler functions. 29Oct11 - Add script to list authors - Update AUTHORS - Add new updatedb files - Make PurgeMigrationJob directive name correspond to doc - Put Win exchange plugin debug code on level 100 - Remove old gnome console files - Update po files 28Oct11 - Fix bug #1771 BAT crashes. 27Oct11 - Fix regression on Solaris. 25Oct11 - Prohibit multiple Jobs from writing state file at same time - Apply autochanger temp file security fix to examples files - Update date 23Oct11 - Fix to Windows socket error detection -- should fix bug #1770 20Oct11 - Fix regression in keyword of migrate pool patch 19Oct11 - Try to eliminate multiple blank lines output in bat - Remove Version browser from bat (broken) -- use brestore panel instead 16Oct11 - Update Specs and ReleaseNotes - Update po files - Eliminate complier warning - Pull files from master - Fix small things in Windows depkgs build scripts - Update autoconf conf file for Win32 - Fix Win32 build after new debug patch in smartall.c - Ensure log files in first backup are restored 11Oct11 - allow to use ./sign alone - Modify ./release/sign to be able to use an other gpgkey (idea from Bruno) - Send level command before fileset as sugested by Bastian. Fix #1768 - Enhance smartalloc abort 10Oct11 - First attempt to fix vtape-autoselect-test bug - Add more info to tape error msgs 26Sep11 - Fix lurking bug in match when db_driver is not set (everything but DBI). 23Sep11 - Fix bug #1764 plugin_list shadows global variable of mysql 5.5 19Sep11 - Update auth troubleshooting URL to use MANUAL_AUTH_URL macro - Define MANUAL_AUTH_URL in baconfig.h 17Sep11 - Fix #1762 about bat version browser performance problem 16Sep11 - On restore we don't have a full FF_PKT so we lstat the file. - Add XATTR and ACL flags for backup and restore. - Lower some messages from level M_ERROR to M_WARNING in acl/xatttr. 07Sep11 - Fix spooldata and ignoreduplicates run command options to use JCR instead of the Job resource. 30Aug11 - Fix #1761 about create_postgresql_database 22Aug11 - Apply htmldir fix provided by Philipp 20Aug11 - Fix possible buffer overrun in exchange plugin 17Aug11 - Add help for "use" command as suggested by Thomas Mueller - Fix error message with bad dot commands 16Aug11 - Drop unused sqlite_dump function from - Adapt for backend 09Aug11 - Fix backtrace detection in configure 06Aug11 - Make bat run dialog present only allowed levels 05Aug11 - Fix bat seg fault in FileSet view Bug fixes 1389 1444 1448 1466 1467 1468 1476 1481 1486 1488 1493 1494 1497 1499 1501 1502 1504 1509 1511 1513 1516 1524 1526 1527 1532 1536 1538 1541 1542 1549 1551 1553 1554 1558 1559 1560 1564 1567 1568 1569 1571 1574 1577 1581 1582 1584 1587 1594 1595 1600 1601 1602 1603 1604 1606 1608 1610 1612 1623 1624 1633 1643 1648 1655 1661 1664 1666 1669 1672 1675 1684 1685 1695 1696 1699 1700 1703 1735 1741 1749 1751 1761 1762 1764 1768 1770 1771 2710 Version 5.2.0rc1 08Jul11 - Fix libtool definition and make the helper script executable. - Use a helper script to link the correct database backend. - Sync libtool to 2.4 version. - Fix #1741 about possible problems with fnmatch 07Jul11 - Add missing stream in bscan, fix #1749 - Change intmax_t to int64_t to fix #1664 - Fix compilation with gcc 4.6.1 06Jul11 - Add mutex priority check for changer mutex - Fix deadlock with autochanger - Fix #1602 about Uninstall /S that should not prompt for user interaction 05Jul11 - Change JobFiles display from %f to %F in RunScript because %f was already affected to Fileset name 28Jun11 - Update for LZO flags - Fix brestore compilation from previous patch 21Jun11 - Solaris make doesn't like comments in make rules. - Fix OSX acl regression test. - Storing the result in a local variable from sql_num_fields saves us a lot of callbacks. 15Jun11 - Add extra check for pInfo size when loading plugin 14Jun11 - Fix [bs #2710] about Storage combo that is too small - Make bad Storage check in is_on_same_storage non-fatal 04Jun11 - Alter the manpages install target to handle optional compression - Add barcodes help to label command - Remove class member shadowing. - Eliminate some old bnet code 03Jun11 - Fix small memory leak when job get canceled. 01Jun11 - Fix small memory leak in dbcheck not calling free_pool_memory for name variable. - Remove global variable shadowing by local variable. 31May11 - Fix the lockmgr test tool - Fix dbcheck to use the new runtime checks for mysql and not compile time. - Restore db_type printing to dbcheck -B 30May11 - Fix unitialized DeltaSeq during Verify jobs - Make delta_seq same size as in other places - Remove broken code 18May11 - Add LZO compression support in bacula-fd. - Add COMPRESS_MANPAGES substituted variable to autoconf 17May11 - Allow va_arg in Dmsg/Jmsg director plugin functions 16May11 - Add db_strtime_handler to get DATE fields from database - Drop AFS detection. - AC_CHECK_DECL doesn't seem to work so lets do it somewhat differently. 13May11 - First attempt at fixing bug #1735 where acls on OSX doesn't seem to reach the backup. 10May11 - Drop old unused protypes from before backend refactoring. 04May11 - Don't force job duplicate checking on copy and migration jobs. - Simplify the code path in migration and copy jobs - Allow duplicate job check override from run cmdline for migrate and copy jobs. - Initialize spool_data_set as boolean. - Add stat packet size to encode/decode_ routines to detect compile differences 29Apr11 - Drop unused variable. - Make the solaris init scripts user/group aware 30Apr11 - Correct fix for bat brestore crash - Kludge fix to bat brestore crash 29Apr11 - bat: Call parent constructor in all pages - Add debug to bat label seg fault bug 21Apr11 - Use user arguments when upgrading catalog - Change all sm_checks into Dsm_check for performance reasons - Free database results on class destruction (e.g. when reference count == 0) 20Apr11 - Allow custom variables and checks from debian/ubuntu startup scripts 19Apr11 - Fix couple of g++ warnings 15Apr11 - Ensure the directories for solaris init scripts are created - Honour DESTDIR in Solaris install-autostart targets - Collapse Solaris install-autostart targets 13Apr11 - Update AC_INIT use to make configure handle docdir properly 19Apr11 - Some more use DeltaSeq instead of MarkId 16Apr11 - Update Catalog version and use DeltaSeq instead of MarkId - Fix Sqlite driver seg fault 13Apr11 - Fix #1612 about checksum for hardlinks 02Apr11 - Some more code sniplets of no need to call thr_setconcurrency anymore. - For Solaris 9 and higher there is no need to call thr_setconcurrency anymore. - Execute the Index creation for mysql in bvfs.c - Use B_ISSPACE in scan.c and reformat comments a bit. 06Apr11 - Fix nanosleep for Windows - Use %s when displaying bandwidth limits in FD status 03Apr11 - Fix reference to uninitialized stack variable - Remove FATAL error for ignored events in old Exchange plugin 02Apr11 - Fix uninitialized stack variable in bextract - Remove temp index on start and term of dbcheck 28Mar11 - Fix brestore that should have miscDebug enabled to start a restore job 10Mar11 - Fix kb/s to kB/s in FD output - bacula-web: Sync with Davide repos 07Mar11 - Fix for duplicate jobmedia records bug #1666 - Fix bug #1703 unable to bextract compressed files 06Mar11 - Fix some esc_obj handling in DBI and wrong free in