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  • Thanks for this really best backup software!

  • PCBackup is a great free solution to backing up PC files over a network to a UNIX/Linux server. Note that I helped development (in a very minor form) in 1995-98 when it was the home-gown PERL script solution to backing up our company Windows 3.11 PCs over the network to a central UNIX server. I haven't seen it since 2000. Very happy to see Craig kept up development!

  • Vraiment excellent! Ne pas s'attendre à le mettre en place en 5 minutes, mais une fois qu'il est bien configuré, c'est une merveille. La restauration est très bien conçue aussi. J'ai été sauvé du désastre à plusieurs reprises. A recommander sans retenue!

  • Solo puedo tener buenas palabras para este magnifico softwrae de copia de seguridad, brillante, quizas sea una de ellas, copia a disco, super configurable, con clientes rsync o de cualquier otro tipo. Lo he utilizado en mil proyectos y es magnifico. Lo recomiendo totalente.

  • Excellent solution once the setup difficulties have been solved. I didn't find a good step by step document but I found answers to my setup questions one by one. I now back up Windows and Linux laptops and desktops using different methods (rsync+ssh, SMB mostly) and both backups AND restores work flawlessly. Adding new hosts easy once you know what you need to setup on the client side.

  • Thanks for a great tool. I'm confident with all PC's (Linux and Win) and Raspberry's backed-up.

  • Can someone please put the situation in Linux with not filtering /var/log/lastlog (sparse file) somewhere in the docs or the wiki. It comes back to bite me every few years and I waste a bunch of time figuring out why rsync keeps aborting.

  • It's very powerful and customizable.You could do almost every scheme of backup. It works very well for notebook in a DHCP environment. It saves a lot of disk space. Works very well (with CYGWIN) on Windows environment through rsync daemon. The email feature it is really good and useful. Sadly, it's not enough user-friendly, lacks of backup progress indicator and there is not a easy and secure way of launch backup jobs from the client without login in to the server.

  • Very powerful and featureful tool to manage all kind of backups. The use is not that intuitive! Reading the manual (or a decent tutorial) is must before using this tool.

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  • !

  • This is the best backup software!, 1 solution for hundred of all your servers Linux & Windows centralized, easy to manage, easy to backup, easy to restore, and with the hard-links based you get the best rating of disk drive space for the incremental backups of your files. Excellent!!!

  • I love this software. It was really easy to install and configure for multiple servers and it does it's job very well. It is very easy to operate and makes monitoring your backups a breeze. Restoring files is even easier. This is exactly what our business needed.

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  • BackupPC saved me now several times. I don't know any backup solution which is so easy when it comes to disaster recovery. The fact that BackupPC does not require any special software on the client machines is simply brilliant.

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  • I've been using BackupPC for many years and it has always saved me. It just bailed me out after a serious filesystem corruption. It is the most important program that I rarely use but it always comes through when I need it. Post#2: It has bailed me out again. I can't stress enough how many times this program has saved me from disaster or weeks of rebuild and near-recover.

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  • very easy to use

  • backuppc works perfectly, thanks

  • very easy to use

  • I highly recommend this one!

  • Easy to setup and administer. I got it working on Centos and doing backups of linux hosts and windows host with no trouble.

  • The best open source backup solution, bar none!

  • Thanks for great work! It s a fabulous program, I use it on my work because it's very efficient.

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  • I love this project. thanks for description.

  • Very good, perfectly fits my needs! There is no other backup program like this... Simple and powerful! Thanks

  • Easy Setup, Easy Administration. Very great Backup Solution if you have a lot of computers to backup. The compression and de-duplication algo is very good to save whole disks including operating system files and even uses not much diskspace on the backup server.

  • I'm a home user. I am currently backing up 4 home computers on a Linux system. I have been using this for about 1 year and feel very comfortable knowing I have a current backup of all my systems.

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