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  • Wonderful backup solution that is easier to setup and manage.

  • very good project

  • Excellent backup tool for data on windows and everything on unix. I have been using it for years for enterprise grade backup and home use. Negative issues for me are: - restore speed - unable to detect a renamed/moved file and optimize its transfer (problem over slow links) Apparently Craig plans to implement a solution for the second issue in 4.0.

  • Best backup tool so far, Bacula was OK but what I really like about BackupPC is the simpilicity and reliability of the whole system. A machine hasn't been backed up for some time? You receive an e-mail :)

  • I have been using this program for about two years now. After a brief learning curve, I completed my setup configuration. And other than refining my configuration, it has run flawlessly and without failure. Thanks for a GREAT project!!

  • Great for (in my case) a small home network with several computers to back up and no need for a complicated tape-oriented configuration.

  • Have been running Backuppc for about a year and last night our main file server failed. Im so, so glad I went with backuppc because the restore process took no time at all. Have been looking for a donate button but cannot find one.

  • Fast, bulletproof, flawless, and unlike any number of tape backups I've seen, if backuppc says it backed something up, it really did. And it's restorable.

  • A really complete and professional backup instrument.

  • We're using it for about 3TiB of data. Without pooling and compression it would be about 30TiB. Great software which has never disappointed me. We've been using it for nearly 3 years and never had problems or lost our data.

  • Best program. No 255 chars problems, time saving, easy to use and deploy. back in time restores, versions tracking and more. Love it.

  • I have been using this for several years now. It is fantastic and makes backups easy. I am currently backing up 60 servers including 3 SQL servers with hundreds of databases each. I just outgrew a sever as our backups have now exceeded 2TB. Thanks for the great project!

  • I use backuppc daily to backup my call center. Works great!

  • Great solution - It's also easy to restore files (and it works really great). - There are some "issues" for my, but I hope with future releases that will be better/fixed. - Finally, my backup solution IS BackupPC!

  • It simply does it job. Reliably. On time.

  • it s a fabulous programm, I use it on my work because it's very efficient. Thanks for tour work.