postgresql.c 05Mar11 - Get full Windows Version display string - Fix seg fault in PostgreSQL driver code - Remove _ in restore_job - Attempt to disactivate old exchange-fd.dll if no plugin= line in FileSet 03Mar11 - Add tray monitor to windows installer - Fix QT tray monitor compilation on windows 02Mar11 - Fix tray-monitor qmake project file 01Mar11 - Add extra Bacula plugin variables 26Feb11 - Fix Windows build entrypoints 25Feb11 - Add new maxuseduration-test - Fix bug #1389 MaxUseDuration uses job start instead of first write time - Better fix for bug #1603 restart of Virtual Full 22Feb11 - Use system malloc in strack_trace() instead of smartalloc 24Feb11 - Fix bug #1603 restart of Virtual Full becomes a Full - Use jcr->is_xxx instead of direct tests - Fix bug #1608 btape test failure when block size too big - Fix week of year schduling bug #1699 - Comment out unused variables in tray-monitor - Fix uninitialized variable in bat - Fix lock race conditions in bug #1675 - Add missing code for rename incomplete to rerunning - Rename incomplete to rerunning for clarity 23Feb11 - Fix bug #1700 no timestamp with -dt on Windows - Use jcr->setJobStatus() in favor of set_jcr_job_status(jcr...) - replace set_Jobxxx by setJobxxx 21Feb11 - Add more debug to restart regress scripts - Add stack_trace() function to print current thread backtrace - Add HAVE_BACKTRACE in 16Feb11 - Add %h option in runscript to get client address 21Feb11 - Rework Incomplete job intereaction with Base and Accurate - Fix seg fault during cancel in SD 19Feb11 - Discard old messages in beginning of maxtime-test 18Feb11 - Fix #1696 about an error when displaying "Base" level keyword. 14Feb11 - Fix #1695 about bacula-sd crash in detach_dcr_from_dev() 08Feb11 - Rename ua->err to ua->errmsg 07Feb11 - B_DB is a class now not a struct lets fix the include files. - Check some user inputs in purge and restore commands - Check if resource name is valid in acl_access_ok() - Avoid extra strlen() in is_name_valid() - Add negative numbers to bsscanf - Apply get_basename to printed filenames to reduce unnecessarily long paths 06Feb11 - Add MAKEOPT to conf for regression - Fix double query in db_list_basefiles() - Fix chgrp on bacula-x.conf - Allow using sql_fetch_field() in db_sql_query() callback for SQLite 05Feb11 - Use old list_result() in db_list_xxx for good formating 04Feb11 - Increase Windows backup/restore privileges possible fix to Virtual Disk ticket 05Feb11 - Use db_escape_string() in all db_xxx functions - Pull src/lib/ from master 03Feb11 - Add configure magic for detecting getpagesize - Implement mntent_cache on top of the new htable code using a small htable big buffer of 128 Kb to start with. - Added support to htable for giving a hint on the number of pages to allocate for the buffer used for hash_mallocs so we can have htables without the previous default of 10 Mb. 05Feb11 - Implement chgrp on bacula-x.conf if user configs a Dir/SD/FD group - Rebuild configure - Remove old scripts no longer used - Add patch from bug #1574 for Scientific Linux spec - Apply patches from bug #1672 to clean up configuration - Check if volume name is valid in select_media_dbr() - Small change to exporting functions not found in include files on some platforms. Wrap it as one extern "C" block just like its done on most platforms in the proper include files. - Fixed some compile errors in IRIX and TRU64 xattr code which is kind of hard to test without a proper platform. Compiled it now using some tricks on an other platform defining it is the given platform and fix the compile errors that way using a fake header file. 04Feb11 - Improve bat stability by checking if page valid - Fix segfault with print_memory_pool_stats() - Drop last SQL_INC leftovers. Due to backend abstraction there is no need to include backend specific include files anywhere then in the backend driver which use now per backend specific include directives. SQL_INC is not set by configure anymore and should not be used anymore. 03Feb11 - Remove reference to @SQL_INC@ in tools - Pull in lib.h from master so new htable code compiles - Use C99 __VA_ARGS__ instead of GCC extention ##__VA_ARGS__ - Adapt bvfs for SQLite3 - Adapt htable code to 64 bit keys - Rename to db_list_ctx.add() - Fix bvfs for mysql 01Feb11 - Add simple way to add string elements to db_list_ctx 03Feb11 - Add code to trim heap after big mallocs 01Feb11 - Close cursor in big sql query 30Jan11 - Fix bad character in cats/sql_cmds.c 31Jan11 - Removed old queries from sql_cmds.[ch] which are no longer referenced and thus polluting the namespace for no obvious reason. - Fix possible core-dump as seen in regression testing 28Jan11 - Ensure that we always close the transaction in db_big_sql_query() - Implement db_big_sql_query() that uses cursor on PostgreSQL and limit memory usage in db_list_xxx - Detect mount/junction points and ignore junctions in Windows 25Jan11 - Added set_db_type function to set global debug symbol removed when doing class based catalog backends. Coding is a bit different as we need get_db_type which needs a bdb class so we have to set it as part of the loop over all catalogs. This way we may set the global variable a couple of times but the code frees the global variable if needed so other then being somewhat overkill no harm is done. - Drop removed catalog function prototype. - Fix logic inversion. - Add more ingres code - Adapt bbatch and cats_test tool to new cats 18Jan11 - Backport changes for Windows compiling - Backport one more patch into master from class based catalog backend code. - Backport of class based catalog backends into Branch-5.1. 25Jan11 - Fix #1684 Use --with-db-password option in grant_bacula_privileges scripts 23Jan11 - Free unused pool memory after restore - Add pool memory debug output 13Jan11 - Fix build of Windows bat -- Qt depends on libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll 23Jan11 - Change accurate CurFile allocation size 19Jan11 - Add more tests on cats_test - Add cats_test unit tests 15Jan11 - Fix #1685 about JobBytes counter when using Accurate/BaseJobs with checksum 12Jan11 - Ignore replace=xx for directories. Corrects (not total solution) ticket 2317 and bug #1444 - Add restore replace=never test ticket 2317 - Add replace=xxx on restore command line 10Jan11 - Add restore_job= option to restore command 06Jan11 - Add windows tray monitor to bat make-win32 script - Adapt traymonitor qmake project file for win32 - Add cross-win32 target to qmake template - Add new QT traymonitor - Add qt traymonitor files to - Add transparent icon with tape 05Jan11 - Fix #1661 about verify differences with VERIFY_VOLUME_TO_CATALOG 02Jan11 - Remove tray-monitor from Win32 build - Fix some double Win32 #ifdefs - Fix missing HAVE_LITTLE_ENDIAN for Win32 build 30Dec10 - Add helpers to add drives in VSS snapshot from plugins - Make new crc32.c work on FreeBSD - Fixes some problems in 29Dec10 - Handle all FD version in check_bacula - Fix compilation warning in check_bacula 21Dec10 - Make new bat progress view compatible with previous FD - Keep the same keywords as in previous version 20Dec10 - Modify Job view to follow backup progress in real-time - Update ".status client running" output for new Bat screen 25Dec10 - Ensure that Job duration is not negative - Add Slot to Media View table 20Dec10 - Fix compiler warning. 19Dec10 - Set proper status of autochanger slots with 0 on startup -- no volume rather than unknown 14Dec10 - Add indentation in lsmark command output 17Dec10 - Change SELECT count(*) to SELECT 1 .. LIMIT 1 to speed up PostgreSQL and Innodb in is_volume_purged() 01Dec10 - Fix #define when using --disable-smartalloc 17Dec10 - Track unbalanced start/end plugin stream 12Dec10 - Try to bug where we stop reading before the plugin end is returned - Fix end plugin stream index 16Dec10 - Add missing switch values although the code works this is cleaner. Give better error when trying to restore a particular type of acl on a filesystem without support for those types of acls. 15Dec10 - Added support for NFSv4 ACLs added to FreeBSD 8.1. Some small updates to some comments of other ACL implementations. - Added additional extended attributes used under FreeBSD for the storage of ACLs. 14Dec10 - Allow closing of all tabs + close tab clicked 13Dec10 - Add short-incremental regression test 12Dec10 - Print plugin end records in bls - Center bat run window on screen 03Dec10 - Fix #1669 making director's address required in traymonitor.conf 27Nov10 - Update bat console display only if new text comes in - xPut debug code on test + fix focus on Volume in label dialog box 12Nov10 - Improved error message when drive busy - Ensure that bat.conf is updated when bconsole.conf is 09Nov10 - Make Win32 service name include the word Backup 25Nov10 - Add PurgeMigrateJob Job resource option to purge job on successful migration 24Nov10 - Move accurate test in BackupCommand for delta and delta-test plugins 25Nov10 - Add delta_seq available for plugin restore 24Nov10 - Prepare for adding high bits to Stream - Use new FO_xxx bits in backup/restore and plugins - Define new stream bits - Separate definitions of streams, filetypes, and fileoptions to separate files - Rename bEventVssSnapshotLetters to bEventPrepareSnapshot - rename plugin->len to plugin->file_len 23Nov10 - Handle all kind of plugins when computing plugin name length - Allow plugins to add drives to vss snapshot - Ensure that two plugins starting with the same name won't share events - Don't define DLL_IMP_EXP twice in fd_common.h 22Nov10 - Add execute bit to systemstate test 21Nov10 - Update delta plugin to raise error if we get delta back melted - Insert Delta in bootstrap by JobTDate - Modify MySQL accurate query with Delta - Add missing MarkId in mysql accurate query - Add delta option to db_get_file_list() 20Nov10 - Support restore with Delta in Director - Add delta_seq to restore tree code - Add db_get_file_list_with_delta() for restore - Fix delta-test-fd - Ensure that sparse stream is set when delta enabled - Make non accurate fatal for delta-test plugin - Update bfile.offset when with plugin offset - Update delta plugin - Add delta-test plugin - Pass Delta Sequence to save_pkt and restore_pkt - Clear delta sequence when not using in plugin - Remove spaces, try to stop FD faster on cancel - Implement incrementation of delta_seq (I think) - First cut Delta code in FD 19Nov10 - Don't compute accurate list with MD5 if not used - Use JobTDate instead of StartTime, and sort by JobTDate instead of JobId 05Nov10 - Avoid warning for win64 19Nov10 - Fix tray-monitor compilation 04Nov10 - Fix check_nagios compilation 18Nov10 - Add delta sequence to batch mode, accurate query and file daemon ff_pkt 17Nov10 - Start adding DeltaSeq 15Nov10 - bvfs: support basejobs and migration for PostgreSQL - bvfs: support for bweb user acl 13Nov10 - Fix win32 build - More porting from Branch-4.0 06Nov10 - Add check_changes to bacula def 27Oct10 - Add -l and -a options to drivetype tool 19Jul10 - Add debug info to smartall.c for buffer overrun 30Aug10 - Make RestoreObject compatible with older FDs 15Jul10 - Make VSS snapshot failures fatal 12Jul10 - Add bEventVssBeforeCloseRestore per James 24Jul10 - Call plugin bEventEndxxxJob even if Job canceled 06Nov10 - Fix Windows build to know about exepath 07Nov10 - Allow some plugin variables to be available during loadPlugin() 06Nov10 - Add bVarExePath to let plugins know about exepath 02Nov10 - Fix compilation warning about void* to int cast 24Oct10 - Remove extra EndTime displayed on the first line of the Job status report 12Nov10 - Prevent timer recursion in bat 07Nov10 - Implement close button in bat tabs 24Oct10 - Set daemon name and host name to zero 05Nov10 - Permit to get Where/RegexWhere from Plugin and give access to Accurate data - Allow Plugin command without argument - Fix compilation problem on win64 03Nov10 - Stop restore if job is canceled - Make sure JobErrors is always nonzero on fatal error 02Nov10 - Fix bug #1655 Quitting bconsole with ctrl+d doesn't save history 31Oct10 - Fix bad handling of c: during restore in bat - Ignore unknown dot commands in restore tree code 20Oct10 - Fix ubuntu/debian startup scripts 13Oct10 - Fix bug #1643 about orphan records with delete volume= command 07Oct10 - bvfs: fix mysql query, restore seems to be ok - bvfs: Restore should be ok with MySQL 06Oct10 - Use start-stop-daemon handler to run daemons as bacula:bacula 26Sep10 - Reverted the change of TRU64 to OSF1 for the OS detection rules. Although Compaq/HP renamed OSF1 to TRU64 lets leave it for now. - Fix new IRIX xattr code. Be a bit smarter when freeing data and do it in the exception handler (e.g. after the goto label) - Fix some trivial errors and implemented the restore of IRIX xattrs. - Added first try at supporting IRIX extended attributes. 25Sep10 - Added configure logic for detecting the TRU64 extended attributes interface. Also made the acl and xattr configure logic use the HAVE_XXX_OS_TRUE variable which is set by BA_CHECK_OPSYS macro so we only check for a certain interface that we know only exist on a certain platform when we are running on that platform. This should make the configure output much cleaner. 24Sep10 - Added support for TRU64 Extended Attributes interface. 06Oct10 - Remove SQL lib dependency from btape 05Oct10 - Fix bad copyright in new src/lib/crc32.c 04Oct10 - bat: Add pattern filter and make restore to start from brestore - Adapt bvfs for BaseJobs (path is ok) 03Oct10 - bat: more work on brestore panel - Add .bvfs_restore command - Add .bvfs_get_path to traduce a pathid into a path 02Oct10 - bat: Add new form to run a restore - bat: Add restore job list in console - bat: Add restore option box for brestore - bat: Add runrestore.ui to bat project file - bat: Use current set of jobids for directories - bat: fix drag&drop for new brestore screen 01Oct10 - bat: Try to implement drag&drop for file selection - bat: Add checkbox to allow automatic fileset merging - Add "all" option to .bvfs_get_jobids dot command. - bat: get a simple working brestore file browser using bvfs API - bat: Implement a Date and FileType helper in ItemFormatter - Implement .bvfs_versions command to display all file versions for a client - Update BVFS file versions browser - Add .bvfs_get_jobids to return jobids needed by a job to restore 30Sep10 - bat: Use BVFS on bRestore view 05Oct10 - Fix #1648 about with multiple catalog 01Oct10 - Rebuild configure - Fix batch insert detection for MySQL and no .a libraries 30Sep10 - Fix pt_out() that can loose a message if the trace file can't be opened. 23Sep10 - Add missing new stream definitions. - Added xattr interface found in AIX 6.x and higher which mimics the Linux/OSF interface but has just a bit different named functions and the error codes are somewhat different so its not a perfect match to extend the generic interface (which is named generic now instead of the linux interface as it used by Linux and OSX). - Added configure support for the AIX extended attributes interface. - Added extra check for Solaris xattr support so we don't get false positives on other os-es (AIX) etc. 22Sep10 - First compiling version of AIX 5.3 and later acl code using the new aclx_get and aclx_put interface. - AIX also supports setmntent/getmntent so use that instead of much more complicated other interface which is left for AIX systems that might not support the setmntent/getmntent interface. 17Sep10 - Handle the old stream using the old system call just to be safe for now. 16Sep10 - First steps for adding new interface for acls added to AIX 5.3 and later. Added 2 new streams and basic code to handle these streams. Next step is the actual implementation. - Rewrote ACL configure logic to be somewhat better readable in the same style as the new xattr configure logic. 22Sep10 - Add debug to next_vol.c + shorten retention for recycle-test - Fix seg fault introduced during restore cut and paste 21Sep10 - Fix bat browser to ignore copy jobs. Fix bug #1604 - Create dummy to create test data - patch 96793e fixes bug #1584 20Sep10 - Fix bconsole bug with new BNET signals - Add skeleton of new bat run dialogs 18Sep10 - Fix getmntinfo handling on FreeBSD as it seems its the same as OSX (no real surprise). 10Sep10 - Add TODO on AIX acl code - Detect acl_get() on AIX to enable ACL code 08Sep10 - Tweack project file to mark Item 7 done 30Aug10 - Fix the insert_autokey_record functions to be 64bit compliant. This fixes a long standing bug in the postgresql code where the id was converted using atoi which is now changed into a str_to_int64. 17Aug10 - When moving zlib into its seperate ZLIBS variable forgot to update the stored which still uses FDLIBS. But as FDLIBS now only contains libraries explicitly needed for building the filed this doesn't work. This should fix that. This is mostly a problem on Solaris like operating system as the linker doesn't load all dependency libs and gives unresolved symbols. 20Sep10 - Fix bug #1623 about indexes that are already created or deleted in postgresql upgrade process. - First cut of bat rerun a Job from Jobs Run - Allow sorting of more bat media columns - Suppress superfluous warning messages if SD polling 19Sep10 - Add comm error output when cram-md5 fails with comm error 18Sep10 - Quote device name in SD and implement releasing message - Massive bat notifier rewrite + fix seg fault + implement text input dialog 15Sep10 - Fix postgresql version detection in database creation script 13Sep10 - Make Ubuntu autostart scripts LSB compliant 12Sep10 - Fix restore browser to permit checking first item and to start in focus - Fix another bat seg fault - Fix bat seg fault 11Sep10 - Backport 5.0.3 rpm changes. 04Sep10 - Display job information on jobid in Verify screen - Allow to verify any job specified in argument 03Sep10 - Send back updated jobs status from FD - Allow plugin to skip restore if problem - Attempt to eliminate waiting on Storage message during restore - Add quotes around resource name in status output - Change FD protocol version to avoid error message when sending RestoreObjects 22Aug10 - Allow limit= for all list sub commands 12Aug10 - Make third argument of DEVICE::d_ioctl optionnal to emulate varg - Use SMARTALLOC+memset instead of overload new/delete that doesn't work in bat 02Sep10 - Fix bug #1601 where prune client pool=xx apply pool retention for all volumes. 31Aug10 - Add level option to estimate help command - Fix #1633 Windows service is not removed if still running 30Aug10 - Fix #1624 about segfault in dvd driver when calling rewind(NULL) 29Aug10 - Rebuild configure - Add scripts/reload 12Aug10 - Fix batch insert detection on SLES 11 - Add crc32sum in makefile 11Aug10 - Add ENDIAN detection in config.h/ - Use HAVE_LITTLE_ENDIAN in crc32 code 08Aug10 - crc32 optimization - Add crc32 test program 10Aug10 - Update spec files - Modify DEVICE class to use subclass for each driver implementation. - Add USE_FTP in version.h - Add new/delete operators with memset(0) on smartalloc 08Aug10 - Fix bug #1504 -- Error when creating tables in MySQL 5.5 03Aug10 - Remove patches directory 02Aug10 - Fix prune sql handler - Allow sorting of MeditView table columns 01Aug10 - Make Win32 no filesystem change more explicit 31Jul10 - Revert to old block.c to fix recycling 29Jul10 - Remove some old files 28Jul10 - Fix #1606 about OpenSSLv1 detection using non-standard location 27Jul10 - Update the license template files 26Jul10 - Fix postgresql catalog creation when version is not on the first line 25Jul10 - More changes from GPLv2 to AGPLv3 - Fix some missed copyright changes - Switch from GPLv2 to AGPLv3 21Jul10 - Implement %f %b to get JobFiles, JobBytes in a RunScript - Fix bug #1610 handle empty xattr values on Linux and xBSD. - Really free free pool memory before sm_dump - Garbage collect memory pool at end of job and before sm_dump - Ignore STREAM_RESTORE_OBJECTS returned by SD to FD 19Jul10 - Add xattr seg fault protection suggested by Marco for bug #1610 17Jul10 - Add archlinux to os.m4 14Jul10 - More fixes for 32/64 bit problems in smartall - Fix 32/64 bit problem in smartalloc dump routine 11Jul10 - Fix .dump, .die, .exit when DEVELOPER turned off 10Jul10 - Make SD automatically fix the Volume size in the Catalog when out of sync - Add bigger print buffer for sm_dump - Add .dump and .exit commands for daemons 09Jul10 - Use Pmsg in smartall.c rather than printf for tracing Windows 07Jul10 - Up maximum block size to 20M - Fix for TLS bugs #1568 and #1599 02Jul10 - Improve comm line error handling for TLS, may fix bug #1568 and #1599 04Jul10 - Add new tls-duplicate-job test 02Jul10 - Fix SD crash due to mismatched lock/unlock in error condition 29Jun10 - add comments - Fix #1600 about problems with Accurate code on MySQL 26Jun10 - Fix bug #1587 if you have clients with different catalogs configured, both catalogs contains all clients after a reload or restart of the dir - Fix bug #1577 During migration: ERROR in block.c:950 Failed ASSERT: dev->is_open() by moving and commenting out the ASSERT() 24Jun10 - Fix new killsafe code - Add USE_LOCKMGR_SAFEKILL in version.h - Add wrapper for pthread_kill() to check if thread exists before using kill 23Jun10 - Skip HB kill in FD if HB thread terminated 21Jun10 - update windows defs 20Jun10 - Fix crash from unequal volume_lock/unlock calls - Fix pruning for migration jobs and do some optimization - Print TestName at beginning of dump 19Jun10 - Remove prototypes of removed prune queries. 18Jun10 - Adapt new prune code with old db_accurate_get_jobids() 17Jun10 - update prune code - Fix db_get_base_jobid() 16Jun10 - Make new prune algo to work with backup 19Jun10 - Save any dumps during regression to dumps directory - Update LICENSE - Fix crash from rw_lock/unlock miss match 18Jun10 - Attempt to fix duplicate job kill seg fault - Replace pthread_kill by my_thread_send_signal() in jcr.c - Fix postgresql error in grant script - fix #1595 about batch mode detection problem for postgresql with non standard install dir - Add TestName to gdb traceback - Fix accurate code 17Jun10 - Remove bdb from configure 16Jun10 - make new update tables executable - Improve the "update stats" sql command - Improve performance for MySQL with update stats command - Fix Makefile and build problems 14Jun10 - Fix #1594 about prune copy jobs - Fix restore object compression flag -- James 11Jun10 - Add new upgrade script from DB vers 12 to 13 - Add BDB_VERSION for scripts + prepare update 11 to 12 + automate BDB_VERSION checking 09Jun10 - Add first cut Volume names to disk-changer 07Jun10 - Apply literal string fix in printf submitted by Luca Berra 05Jun10 - Drop 2 unneeded AC_DEFINE statements from for AFS. 03Jun10 - Fix bug #1582 Restore from multiple storage daemons breaks subsequent backups 01Jun10 - Fix segfault on "cancel jobid=" command - Create table with jobids as a temporary table and move the sql definition to sql_cmds.c. We use a default query for all databases but Ingres. - Update makefiles for new libtool revision - Simplify libtool revision and use VERSION as default - Simplify libtool revision 28May10 - Convert all Jmsg on the watchdog thread to Qmsg 30May10 - Don't set socket buffer size unless explicite set by users. Suggested change from bug #1493 - Fix bug #1554 Windows installer doesn't honor /S flag 29May10 - Add z (size_t) prefix to bsnprintf 28May10 - Fix #1571 and install libraries with 755 perms 27May10 - Fix bug #1581 ASSERTs in src/dird/jobq.c can never trigger - Removed workaround for bug in Ingres with insert into tables with sequences from the batch insert temporary table. Added comment to the Ingres make table script to document the bug numbers which should be fixed in the Ingres version to be able to run batch inserts and currently known patch numbers for Solaris x86 and Linux x86_64. 25May10 - Fix segfault in action on purge test 24May10 - First cut Share Point plugin - Add more debug code for bactrace 23May10 - Fix for bug #1569 deadlock/crash in Dir 20May10 - Fix problem with BaseJob and Accurate FileSet options on client side - Do not use mtime with basejobs 18May10 - Optimize the selection process for saving either AFS or Native ACLS by keeping track of the filesystem we are doing a backup of. This way we don't have to check if a filesystem is still either AFS or not as when we know if it is all files on the same filesystem are either AFS or not. We also clear the native save flag when a filesystem says it doesn't support acls so we don't keep on trying saving acls on filesystem that don't support them. 16May10 - Added preliminary AFS acl support. The code may need some testing on a real AFS enabled server as most of the code was written using information available on the Internet. The code compiles and links on Linux using OpenAFS 1.4. - Added fstype rewrite code so we have a uniform way of retrieving the fstype on Linux and OSF1 without the need to add code for each new filesystem added to a OS. 14May10 - First stab at a simple script to dump the content of the complete Ingres bacula database for disaster recovery purposes. 10May10 - Add .dump command - update comments 08May10 - remove pragma warnings 06May10 - Fix problem when sending Cancel event to plugin - first attempt at making bacula set the backup level in VSS - Implement bEventPluginCommand event for systemstate plugin - MySQL compilation fix 05May10 - stop Bacula aborting the job when one of the writers reports a problem 04May10 - Fix #1567 about display of long volume names truncated during restore 03May10 - Fix segfault when loading Plugins 02May10 - Added new bacula-libs package. - Fix RestoreObject for PostgreSQL 01May10 - Move some AC_MSG_RESULT macros around so the configure output looks somewhat cleaner. - Move libz out of FDLIBS into a seperate variable as we need it for now too as it also has libz compiled functions. This way we keep the FDLIBS cleaner with only extra libs need for the Filed to compile. - Fix RestoreObject schema on PostgreSQL - Fix insertion of RestoreObject - Change Byline - Remove RestoreObjects when pruning Jobs - Fix bug #1538 Start Scripts return incorrect value - Fix bug #1564 init scripts not LSB compliant - Rework sql queries for update copies 30Apr10 - Don't hardcode temporary table creation as some backend have a somewhat different SQL syntax. - Added missing column in Ingres database definition for new database object as reported by Stefan. 28Apr10 - Patch from Martin to avoid error when single tape used - James' patch - Fix File and Job Retention in show pool command 27Apr10 - Add Polish translation. This translation project is sponsored by Inteos Sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw, PL. - Change Ingres query filter to set a realy early timestamp instead of an empty string which doesn't seem to work on all Ingres versions. - Add new file I missed from James' plugin patch 26Apr10 - Probable fix for SD crash bug #1553 - Remove bad debug line - Add extra lock debug code but turned off - Reduce accurate test output when not debug - Add lmgr_is_locked() function to test if a thread own a mutex 25Apr10 - Put attr.c debug on dbglvl 24Apr10 - Use lwps cmd in dbx and no threads as it seems to give some strange side effects e.g. doesn't work and lwps seems to always work. So lwps it is then. - Fix #1559 problem when restoring pruned jobs with a regexp - Do some work on the btraceback on Solaris, we test to see what debugger is available and we prefer the debuggers in this order: dbx, gdb, mdb. Also enchanced the dbx bactrace somewhat that it always dumps all available threads (e.g. we also changed from lwp to threads for dbx). We also print some variables that the gdb script also dumps on a bactrace. Hopefully we get some better dumps using this. The mdb is used as a last resort as it should be always installed on a Solaris box (dbx and gdb may not) but at the moment I'm still trying to find out how to get some more understandable dumps from mdb as its rather rudimentary and more a crash debugger then a source code debugger. - Fix for bug #1560 bcopy cannot find Volume - Add beef - Update autoconf scripts - Fix Windows build 23Apr10 - Update Ingres RestoreObject table - Add compress/decompress of Object Record data - Fix #1558 about bscan that doesn't update PurgedFiles on Job records - Remove pool zap code that breaks 2drive-concurrent-test - Fix cancel crash bug #1551 21Apr10 - A timestamp can only be assigned to a timestamp in Ingres unless we convert it inline. But why should we the code to get Timestamps is already there so change it and we are allright. - For Ingres always enable batch mode inserts. - reindent some Ingres DECLARE queries so they are better readable. - Lets not use the mdb->transaction bool but create a private one named mdb->explicit_commit as mdb->transaction is used by the bacula core and we need a private setting for Ingres. - Lets have a single exit from db_write_batch_file_records where we always drop the temporary batch table. - Fix job_metadata name problem - Allow traceback with gdb on Solaris 20Apr10 - Implement IS_NUM for Ingres by using eqsqlda.h IISQ_ values for numeric types supported by Ingres. - Correct Pool display in SD status. Fixes bug #1541 - Add performance notes in files 19Apr10 - Fix Ingres problems with queries with have both an LIMIT and OFFSET clause as we need to reorder this query for Ingres to be understandable we need some more regexp magic for now. Lets make things exentsible and allow for multiple regexps all being fired on a query transforming it into the query to execute. Dropped the encoding check which is for postgresql but not interesting for Ingres now we use VARBYTE and not VARCHAR. - Fix cancel crash reported by Stephen Thompson - Check if sql backend is thread-safe - Fix error message with PostgreSQL on JobHisto sequence 18Apr10 - Add RestoreObject postgresql privilege - Change plugin FileSet function names add NewOptions and NewIncludes - Second cut plugin filesets - Add exclude to test program - Correct new plugin names - First cut more complicated fileset options for plugins - Skip FT_RESTORE_FIRST in verify - Start adding plugin regex filesets 17Apr10 - Reorganize regex code 18Apr10 - Rewind on close to fix #1549 - Add bVarWorkingDir to filed plugins 17Apr10 - Update Ingres temporary table definitions with new datatypes and lengths. - Added extra check to scream when we encounter a database datatype which we don't support yet. This should never happen as we should implement new datatypes when we use them in the schema but some defensive programming doesn't hurt. - Some small indent changes. - Possible fix for big-files-test - Use a dedicated connexion when VirtualFull computes the file list. - Add back line accidentally deleted -- fixes verify-vol tests - Remove inappropriate comments and unused line - Fix badly named index - First stab at rewriting the ingres database schema to allow bigger path and filenames up to the current limit of 32000 bytes. Also reindented the database definitions to the Bacula standards which make it somewhat easier to read. Implemented the retrieval of some additional datatypes in the ingres backend now we switched some types from VARCHAR to VARBYTE. 16Apr10 - Remove closelog() in bpipe fixes bug #1536 - Convert restore object to use STREAM_RESTORE_OBJECT; cleaner code - For now the Ingres type is not TEXT but VARCHAR(256) so lets define the temporary table that way. - Seperate some basejob queries into sql_cmds.c so the code is cleaner and we can specify the Ingres specific definition of a temporary table. - Remove some strange includes halve way this file which seems to be some copied code from the top of the file. - Fix RestoreObject syntax 15Apr10 - DISTINCT ON postgresql queries won't work on Ingres so try if the MySQL queries do any better on Ingres. - Small changes to btraceback script so on solaris we don't get strange errors as PNAME is not a single binary name and that doesn't work to great for doing a gcore. - Add install and uninstall of btraceback.mdb script 14Apr10 - Remove bad index tips on mysql creation script - Apply James' patch with my restore object changes - Add vss_close_backup_session after find_files + add object_name to restore object 13Apr10 - Ingres doesn't understand a query string with ORDER BY LastWritten IS NULL,LastWritten DESC,MediaId and we must rewrite it to ORDER BY IFNULL(LastWritten, '') DESC,MediaId which we now do by using an array with the correct order statement per backend in sql_cmds just as some of the other database specific queries. 12Apr10 - Add missing break. Pointed out by James 11Apr10 - Pass restore object to plugin - Restore object now sent to FD - Drop old bdb catalog scripts 10Apr10 - Extract restore object and send to FD first cut - Add Ingres RestoreObject SQL changes - Rename sql_insert_id into sql_insert_autokey_record so things are somewhat cleaner in name and things don't seem to imply we are just a mysql_insert_id replacement, which we are not. 09Apr10 - Turn off plugin debug - Create and put data into RestoreObject table - Create db_create_restore_object_record and code to insert it - Drop all Ingres tables with one commit. - Fix Win32 build - Set level for debug code 08Apr10 - Make build and install of test-plugin for regress automatic - Temp remvoe add exclude 07Apr10 - First attempt to fix plugin excludes - Get binary objects working - Make test-plugin regression test work - Make test-plugin-test script - Create test-plugin-fd - Stuff object in extended attributes - Add FT_RESTORE and first cut handling it 06Apr10 - Add more doc to example-plugin 05Apr10 - Start RESTORE_OBJECT code 08Apr10 - Fixed postgresql grant script which I seem to have updated while I thought I updated the Ingres one. Also added a missing entry as reported by Martin Simmons. - First attempt at using mdb on Solaris instead of dbx which isn't standard on most current Solaris versions. - fix grant_postgresql_privileges doesn t grant permissions on jobhisto_jobid_seq - Add back something that for whatever reason got lost on last big merge. 07Apr10 - Fix stupid inverted logic - Make the batch insert functions return bool instead of int. - Add lock position info to volume manager 06Apr10 - Permits to use lock manager with file/line from outside 05Apr10 - Added empty db_check_backend_thread_safe to dbi backend. - Change cryptic aop name - Make sql_insert_id a atomic function which executes the insert query and when that succeeds retrieves the id the database used for storing the inserted record. Some databases want this to be atomic (e.g. without a COMMIT in between.) Coding wise this is also much cleaner. - Drop have_insert_id in mdb as its always true for all backends. - Lets call it COMMIT and not END as that seems to be the counterpart of BEGIN for transactions. Updated Ingres lock queries to only start a transaction as the current SQL is not valid Ingres SQL. 04Apr10 - First attempt at making things multi-threaded and make it possible to have multiple connections to the database without having the dreaded ERR=E_LQ002E The 'execute immediate' query has been issued outside of a DBMS session. This compiles but seems to give some problems so into the debugger it is. - Use -lq.1 -lcompat.1 as shared libraries instead of linking with -lingres which is a static library. Also need to change generated code of esqlcc a bit to get things to link with the IIsqlca function. - As we have a multithreaded application let tell that to esqlcc so it can optimize for that. - Fix bscan segfault with new comment field 03Apr10 - Creating a database as an other user and giving grants doesn't seem to work for Ingres. Strange so for now create everything using the -u${db_user} option. This is something that needs to be investigated as it should be possible to have an different owner of the database. - Create user in the right database for Ingres. - Do all Ingres operations as the user invoking the script just as for all the other databases. The grant script will make sure the db_user will have the proper access rights to the database tables and sequences. - Fix username argument to sql for Ingres grants. - Replace ASSERT in block.c with fail Job - Make the Ingres grant script work. - Use uint32_t for max_concurrent_jobs - Fix grant script to set grants on correct sequence names and not PostgreSQL names. - Add new item to projects 02Apr10 - Fix bug #1542 File Daemon outputs usage message to stdout instead of stderr - Apply James' rename events patch - Apply James' plugin patch - Added limit_filter which rewrites queries which use the LIMIT functions into something Ingres can understand. Removed all static functions from the file as they are no longer an exported interface (we can always put that back when we have the need to export more functions). Some other rewrites of the code to make it somewhat cleaner. 01Apr10 - Add make_def64 - Fix win32/lib/bacula.defs as pointed out by James - Drop Ingres specific versions of queries with #ifdefs - fixed syntax LIMIT/NULL behavior/improved tests 31Mar10 - Simplify db_check_max_connections code and ifdeffing - Fix SQL warning message about concurrency pointed out by Graham - Fix compiler warning - Add jobs running to status of daemons 29Mar10 - Use file and line for rwlock and lmgr in db_lock() - Add File and Line info to rw_lock for lmgr 27Mar10 - Fix compiler warning. - Fix database locking calling db_lock and returning from function without calling db_unlock. - Apply James' wide char patch - Patch from James - Add bVarVssDllHandle so that a plugin can get GetProcAddress 26Mar10 - Add missing db_unlock to bvfs_update_cache. 22Mar10 - Fix #1532 about permission on binaries - Propose shell replacement to perl code, fix #1516 - Fix #1526 about verify jobs and runscript 20Mar10 - Add 5 minute timout to alert directive -- fixes bug #1536 19Mar10 - Add bEventInitializeVSS as requested by James 17Mar10 - Reduce compiler warnings on Windows build 16Mar10 - Add doc + make some compat subroutines static - Fix Win64 build - Correct mkdir in installer - System State plugin update 14Mar10 - Allow users to build bat without static QT if desired. - Add bat=no make option on Win32 - Fix for qt mkspecs location on Fedora 12. - Second plugin patch - System State plugin first cut 12Mar10 - syntax fix, test improved, empty results fixed - Add read_vol_list mutex to lockmgr prio - Fix #1527 about deadlock during migration - When including term.h we don't need prototypes for tgetent, tgetnum and tgetstr as they are defined in term.h on Solaris. 10Mar10 - Another fix for OpenSSLv1 - Add -lrt to Solaris links 09Mar10 - Fix tls.c for OpenSSLv1 - Add plugin Exclude interface 08Mar10 - Add TODO in bvfs - Fix #1511 when trying to insert more than 50.000 directories in bvfs - Fix plugin load not to stop if one plugin bad -- pointed out by James 07Mar10 - Add Base and Copy to ua_dotcmds.c for Levels and Types for bat - More devlock work - Remove --without-qwt from configure statement. - First cut new device lock code - Fix bug in bvfs_update function, should work much better now - Uses a dedicated connection when running bvfs_update command - Add first cut at Win32 bpipe 06Mar10 - Switch from termlib to ncurses - Second correct fix to bug #1524 verify fails after adding or removing files - Fix bug #1524 verify fails after adding or removing files - Fix bug 1523. - Apply fix suggested by Andreas in bug #1502 for mediaview column sort problem - Lets not generate the ingres code automatically when the .sc or .sh files changes as it seems these files get outdated on some systems and then this rule kicks in on systems that don't have the esqlcc ingres compiler installed. 04Mar10 - Fix CentOS detection in regression get-os script 06Mar10 - Cread subroutines to add exclusion for plugins 05Mar10 - This adds sql debugging to these classes that Eric wrote. - This is a 1/2 fix of the issue. It allows for the sorting of the two non graphic columns, but still does not allow for sorting the graphic columns. The issue is with last. By setting the sort value, you are setting the value on the last. To experiment with what I mean, use the set background that I have commented out in this commit. 04Mar10 - Create AddExclude entry point for plugins 03Mar10 - Lets generate ingres code by calling esqlcc and not esqlc as we want c++ code. Replaced some strncpy by bstrncpy calls. Add dependency in Makefile of generated code on it source file. - Another file to add James' code to get VssObject - Add James' code to get VssObject - Fix OpenSSL 1.x problem in crypto.c on Fedora 12 - Display AllowCompress warning message only if compression used in FileSet 01Mar10 - Added comment on dbi backend needing a recent version of libdbi from CVS as the version currently released 0.8.3 wont work for compiling the code. - Add Warning check to SQL - Fix readline to use TERM_LIB found for conio 27Feb10 - Move bacula shared objects in separate bacula-libs package. - Fix for termcap lib on suse. 26Feb10 - Fix for shared objects name convention change. - Pass jcr to VSS class + minor clean up of VSS code - update date 25Feb10 - Fix compile link flags for gigaslam - Add missing defines for gccver. 24Feb10 - bconsole: make problem in director selection fatal (exit=1) 23Feb10 - Undelete bat help files - Use db_socket parameter in script - Add skeleton of system state plugin - Ensure SD asks for help when looping even if poll set. Fixes bug #1513 22Feb10 - Fix compiler warnings in tools directory - Temp remove savecwd to make Win32 build 21Feb10 - Fix three-pool regress bug - Replace MIN by code as recommended by Marco to avoid compiler warning - Add Fedora 11 and 12 build tags. - Make script more portable 20Feb10 - Forgot one exit. - Fixes for client only build. - Fix seg fault in dup jobs regression test - Remove duplicate. - Possible fix for FreeBSD three-pool regress failure - Remove mysql version variable. - Enable readline support. - Added patch from Stefan Reddig -- improved ingres db test - Added patch from Stefan Reddig -- added some checks, db test prog - bug report 1505 - This version fixes an issue where the console window would start out not docked. It is fixed by initiating the variables in the Pages class with a constructor. 19Feb10 - fix bvfs that displays NULL from time to time - Add comments about lock priority - Fix fails when catalog db is on other host 18Feb10 - Discard prev regress test results - Make set_jcr_sd_job_status static 17Feb10 - Apply MacOSX installer patch from bug #1509 - Add debug code for FreeBSD regress failures - Reduce debug output 16Feb10 - Regress test Branch-5.0 prior to release - Add more debug for three-pool regress failure - Make dup jobs regress test work - Eliminate error message in regress setup if get not present - Avoid error message if git not installed 15Feb10 - Apply fix to previous fix of Copy problem. Fix proposed by reporter of bug #1476 - Set default Allow Duplicate Jobs = yes - Better cancel + fix Allow Dups code - Remove all 14Feb10 - Fix duplicate job bug - Fix infinite wait on error when restore started - Make undocking work - Add check for sqlite3_threadsafe() in configure - Add function to extract resource from config file - First cut cd to dir during save and restore - Add debug to testls 13Feb10 - Updates for 5.0.1. - Clean up termcap requirements. - Add dependency information. - Changes to run bat as nonroot user. - Refix version. - Fix client only build. - Add code to check and prevent setting StorageId to zero 12Feb10 - Lets call the Ingres version of the tables also version 12 as it already has all the new tables introduced in version 12 on the other backends. - First cut at fixing AllowDuplicateJobs bugs - Fix bug #1501 -t does not print errors - Add more doc in sample-query.sql 11Feb10 - Apply SQLite3 update fix from bug #1497 - Apply bashism fix for script from bug #1499 - Apply Philipp Storz fix on bconsole history file - Apply rpm fix for Sci Linux from bug #1494 - Update po files - Take most recent Ukranian po from bug #1448 - Fix pages not in focus 10Feb10 - Work around SQLite3 bug in bat submitted by Andreas Piesk - Move shared object numbers into version.h + use -release for libtool rather than -version-info - Make mtx-changer errors clearer - Check for existence of mtx-changer.conf in mtx-changer script 09Feb10 - Probable fix for Copy/Migration bug #1476 - Fix SQL that fails on SQLite3 in bat reported by Andreas Piesk - Add "bbatch -r" option to test database performance 08Feb10 - Make bsnprintf test program compile - Add deadlock option to .die command - Rename directory - Reorganize spec files - Fix bat bug that consumes connections + add braces on ifs + rename subroutines - Fix compiling gigaslam.c whith $(CFLAGS) for OpenSuse Build service 01Feb10 - fixed segfault/reworked query execution 07Feb10 - Fix Mysql database upgrade. - Fix bug #1488 -- create delivery_error() subroutine to avoid recursion and race conditions in messages.c - Upgrade cats lib also to 5.1.0 06Feb10 - Fix missing console page in bat - Move msg trace into subroutine - Move bat help files into help subdirectory - Add bat help files to Win64 installer - Win -- add help files to installer + stop any running bacula-fd before install - Fix bug #1481 -- bat consumes all console file descriptors - Update date on win32 rc file 04Feb10 - Fix bug #1486 -- bat doesn't show any errors on command-line 03Feb10 - Correct .my.cnf umask in 02Feb10 - Apply Philipp's fix for dbcheck use by 01Feb10 - Free db_list when not used - Fix seg fault in bscan from new comment field - Implement new "purge volume action" command to trigg ActionOnPurge. - Disable action_on_purge message in Storage - Change db_get_media_ids() to use more MEDIA_DBR info in search - Remove qmake-qt4 code so tht alternate qt4 build works. Fixes build problems in bug #1468 - Make changes recommended by Markus Elfring - Patch from checks multple CNs when using TLS 31Jan10 - Commit spec+rpm build files from Scott 30Jan10 - Fix seg fault in SQlite driver 29Jan10 - - fixed the database/table scripts - db_user was missing - updated database schema - fixed missing statements in sql*.h - since there is a db_type for Ingres now, there have to be 5, not 4, members in the arrays - worked alot on myingres.c - queries seems to be working, but the first INSERT fails with a segfault - Remove old bdb files + change DQUEUE to use dlist - Change copyright date - Document the empty query file 28Jan10 - Make versions of shared libs inline with the software version. - Fix ActionOnPurge with a relabel command - Remove file_index sequential check -- reported by Graham - Enhance marking volume Used messages 27Jan10 - Disabled ActionOnPurge waiting for a fix - Check pool memory size for truncate op 26Jan10 - Fix #1467 about ActionOnPurge with Devices having space - Update bacula.spec with tips from Mory Henderson - Add -D option to bconsole to choose between different directors 18Jan10 - Add comment= option to restore and run commands 26Jan10 - Fix #1466 about Bogus pruning message 25Jan10 - Fix warning Release version 5.0.3 03Aug10 - Fix Windows build - Remove patches directory - Fix compilation problem with zlib 02Aug10 - Remove comments field from tls-duplicate-job-test -- add back next database upgrade 01Aug10 - Make Win32 no filesystem change more explicit 31Jul10 - Update askdir.c to Branch-5.1 - Revert block.c to fix recycling - More backport from Branch-5.1 to Branch-5.0 - Backport Branch-4.0 release to Branch-5.0 - Massive backport from Branch-5.1 to Branch-5.0 -- a bit more to do 29Jul10 - Remove some old files 28Jul10 - Fix #1606 about OpenSSLv1 detection using non-standard location - Backport some 5.1 changes to 5.0 27Jul10 - Update the license template files 26Jul10 - Fix postgresql catalog creation when version is not on the first line 25Jul10 - More changes from GPLv2 to AGPLv3 - Fix some missed copyright changes - Change license from GPLv2 to AGPLv3 - Define restore object stream 21Jul10 - Fix bug #1610 handle empty xattr values on Linux and xBSD. - Really free free pool memory before sm_dump - Garbage collect memory pool at end of job and before sm_dump - Ignore STREAM_RESTORE_OBJECTS returned by SD to FD 19Jul10 - Add xattr seg fault protection suggested by Marco for bug #1610 17Jul10 - Add archlinux to os.m4 14Jul10 - More fixes for 32/64 bit problems in smartall - Fix 32/64 bit problem in smartalloc dump routine 11Jul10 - Fix bad copy/paste in commit c88dccb88 prably a seg fault - Fix .dump, .die, .exit when DEVELOPER turned off 10Jul10 - Add .dump and .exit commands for daemons 10May10 - Add .dump command 10Jul10 - Make SD automatically fix the Volume size in the Catalog when out of sync - Add bigger print buffer for sm_dump 09Jul10 - Use Pmsg in smartall.c rather than printf for tracing Windows 11Jul10 - Update to master's bsnprintf.c 07Jul10 - Up maximum block size to 20M 04Jul10 - Add new tls-duplicate-job test 07Jul10 - Fix for TLS bugs #1568 and #1599 02Jul10 - Improve comm line error handling for TLS, may fix bug #1568 and #1599 03Jul10 - Remove Linux dependency (seq) in regress script 06May10 - Fix problem when sending Cancel event to plugin 01Jun10 - Update makefiles for new libtool revision - Simplify libtool revision and use VERSION as default - Simplify libtool revision 28May10 - Convert all Jmsg on the watchdog thread to Qmsg 20May10 - Do not use mtime with basejobs 02Jul10 - Fix SD crash due to mismatched lock/unlock in error condition 26Jun10 - Fix bug #1587 if you have clients with different catalogs configured, both catalogs contains all clients after a reload or restart of the dir - Fix bug #1577 During migration: ERROR in block.c:950 Failed ASSERT: dev->is_open() by moving and commenting out the ASSERT() 23Jun10 - Skip HB kill in FD if HB thread terminated 21Jun10 - update windows defs 20Jun10 - Fix crash from unequal volume_lock/unlock calls - Fix pruning for migration jobs and do some optimization - Print TestName at beginning of dump 19Jun10 - Remove prototypes of removed prune queries. 18Jun10 - Adapt new prune code with old db_accurate_get_jobids() 17Jun10 - Remove bdb from configure - update prune code 16Jun10 - Make new prune algo to work with backup 19Jun10 - Save any dumps during regression to dumps directory - Update LICENSE - Fix crash from rw_lock/unlock miss match 18Jun10 - Attempt to fix duplicate job kill seg fault - Replace pthread_kill by my_thread_send_signal() in jcr.c - fix #1595 about batch mode detection problem for postgresql with non standard install dir - Fix accurate code - Add TestName to gdb traceback 17Jun10 - Fix db_get_base_jobid() 14Jun10 - Fix #1594 about prune copy jobs 07Jun10 - Apply literal string fix in printf submitted by Luca Berra 03Jun10 - Fix bug #1582 Restore from multiple storage daemons breaks subsequent backups 01Jun10 - Fix segfault on "cancel jobid=" command - Change libtool version 30May10 - Fix bug #1554 Windows installer doesn't honor /S flag 23Apr10 - Remove pool zap code that breaks 2drive-concurrent-test 28May10 - Fix #1571 and install libraries with 755 perms 27May10 - Fix bug #1581 ASSERTs in src/dird/jobq.c can never trigger